Saturday, October 13, 2018


One of the most notable icons in the cosmetic industry Max Factor is now available in Malaysia. 
Held at one of the finest heritage building - Lot 10, Jalan Tangsi, the brand celebrated its launch with 
The Max Factor Beauty House pop up, and unveiled its official brand ambassador Lisa Surihani 
 where some 150 guests were invited for an uplifting and inspiring evening of #UnlockingRealWomen.

“We are excited for the arrival of Max Factor in Malaysia after its incredible success in the rest of Asia. 
As a pioneer in the beauty industry, the brand has always played an important role in uplifting women to 
embrace their identity through self-expression. We hope the brand will resonate with women 
everywhere as we believe that every woman should be given the chance to feel empowered”, 
said Pink Fong, Marketing Director at Coty Malaysia.

In conjunction with the launch, the brand also revealed the #UnlockingRealWomen campaign — 
a collaboration with an incredible group of influential women such as Kavitha Sidhu, Ling Oo,  
Raja Nadia Sabrina and Max Factor Malaysia’s newly appointed ambassador, Lisa Surihani.

“Lisa’s personality showcases a connection to the brand that will bring a new spark of inspiration and 
help translate our newly repositioned brand vision. Her life story also relates closely to the 
 #UnlockingRealWomen campaign, which makes this partnership all the more meaningful. 
We are thrilled to have her on board”, said Pink Fong.

Women are incredibly powerful in their own right but are often held to higher standards; 
expected to juggle multiple roles, excel at them all and be perfect throughout — all the while 
putting everything else before them. #UnlockingRealWomen seeks to explore the multiple roles that 
women have in family, society and industry and celebrates their strengths, unique abilities and 
unlimited potential. Ultimately, the campaign is all about celebrating women and their powerful life 
experiences, and a reminder that beauty goes beyond gender roles.

Lisa, Kavitha, Raja Nadia and Ling are the epitome of women who, despite their success, 
have been defined by societal roles and expectation as a public figure, mother and wife. 
 They each have had their own aspirations growing up but due to their responsibilities and family 
commitments, have had to put their ambitions aside.

Lisa has had a successful career in the entertainment industry since young but has always wanted to 
be a dancer; Raja Nadia is a successful blogger and founder of her own fashion label but behind her 
busy lifestyle, she aspires to live a better, healthier life; Kavita’s career took off with her first Milo 
commercial at 15 years old before going to Paris to pursue a modelling career but dreams of becoming 
a singer; while jewelry designer and gemologist Ling worked hard every single day of her life to start 
her own jewelry line but longs to start a family and become the ultimate homemaker. 
Watch the 4 women who live their lives in the public eye unlock their dreams and aspirations to 
those closest to them here.

Max Factor sold exclusively at Watsons Malaysia
Max Factor is also partnering exclusively with Watsons in bringing the brand’s legacy and 
makeup artistry to Malaysia and is available in selected Watsons outlet and online stores nationwide.
at Watsons Malaysia.  

The Max Factor Beauty House
In celebration of the #UnlockingRealWomen campaign, the brand pays tribute to women everywhere 
with  The Max Factor Beauty Housean homage to their unique strengths, identities and aspirations 
through 7 different rooms — Her Patio; Her Living Room; Her Dining Room; Her Bathroom: 
The Virtuous Room; Her Bedroom; Her Powder Room and Her Gallery Room — each adorned with 
symbols of inspiration and empowerment.

While women want to be acknowledged beyond their gender roles, they still value what is important to 
them such as family, friends, career and personal growth. Representing the everyday woman and  
their powerful journeys, The Max Factor Beauty House encompasses these elements in their lives 
and celebrates their deepest hopes and dreams. The pop-up will be open to public for one day on 
 11th of October at Lot 10, Jalan Tangsi, 50480 Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau).

