Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Valentine's Day few hours away, have you got what in mind to purchase for loved ones? If loved ones love jewelry you can check out the Endless Jewelry, nice jewelry range for the ladies and the man too. There's code in the post that you can check out as the code only valid til this month only.

You can also shop for affordable skin care range if you loved ones lack of skin care products. Talking of shopping also don't forget to bring your loved ones for place to dine and celebrate. Everyone has got their budget in mind. You can plan this out carefully as you don't want to over spend.

I have got a RM100 voucher for Storm London watches. But sadly I saw the price of the watches too expensive so cannot afford to purchase any. Giving voucher for loved one to spend is good idea too but would you like to think about what they like to purchase and whether the amount of voucher given is enough to spend or not? Well it is totally up to you, some people would give just RM100 voucher for shopping, the person might just want to spend it on groceries or things that need to buy.

I always check on my budget to purchase or not, where to dine do matter to me as I am not dining alone but with family members.

If you asked me where to go where you can go for theme park and shopping from day to night and able to choose dining places. I would say check out Sunway Pyramid because they have Sunway Lagoon few hotels nearby to choose from. You wanna dine but don't know where to go, plenty of choice over there. It's one of my favourite mall in Selangor!

Monday, January 25, 2016

XES shoes at Glenmarie, Shah Alam

Last week, I visited the outlet that I missed going XES Premium Boutique in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. I saw their Facebook shoes that the outlet is having sales so my sister in law decided that she wants to check out the outlet. When we arrived at the store, outside is selling bed sheets and some shoes. Inside of the outlet having half of the store selling clothes for female and kids, leather goods and jewelry.

I spotted a pair of shoes that I like cost RM18, sad to say they have sold out of my size. My SIL didn't spot any that attracts her, she went looking for the bed sheets instead. Anyway we got home with empty hands.

Sad to see that the lighting in the stores have left missing lot and we can see visible wiring hanging down the ceiling. Anyway I did my shopping of XES shoes in AEON BIG, Subang Jaya when they have the offer of 2nd purchase 80 cents of shoes XES. I bought 2 sandals that cost about RM76 for both. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

NEESYA Skincare Brand Announces Exclusive Partnership with Watsons‏

Caryn Loh, General Manager – Trading, Watsons Malaysia and Chris Yong, Chief Executive Officer, Skinworks Sdn Bhd after the signing ceremony to announce the exclusive partnership.

Those who dream of the beauty glow of healthy flawless skin can now choose NEESYA® Skincare products which are now available at 45 selected Watsons’ stores nationwide.

With premium quality active ingredients from the Europe and USA, NEESYA® offers effective and safe to use skincare at affordable prices. The NEESYA® Skincare range consists of products such as the Illuminating Essence, Brightening Gel Cleanser, Brightening Enzymatic Refiner, Age Defence Moisturiser, Brightening Overnight Mask, Spot Repair Concentrate,

Brightening Day Cream SPF20 and Brightening Night Rejuvenator. The Brightening Anti-Ageing Set and Brightening Hydration Set (includes cleanser, toner, essence and moisturiser) starts only at RM169.00 per set.

From L-R: Chris Yong, Chief Executive Officer, Skinworkz Sdn Bhd, Sandy Ngiam, Marketing Manager, Watsons Malaysia, Ainan Tasneem, NEESYA Brand Ambassador, Caryn Loh, General Manager – Trading, Watsons Malaysia and Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia.
NEESYA® Skincare’s best-selling product is undoubtedly their Illuminating Essence, for skin radiance and brightening functions.

“The Illuminating Essence has been in the market for almost three years now, and the demand for this product, which features the LumiScience® Technology by NEESYA® Skincare, has been extremely encouraging. Many customers who use this product for just under a month come back so excited to see smoother, brighter and more even skin tone,” said Chris Yong, Chief Executive Officer of Skinworkz Sdn Bhd during the exclusive partnership announcement event.

Caryn Loh, General Manager - Trading for Watsons Malaysia, similarly is expecting NEESYA® lluminating Essence to receive an overwhelming response from Watsons customers given that the early customer feedback, affordability and that it is certified Halal.
NEESYA Skincare product range is now available at selected Watsons stores nationwide.

 At the exclusive partnership announcement of NEESYA® at Watsons, NEESYA® also announced the appointment of brand ambassador – Ainan Tasneem, a YouTube sensation. Her hit single, Aku Suka Dia, attained 8.6 million views on her YouTube channel.

Ainan said, “I am honoured to be the brand ambassador of the NEESYA® Skincare brand!” An avid user of NEESYA Skincare herself, Ainan Tasneem found NEESYA® Skincare to be effective in helping her attain flawless skin and is convinced this brand can help customers in Malaysia who like to possess beautiful skin.

For more information on NEESYA® Skincare, visit OR follow
Instagram/neesya.skincare and Facebook/neesyaskincare

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brother's Mall Wholesale City, USJ 1, Subang Jaya

This morning I visited the Brother's Mall Wholesale City, USJ 1, Subang Jaya. 
My sister-in-law go with me as she wants to check out this mall and there's shop that sell shoes.
But sad to say that it's nothing much in the mall, there is no food outlet at all. So we want to eat lunch there's no food outlet we cannot eat there. It's disappointed for us, as we thought the outlet will be like XES shoes outlet.

