Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Personalized Car Road Tax Sticker

Picture of me and my sons, the day I back from Krabi Island trip with my braided hairstyles.
I choose to write text of
Be Safe, Be Responsible.
It means of always be safe while you are driving
Always be responsible and think of your loved ones. 

I am so happy that my personalized car road tax sticker has come just nice for my car road tax renewal use.

You can also designed your very own personalized car road tax sticker, click on the link to find out.

If you can created personalized car road tax sticker and texts, what would you put?

With Internet access today, online shopping is convenient, if you someone special that you like to surprise. It is up to you making it fun or crazy, check out how you make personalized them. If you love personalized items, check this online store, they have many nice gift ideas for you.

This Safety Nudge Personalized Road Tax Sticker (free postage) RM19.90. For info, do click on the link above.

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