About Max Factor
One of the world's pioneering cosmetics companies, Max Factor was founded at the beginning of the 20th century 
by the eponymous Polish-born cosmetician Maksymilian Faktorowicz. Today, Max Factor celebrates women 
with the You x Max Factor platform, committed to shining a spotlight on an incredible group of women 
whose confidence comes from their inspirational life experiences, Max Factor creates products and 
makeup artistry content that amplifies their  beauty and fits into the context of their lives.
About Coty Inc
Coty is one of the world’s largest beauty company with a purpose to celebrate and liberate the diversity of 
consumers’ beauty. Its strong entrepreneurial heritage has created an iconic portfolio of leading beauty brands. 
Coty is the global leader in fragrance, a strong number two in professional salon hair color & styling, and 
number three in color cosmetics. Coty operates with three divisions, one of which – Consumer Beauty, which is 
focused on mass color cosmetics and body fragrance, such as Max Factor, Rimmel, Bourjois and Adidas.

Monday, October 8, 2018


It's good news to everyone who like to be Watons' Malaysia's Top Social Influencer, yeah this is good news for fans of Watsons Malaysia who likes to using social media this is your chance to shine.

The grand prize winner for Watsons presents Malaysia's  Top Influencer:
  • RM10,000 cash
  • RM20,000 worth of Watsons points
  • RM10,000 worth of Watsons products
  • The official Watsons Key Opinion Leader of the year , he or she will appear in a national Watsons television commercial, and also in Watsons billboards nationwide.
  • Appear in vidoes on portals such as on Oh Bulan! , Says, Vocket and more!
The official hashtags for Watsons Malaysia Influencer Search campaign #Watsonsmti and  #Watsons Malaysia. Follow instagram @watsonsMalaysia and @ohbulanofficial and Facebook accounts of Watsons Malaysia and Ohbulan to participate in search. The first challenge begins on 4 October 2018, stay tune for Watsons Malaysia and Oh Bulan for more announcements.

Launch of Systema Anti-Plaque Toothpaste & the 'Save Your Gums, Save Your Teeth' Campaign

Hello it's Monday, good day to dear reader and visitor of my blog. Just sharing last week, I brought my son to the launch of Systema Anti-Plaque Toothpaste & the 'Save Your Gums, Save Your Teeth' Campaign at Paradigm Mall in the afternoon. A day well spend as my son just finished his UPSR exam, it's good to bring him along to know more about gum health.

Launch of Systema Advance Anti-Plaque Toothpaste
(Left to Right)
Mr. Edward Liew, Deputy Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
Mr. Allan Khong, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
Mr. Tatsuya Horiuchi, Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
Ms. Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading of
Watson’s Personal Care Sdn Bhd
Mr. Kenta Suzuki, Oral Care Specialist, Lion Corporation Japan Oral Care R&D

 Sharing is caring do check out the Systema Advance Anti-Plague Toothpaste or to catch the "SAVE YOUR GUMS, SAVE YOUR TEETH" campaign Mobile Dental Clinic. I have also shared the photos on my Facebook's page album do click on the link to view. 
VIPs flagging off the ‘Save Your Gums, Save Your Teeth’ Mobile Dental Clinic.
(Left to Right)
Dr. Ahmad Sharifuddin
Mohd Asari
, President of the Malay
sian Society of
Mr. Edward Liew, Deputy Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
Mr. Tatsuya Horiuchi, Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
Yang Berusaha Dr. Nomah bt Taharim, Principal Director of Oral Health, Ministry of Health
Dr. Aida N
ur Ashikin, Deputy Dean of Academic, Universiti Teknologi MARA (‘UiTM’)

VIPs touring the Mobile Dental Clinic.
(Left to Right)
Mr. Tatsuya Horiuchi, Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
performing gum health check in the ‘
Save Your Gums, Save Your Teeth’
Mobile Dental Clinic
a patient getting his gums checked
Yang Berusaha Dr. Nomah bt Taharim, Principal Director of
Oral Health, Ministry of Health
Dr. Aida Nur Ashikin, Deputy Dean of Academic, Universiti Teknologi MARA (‘UiTM’)
Mr. Edward Liew, Deputy Managing Director of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd

