Monday, October 29, 2012

Forever Mickey Mouse blouse

I love this blouse so much it is forever Mickey Mouse blouse I love, I bought this during sales. Talking of sales, it is going to be school holiday soon. I have bought my son school uniforms, trolley bag for school, and white shoes and socks.

This school holiday we don't have plan for going vacation, even though I have places in mind. Money is an issue and my baby is cranky so better off don't go anywhere just stay at home. My dear told me his plan, oh well I would say his plan mostly just saying than doing it.

Perhaps we could go back his hometown and go to beach. There is an ostrich farm, I haven't been there. Frankly speaking even though living in state near the beach maybe 30 min away we seldom head to beach.

Life is boring, oh well it depends on how you spend it and live it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Movie Review: Silent Hill:Revelation 3D

My first time to go Tropicana City Mall thanks to my friend Joyce to accompany me to see movie. I like to watch horror movie and we catched premier screening of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D last night. We are handed 3D glasses each at GSC Tropicana City Mall, I am the first to get the passes so you see my seating A1 and A2 in Hall 4. The seats are super comfy too, match the Mickey Mouse top I am wearing too! Thanks to Joyce for taking picture of me using Samsung S3.

The movie Silent Hill: Revelation is about a girl Sharon been on the run for many years. One day her dad disappears, she wants to find him in Silent Hill. She has many times because they on the run for many years she gets new name and her dad's too. She used the name Heather in new school but one private investigator found her and knows of her past came to warn her!

She has many nightmares and the nightmares are the answers to her dream. She has got a new classmate to help her, he is Vincent. Vincent too warns her not to go Silent Hill because he was sent to get her back to Silent Hill. You got to watch this movie on how she's going to safe her dad! She also save Vincent from the ward that surrounded by blind nurses! I called them blind nurses because they don't have eyes.

I just don't get it if the guards know of the blind nurses in the ward, they push in Vincent to the ward and the guards got killed by the nurses. Yeah nurses in sexy uniform, they only listen to sound to move and they are armed with knife!

This movie is suitable for age 18 year and above.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New beads sandals for me

I love my new sandals, it has got beads too just like my old sandals. I throw away my old sandals because they are not able to repair it anymore. It is sad but I know we must let go of things we love sometimes. I wore this pair of beads sandals on Monday evening to catch movie with Theresa.

She came to fetch me in the evening and we had dinner at Canton restaurant in Midvalley. The beads sandals I got to choose either pink or black colour. I choose black as it is easy to match entirely. If pink colour I might get clumsy with it and get it smudge.

I love to pair it with this legging which I purchased from Padini store. The legging cost RM16.90, the normal price was RM119.

I need to let go of this Sunday Sasa Selangor Turf Club event because I don't know where is Selangor Turf Club and in morning I will go with family to go Nestle walk in Putrajaya. I don't know Putrajaya and my dear will need to go find where the place this Saturday.

Good things happen same time so I will only choose which matter to me more. I would spend my family time with loved ones, this Sunday to meet up with my parents and bro family. I can't wait to get my hands on twins. I can only carry one of them as another twin recognize face if unfamilar face carry she will cried so badly! I seldom visit them because we stay far away from one another. This means I get to see my parents like once or twice a month.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Mask giveaway

I have got Hello Kitty Mask giveaway, to take part just click on the link for detail.
I need to use mask weekly, I try to find time for it. I still have other mask namely powder type. The wet weather here is making my skin feeling funny.

I hope this Sunday no rain as we are taking part in Nestle walk 2012. This walk is fun it is free and I have registered for my family members. I hope we are able to go because if rain my dear will not want to go.

I took part for my kids he Trudy & Teddy for the precious moments contest sadly they didn't win at all. Nevermind I had fun joining the contest for them.

Talking of contest, they are several contest online and mainly facebook contest but my most dilike will be contest based on most likes.

All for my son today!

Today bring my son to watch movie Premier screening of Frankenweenie in 3D. I like this movie even though it is black and white movie we enjoy watching it with the audience. The movie is suitable for kids and adult. After the movie, we head to restroom later go Candylicious.

We had lunch there but my son wants to go restroom again because he needs to pass motion. My dear brings him to restroom but son isnt in time to sit on toilet bowl he shit all over his pants! Yeah not just his underwear but pants too full of shit. Yeah so disgusting and my dear the one cleaning him in restroom. He got shit all over his hands too while cleaning him. In the end, I need go buy him new underwear and pants.

Is that all I purchased? Not really because his sandals died on him in the mall. I bought him Ben 10 sandals, before that I bought the Ben10 pant and dinosaur underwear for him. Even though premier screening of movie is free but I need to fork out money for unexpected things.

We brought the baby clothes but no extra clothes for son except for a shirt. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cute towel for kids!

No kidding I saw these cute towel and who can resist them? Now they are having offer on pack with Frisco milk powder. I bought a packet 1.3kg comes with free towel and I choose the duckling towel for my baby. I saw the cute towel online people selling them RM22 without postage!

