Sunday, February 17, 2013

Learn to Shoot Like a Pro

We’ve all seen them, the tabloid photos of celebrities looking awful. You almost feel bad for them, until you remember the paychecks they get, and compare that to the paychecks you get. Not really comparable. No matter, it’s the dark and terrible pictures you remember. Because let’s be honest, you don’t care what the celebrity looks like or is wearing, you’re insulted because the photographer took a terrible photo.

Well, the same thing can happen in a photo shoot if you don’t have the right set up. Don’t be like paparazzi photographer who snaps and snaps and sells whatever garbage he generates. Be sure to acquire the best photography backdrops and photography lighting equipment from and make sure the photos you take are of the most professional quality. Because even though the average person won’t know how to assess the quality of the photograph and will only look at the subject of the photo, the few who are photographers will appreciate the care you put into the art. In fact, you may be surprised about what could come from just a few great photos. If they’re amazing, someone will track you down and ask you to work on their next big project. And then that is success and you will be the one being a subject of photographs from the paparazzi. And while that doesn’t sound like fun, just compare your paychecks to that of the paparazzi!

It’s true the paparazzi don’t have the luxury of posing their subjects in ideal lighting and they have to shoot on the go, but that doesn’t mean that you should emulate that lack of artistic flavor. In fact, learning how to do it right, with the right equipment, will only help you when you are faced with a situation with improper light.


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