 In the spirit of helping more Malaysians to achieve healthy gums and teeth, SYSTEMA pledged 30,000 SYSTEMA ADVANCE Anti-Plaque Toothpaste samples with gum health educational leaflet to the 'Save Your Gums, Save Your Teeth' Campaign. The SYSTEMA ADVANCE Anti-Plaque Toothpaste will be provided to the community through the Malaysian Society of Periodontology and UiTM at the on-ground gum check activity thus further enabling Malaysian consumers to achieve healthy gums will lead to a healthier life!

Sunday, September 30, 2018


 Good day to dear readers and visitors, anyone here is Korean Skincare beauty lover? I am here sharing with you that Jeju in Watsons Malaysia, yeah you are reading it correctly!

All the way from the pesticide-free JEJU Island farms, we are bringing healthier, safer beauty products to Malaysian consumers. South Korean beauty brand, secret nature, has partnered up with Asia's leading health and beauty retailer, Watsons, to open the brand's first retail stores nationwide to 90 doors.
 secret nature is founded by Hankook Cosmetics Co., Ltd. which has over half-century history in South Korea. The company oversees a wide umbrella of brands such as the SAEM and manufactures for many successful Korean cosmetics brands such as CLIO, The Face Shop, April Skin etc. With Hankook Cosmetics, secret nature truly understands Asian skin conditions and can adapt to the consumer's ever-changing interest thanks to its fast-paced R&D process, diverse customizable offerings and global distribution.
 secret nature has strong range of products of offer in nourishing the skin with clean JEJU ingredients to make our skin healthy again. The brand's key products include From Jeju Green Tea for deep hydration, Volcanic Ash Line for pore cleaning, Jeju Sheet Mask Line to name a few.

You can find the #JEJUinWatsons, it is available at selected Watsons store and easily get your hands on natural skincare from JEJU!
The retail prices: RM6.90 to RM85 you can find the products online too exclusive on , the website will ship nationwide, with option to Click & Collect at any Watsons store.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Prize Giving : #DapurVHalia judges and top 6 contestants Top left to right: Y.Bhg. Datuk Seri Garry K.S. Chua (Senior Corporate Advisor to GoodMorning Global), Dato’ Dr. Lim Sin Boon (Founder and the CEO of GoodMorning Global), Y.Bhg . Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Ting Chew Peh (Advisor to GoodMorning Global), Dato’ Fazley Yaacob (GoodMorning Campaign Ambassador) 
Bottom left to right: AyiAlHamrah, Nur Fakhira binti Mohd
Rosli (first prize winner), Zuhira binti Mohd
(second prize winner), Sufaini binti
Bidin (third prize winner), Samanda Chew Mun
Fong, and Nina Zareena binti Zainal Abidin
Who would have thought, in every delicious dish prepared and served by the celebrity chef and popular singer, Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, 40, stored a magical potion that made each and every menu enriched with delight that makes it memorable in mind.
Without hesitation in sharing the special mixture in his cooking, the father of four uses the most preferred product–VHalia,a multigrain beverage from GoodMorning,which is rich in nutrients that benefits the eatery.
Considering it as a great honour to be part of GoodMorning VHalia campaign, the former champion of MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia 2012 said, he is always being selective in promoting products especially health goods that involve general health status.

