Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cute towel for kids!

No kidding I saw these cute towel and who can resist them? Now they are having offer on pack with Frisco milk powder. I bought a packet 1.3kg comes with free towel and I choose the duckling towel for my baby. I saw the cute towel online people selling them RM22 without postage!

The Frisco now having sale it cost RM57.30, it is gonna be first time for my baby to try this milk powder. My baby usually drink other brand which is cheaper. My baby 15 months old is picky eater and he eats a little.

I still mix feed for my baby, breastfeeding my first exclusively save me lots of money. I breastfeed him for three and half years, for second baby now sadly no exclusively breastfeeding because he doesn't latch on. Talking of milk powder, how much do you spend in a week or a month for just baby milk powder?

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