SAN D3sign Boutique, I saw most of the shoes are made in China. They have limited choice on the shoes. Price range from RM25 onwards. 

SegiFresh however many people are shopping here for vegetables. But we didn't find anything that we need to cook for Asam laksa!

If compare this mall with Damen USJ, which I recently visited. You can click on the link to see the outlet I went last week.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Shopping or spend time with loved ones

Last week I get the choice of going shopping with my girl friends or spend time with my son. Well both are good and because my son next year is Standard 4 in Primary School. The school says that he will needs to choose one of the activities to do, it maybe Scout or Red Cresent.

So I decided to accompany him to go jungle trek at Awana Longhouse. We saw the live show of Alvin and The Chipmunks! Yeah you can click on the detail for the activities we do on the day but no yet blog about the Awana Longhouse. We spend good time together and also with other bloggers on the day.

Shopping is good though as I can shop for clothes for CNY, but because it clashed the date with son's event so I can only choose what's the best for him.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas decorations in mall that I have been

I love shopping and I always check out the malls that I go. Well window shopping is also shopping, things are getting expensive today but I know I need to spend on what I need.

Anyway, if you are going to shopping mall. Check out the Curve, they have giant books stage and live performance with beautiful dancers and more. Indeed an enchanted journey to storyland. Click on the link to read about it.

Other that this mall, you can also check out Sunway Pyramid, it's about Christmas in Atlantis. Click on the link to read about it, it's very near to Sunway Lagoon. You'll be enjoy water theme park, wildlife park and many more if you are wanting to have fun with family. Sunway Lagoon is fun place for everyone. Kids will enjoy the children playground, while adult have their fun activities as well like going for the slide or horror house. Click on the link above to read it.

I think the best gift ideas will be spending time with family. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

BIOCAN: Ning Shen Herbal Soup

This is upsetting everyone in the family, it was a gift from friend. So we saw the box it is not expire yet as stated 31 DEC 2015. To my horror seeing many moving insects in the package of herbal.

Do click on the link to view the video as I have recorded it. 

#insects #inside #herbal #packed by BIOCAN HERBAL SDN BHD 26, JALAN BUDI 1, TAMAN PERINDUSTRIAN WAWASAN, 8300 #batupahat #johor #Malaysia

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Missed out the sales of October

I thought I could wait and see what's the next deal or sale. But sad to say I saw the price back to normal as I didn't took the chance to shop during the sale.

Now instead of purchase two dresses, I can only purchase one dress due to budget. The online coupon that I have is valid til December 2015. So I am thinking to use it now or wait for the next sale. What do you think?

Yesterday I just back from the media trip. I used a luggage bag and a backpack plus a sling bag. I feel sad as I lost my touch and go card! I topped it few days ago with RM50 so valid in the card would be around RM70.

The last time I lost something was few months back, where I lost a camera in I-City.

With the RM100 coupon that I have, I decided to purchase one dress instead. No waiting any more for next sale because earlier I have chosen 2 dresses with this price. But now I can only choose one because the sale is over.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Trium Card shopping experience

First I like to say that I often shopping in Nichii and Kitschen but I didn't have the Trium Card as I didn't sign up for any of it. My first time to have the Trium Card was during the media blogger event at Dressing Paula. Then I forgotten all about register or sign up with the card I have.

When I was invited for the Nichii not long ago I thought I can continue using the card. Then I was told that the card does not belong to me as it belong to media event previously. Asking me to take a new card instead and taken away the trium card that I have.

So after shopping at Nichii at Midvalley, then I have decided to go home and register it online. Guess what?! The card password that they have given cannot be used at all. As during the event Nichii the card is distribute to media that attend. If you have already have the card there's no need to take the card.

Anyway sadly after spending RM90 and though I gained 90 points in the card. But then because I cannot register online even trying hours for it. I went to the other outlet Nichii at Main Place USJ to ask the staff for help. Who knows the staff Jess didn't listen properly of what I said and created a new card for me then I losing all point for that I have in the card that I am holding.

Then she even suggest to me that open current card with another person name/ic number but beware each account can only use one email address, one telephone number. She told me that I can use sis IC and my telephone and email for the points. I lost the points all because of her mistake. Things get complicated as I cannot login my trium card.

So better off I cancel sis's card and just using my card from zero point again!

I did email to their Trium customer service but seem they cannot transfer the point that I used on the card. The new card is under my name with zero point.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sponsored me a fashion dress

I am so happy last night I received an email that says I won a dress. But sad to say that they have limited dresses or just 2 dresses that with my size UK16. So sad about this as their dresses are mostly sold out.

So how am I supposed to choose if there's no more dresses that I can fit in. I won this dress that I need to blog about it too.

The deadline to choose a dress is on Oct 15, so I don't know if I just sit around and wait for them to update the website or just choose one that have my size. What your say?