Also present at the event was Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of GoodMorning Global Dato’ Dr. Lim Sin Boon, YB. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Ting Chew Peh, the Advisor to GoodMorning Global, and the Senior Corporate Advisor, YB. Datuk Seri Garry K.S. Chua who is also the President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) and owner of Imperial Chakri Palace Thai Restaurant.He further mentioned that he is ambitious to see housewives or restaurant owners to serve GoodMorning VHalia
multigrain beverage and use them in their cuisine as they are able to balance the human health aspect as well as increase the delicacy of the food provided.
Meanwhile, Lim shared about the competition saying that a total of 6 participants were selected to showcase their ability and cooking skills by using GoodMorning VHalia.
“Most people have the perceptions of healthy drink and food does not taste good. But for GoodMorning, it can be delicious to consume. That is why, this contest was held to create awareness that healthy food can be delicious, less hassle and appetizing for consumers.
"Nutrition practice in daily diet proves to be one of the factors that contribute to health & wellbeing. Therefore, it can promote a healthier lifestyle while increasing productivity in our daily routine. This competition is organised to instil public awareness about healthy lifestyles in the community and to unite everyone regardless of race, religion and background," said Dato' Lim.
Participants of this contest used GoodMorning VHalia as the main ingredient in their culinary dish.
It is not just a multigrain beverage but it’s the "kehangatan" balances the dishes prepared by the participants.
GoodMorning VHalia is multigrain beverage that contains 18 types of whole grains and 9 unique ingredients. Bamboo Ginger gives a richer aroma and taste, has rich in antioxidant and fibre that primarily promotes digestion. It also contains Gingerol and Shogaol that helps to warm body,
calm nausea and help to reduce cholesterol, lower down high blood pressure.
GoodMorning VHalia is available at a retail price of RM47.00 for a can of 1kg and RM10.20 for the convenient pack of 8 sachets at all Guardian, Caring, Aeon Wellness, Tesco nationwide and other selected pharmacy chains.
For more information on GoodMorning VHalia and other GoodMorning Global products offered in Malaysia, please visit GoodMorning website at or GoodMorning 18 Grains Facebook page (

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Watsons members can look forward to feeling “syok” with fabulous discounts of up to 50% and giveaway of two free cars during the eighth #watsonsrewards anniversary celebrations. Loyal Watsons members will be rewarded with the amazing Members Syok Sale, with up to 50% off nationwide, starting from 4th September to 1st October for West Malaysia and 13th September to 8th October for East Malaysia. As a bonus, every Watsons members who spends RM50 and above, will get Syok Coupons worth RM500!

This year, Watsons collaborated with Mazda and two lucky Watsons members will walk-away with a brand new Mazda CX-5 in the Switch.Save.Win Mazda CX-5 contest. All you have to do is to be a Watsons member and spend RM50 and above on Watsons brand products for one entry, or get double entries by spending on participating brands, while Elite members will get ten entries to participate!

“Watsons Malaysia has achieved another milestone by celebrating our Watsons card 8th anniversary! Our customer loyalty programme continues to grow and innovate throughout the years where the benefits of the membership have grown to offer more than special in-store promotions, discounts and deals but has encompass a Watsons lifestyle experience of its own!,” said Caryn Loh 罗宝霞, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

Watsons Elite membership which was launched early 2018 is a premium rewards programme that provides exclusive privileges that elevates the total shopping experience to the next level. Some benefits of the Watsons Elite membership include earning 5x points when they purchase any Watsons branded products and they can also earn 10x points when they make their first purchase at any Watsons store during their birthday month. In addition, Elite members will also enjoy free monthly deliveries when they shop online at Watsons upon their first online purchase every month. Other benefits of the membership include special monthly promotions and offers only available to Elite members only and “money-can’t-buy” experiences to Watsons ‘by invitation only’ events.

The event opened with a Zumba performance and was attended by members of the media, the blogger community and Watsons celebrity friends. Closing the event was a fashion show modelled by celebrities and ending with a cake-cutting ceremony.

Highlights of the 8th #watsonsrewards anniversary celebrations include:
* For those who are non-members yet but feel that there is a hassle in carrying the card, the new virtual Watsons card will enable members to enjoy the benefits of a Watsons member without carrying the card with them.