The Frisco now having sale it cost RM57.30, it is gonna be first time for my baby to try this milk powder. My baby usually drink other brand which is cheaper. My baby 15 months old is picky eater and he eats a little.

I still mix feed for my baby, breastfeeding my first exclusively save me lots of money. I breastfeed him for three and half years, for second baby now sadly no exclusively breastfeeding because he doesn't latch on. Talking of milk powder, how much do you spend in a week or a month for just baby milk powder?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cute Oreo truck so fun!

Yeah above is the cute Oreo truck you are looking it, it is fun and my kids love it. Look there are five packet of Orea biscuits inside. My son loves to eat Oreo dip in milk.

After eating the Oreo the truck is useful to keep sake of toys too. Now my baby is busy playing the balloon. He loves taking the balloon and giving me to throw it and he tried to catch it. Yeah next Saturday will need to bring him to check up and injection. He's 15 month old and I am busy take care of him. He's so active, he can climb up the chair and stand on it. He can climb up the staircase.

He would be open the closet and drawers, he likes to throw things too. Many toys are broken because he threw them. He can run very fast, it is tiring bring him out to shopping mall. He does not like to sit in stroller, he likes to explore.

I don't think I am going to have another baby, it is costly to have more kids. No kidding talk about their kindergarten fees, expenses, etc.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shopping Angry Bird pillow@ikea

I love this pillow so much, I am hugging it at night. My son too likes this pillow, he is attracts to red colour just like me! The bird on the pillow makes me think of Angry Bird, my son is big fan of Angry Bird. Anything about bird would gives him a thought of Angry Bird. That's why he made the Angry Bird polymer clay at the workshop we attended in August. There is workshop for school holiday but we need to pay RM35 for two hours worshop, well I don't think I am going for it.

This is my first time to shop pillow at ikea, I am thinking to grab another pillow if I find the designed suitable for me. At Ikea I manage to purchase three scissors at RM5, my son decided to pick one of the scissor to keep in his pencil bag.

Talking about Ikea, I will need to go Uptown 1 next Monday. The office hour 9am to 6pm I will go there in the afternoon, it would be my first time to go Uptown 1 by myself and I am going to tag my son along.

There is a contest I am taking part the Shout Party, I don't know if I am going to win. I told my friend if I win I will bring her go with me it is two passes! The Shout Party will be at Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nichii shirt for my son

Being a shopping mom is not easy to shop for boys, well I need to think and check on their size always. I seldom shop for my man because his size is XXL and he needs to try only know if it fits him. The above shirt I found it suitable for my son, it is brown in colour usual price near RM80 but I purchased during sales only RM24.90.

Nichii has many fashion clothing for man and woman, I find some clothes price are reasonable. I wanted to purchase shirt for my dad but I find there's no colour available for him. Even there is but the price expensive for me to purchase. I seldom purchase shirt cost above RM50.

I found a shirt RM22.90 at Parkson subang parade the other day. I didn't purchase because they don't have size for my dad. It has XXL size but my dear tried it and says too thin material for him even though it is 100% cotton.

My dad and dear prefer shirt with pockets so easy for them to keep parking tickets, etc.

How about you? Do you shop shirt with pockets too?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tosai@SS15 Subang Jaya

There you go, you are looking at Tosai favourite food for my sister-in-law she loves Tosai so much every time she is there will definitely order this food. There's coconut with mint for the white syrup you look above picture. The in between is the gravy of curry and daul, which is better? She loves them all...

I don't always eat Tosai as I find that I still hungry later, so I ordered other food like Mamak maggie mee goreng which is my favourite with the bull eyes on top! Oh yeah bull eyes mean the fried egg, not the real bull eyes.

I also like the Tandoori chicken and garlic naan at this restaraunt, yeah forget the name of restaurant. It is next to the 24 hours shop, if not mistaken the shop name is KK! The busy street too always difficult to find parking in day and night. It is quite far away from Asia Cafe, oh the cafe I seldom go because often no parking at night.

Yesterday night date with my dear cancel because my son fall sick. He's everything to us, so no movie nevermind but be with him every moment. He has purging and vomit, one of his school mate got it too!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On The Dot Contest

If you love contest and fragrance you will like to check out this On The Dot contest.

Click image above to view large.

First time shopping@Padini Concept Store

I am in love with this pair of legging, can you guess how much I pay for it? I am so glad it is cheap and affordable for me. The sales is on and I bought this pair at only RM16.90, it is L size and I like the design and pattern of this legging. Look it covers half my feet, I remembered this type of legging it is very famous last time.

This leggings comes with two side pockets just the way I love, it is my first time to own legging with pockets! My sister-in-law bought legging but not at this shop because doesn't have her size, she is plus size and she bought in another shop two pairs of leggings RM85.

My sister-in-law bought a leather bag from this store too but the branch she purchased is at IOI Mall. She bought nearly RM140 and she says cheap but for me I will say it's expensive. I find her bag heavy, even my dear feel the same. Anyway everyone has their different interest in purchase items.

They are many events going on in Kuala Lumpur too bad I am unable to attend I find it far for me. If I am going I will need to take KTM and LRT.