* A welcome gift of a Watsons voucher worth RM300 and reward treats and coupons worth RM5,000 and other Watsons benefits awaits new members who sign-up for the Watsons card.

* The up-coming Watsons #GetActive Fest will happen this 27th October at Setia Alam, where the whole day event will start with with Yoga in the Park and ending with Move Your Body with Zumba in the evening, with fun activities in between such as fitness challenges, cooking workshops, family fun games, a food bazaar and more! Tickets will be on sale in the Klang Valley stores 4th September onwards at RM30 each; and it’s inclusive of T-shirt, Drawstring bag, Silicon Band, RM10 Watsons vouchers and activities participation.

* At Watsons, women make up the majority of our valued customers and “All Things Girl” is a natural extension of what the brand can offer beyond the shopping experience. The fourth season of Watsons presents “All Things Girl” in-collaboration with ASTRO “Wah Lah Toi” featuring top Hong Kong TVB artistes will be aired soon.

* The show keeps audiences abreast of the latest trends and happenings in beauty and health care while also covering relevant women’s lifestyle issues, which airs this October.

Later at the event, popular TVB actresses Elena Kong, Zoei Tam, Joyce Tam and Roxanne Tong held an exclusive meet and greet session with Watsons Elite members.

For more information and benefits of the new Watsons VIP card and anniversary celebration, please visit

Thursday, August 23, 2018


For Malaysians, there is no celebration as significant as the National Day and Malaysia Day. This year, Malaysia is marking its 61st Merdeka celebration. To commemorate the occasion, Sunway Lagoon is launching the ‘Proud To Be Malaysian’ campaign in conjunction with the unveiling of “One”, the 7 Bisons sculptures by Infantino Fernandes that signify unity.

To mark a memorable celebration, visitors will be amused with a myriad of exhilarating and fun-filled activities from 17 August – 16 September 2018, such as Cultural Dance performance, Silat Workshop, the Flag Hoisting Ceremony and Traditional Games such as ‘Congkak’, ‘Sepak Raga’ and ‘Batu Seremban’, to instil the spirit of patriotism in Malaysians, by celebrating the country’s rich cultural heritage together. Merdeka babies will be entitled to a mystery gift by flashing their MyKad at the ticketing counter on 31st August 2018.

Visitors can expect special performances like the art of ‘Teh Tarik’ pouring and ‘Roti Canai’ tossing on 16 September to have a glimpse of how these delicacies are prepared in an entertaining Malaysian way. Special treats await young visitors who will receive LIMITED EDITION ‘Proud To Be Malaysian’ temporary tattoos and other goodies on 31st August and 16th September 2018.

(From Left) Infantino Fernandes, Chan Hoi Choy(陈海全), CEO of Sunway Malls and Theme Parks, Sean Choo (朱祥麟),General Manager of Sunway Lagoon, Ahmad Nazri Tashriq bin Rahmat, Corporate Communication Manager of Tourism Selangor, and Calvin Ho (何长兴), Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks
From 17th August to 9th September 2018, the weekly ’Man VS Food: 61 sec’ challenge will test the strength of participants’ belt line! The campaign will encompass bazaars and food stalls available for food junkies to complete the Malaysia Bazaar Bingo Card game in return for cool prizes!

“Put on the map as Malaysia’s top theme park destination by visitors from all over the world, we are celebrating Malaysia and unity with our guests through this very special campaign that embodies Malaysia as a whole. We have also incorporated notable and cultural elements of the country into the campaign which makes us proud to be Malaysians,” said Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon.

He added, “What guests will especially be excited to see is the 7 Bison sculptures, entitled “One” which carry a meaningful message which we hope to share. Although these 7 sculptures are all different in sizes and outlook, they are united as one, in relation to Malaysia’s multicultural background. Adding to our long list of accolades, we are looking to get ‘One’ on The Malaysia Book of Records in the “Most Number of Metal Sculptures in a Single Collection by a Solo Artist” category.”

For more promotions of Sunway Lagoon combo meals and retail item, visitors can check out Sunway Lagoon’s website or official Facebook page.

From 17 August – 16 September 2018, guests can enjoy RM61 off Sunway Lagoon’s published admission rate by presenting their MyKad when purchasing tickets online. Senior citizens will also be able to visit the park for free with their family.

For more information, visit or call 603 5639 0000.

About Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia’s premier multi-park destination located at the heart of Sunway City, is only 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city centre and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). It offers more than 90 attractions across its six parks – Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park, Scream Park and its latest addition, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. Rated highly by the international community with the title of “Asia’s Best Attraction” for four consecutive years by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (“IAAPA”), the 88-acre theme park excites visitors of all ages with wholesome family-friendly fun to adrenaline-pumping thrills. The park is also home to attractions such as the World’s First Waterplexx 5D, Malaysia’s Largest Water Ride - Vuvuzela, Malaysia’s Largest Man-Made Sandy Surf Beach, Malaysia’s First Interactive Zoo and FlowRider, Malaysia’s First Surf Simulator. For more information, visit our website at

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Flower Chimp Secured MYR 6 Million Funding Following Success Across Southeast Asia

“Say it with flowers!” Creating moments of love by sending flowers to your loved ones has gotten so much easier as the flower delivery industry booms with the growth of e-commerce worldwide. Imagine selecting your favourite bouquet and arranging for delivery as simple as a few clicks away.

From birthday bouquets to congratulatory flower stands, special messages on Valentine’s and Mothers’ Day, Flower Chimp caters to all your blooming needs from as low as MYR89. Ahead of its competitors, Flower Chimp offers a nationwide network which covers more than 80 districts across Malaysia, including in Sabah and Sarawak. Such wide coverage makes the platform the preferred online florist among consumers who enjoy further benefits with its free delivery on all orders at no minimum spend. Consumers can also arrange for the same day delivery for any orders made before 1 pm to surprise their loved ones.

“Despite being a new player in the flower delivery business, Flower Chimp has grown into a household name in this industry. In less than two years, we became the No 1 choice in the online flower delivery service in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines recording five (5) times growth compared to last year,” said Maximilian Lotz, Founder of Flower Chimp.

Following its promising performance in the online florist service, Flower Chimp has recently secured an investment of MYR 6 million from its investors including Asia Venture Group (AVG), a private company that sees the promising potential Flower Chimp offers through its unique business model and marketing strategies. The same company has also invested in iMoney, Happy Fresh and iPrice.  “We aim to expand our reach to a new market in Singapore by the second half of August 2018, and other countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong by 2019,” Lotz added.

Self-taught in the flower business, Lotz and partner/Chief Operating Officer, Niklas Frassa plan to utilize the funds received to strengthen their footprint in Indonesia and the Philippines and improve their technical infrastructure to offer better benefits to their customers with smart features including live order tracking. “At the same time, we conduct our market research to come up with new products and promotions regularly to entice our customers to return to find what they are looking for,” said Frassa.

Elaborating further, Frassa said, “With the power of online marketing and social media, we aim to enhance our branding and become the top-of-mind for our customers to look forward to as they become more tech-savvy every day. We are confident that in the next twelve (12) months; from Q4 2018 to Q4 2019, Flower Chimp will grow three (3) times over with contributions from all four major markets namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines”. 


Niklas Frassa

Chief Operating Officer, Flower Chimp

As the Chief Operating Officer of Flower Chimp, Niklas is responsible overseeing operations across departments in Flower Chimp’s four markets. Niklas' background is in management consulting, where he among other roles acted as a project leader for the leading management consulting firm in Germany’s media industry. Furthermore, he gained vast e-commerce experience during stints in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia with Southeast Asia’s leading online fashion company, Zalora.

Niklas graduated with a M.Sc. (CEMS) in International Management from Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands) and a B.Sc. from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management (Germany).