Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Curve Chinese New Year Roar of Propsperity

Happy New Year to dear readers and followers of the blog. With Chinese New Year fast approaching and preparations commence for the festivities, it is important to share the good fortune with those in need during this time of celebration. In line with this, the Curve recently fêted a group of teens and senior citizens from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Anak Yatim & Cacat Perlindungan Selangor for a morning filled with festive fun and excitement.

Upon arrival, the honoured guests were given a warm welcome by the Curve team as they were ushered into the mall for the festivities. In keeping with this year’s theme, Roar of Prosperity, the Centre Court exuded plenty of huat with multi-coloured lions in striking poses. The jubilant atmosphere was further amplified by baby pink cherry blossom trees as well as red lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Then came the highlight of the day, as the Kwong Ngai lion troupe burst onto the stage accompanied by loud drums, which resounded throughout the Centre Court. The show-stopping performance saw amazing acrobatic feats specially choreographed to Chinese dance musical, which had the audience in awe.

Jazmi Kamarudin, Senior General Manager of the Curve said, “Chinese New Year is a lot more than celebration, it is premised on renewing time with loved ones, paying homage to our elders and doing good deeds. As we draw closer to the festive period, we are honoured to host the teens and senior citizens from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Anak Yatim & Cacat Perlindungan Selangor to usher in the Lunar New Year together. We do hope that this day has brought our guests a joyful start to the auspicious occasion.”

Towards the end of the outing, the guests were gifted with Chinese New Year goodies, ang pow and were also invited to a sumptuous lunch at Ah Tuan Ee together with the Curve team.

Looking forward to witness the impressive lion display? Shoppers can visit the Curve’s Roar of Prosperity campaign until January 27, 2020. Together with the Roaring Lions Musical and Chinese New Year melodies performed by a three-piece instrumental band, there is plenty in store at the Curve this Lunar New Year!

Throughout the campaign period, shoppers also have the opportunity to take home a mini Prosperity Lion figurine with a minimum spend of RM438 in a maximum of two receipts. While those who spend a minimum of RM188 in a maximum of two receipts will be able to redeem festive Angpow packets. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last.

For more details on the Curve’s Chinese New Year campaign, contact the Curve Customer Care officers at 03-7710 6868 or visit the Curve’s website at or Facebook page at

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ayam Brand™ Saba Mackerel Flakes in three variants of Chilli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mayonnaise

Ayam Brand™, synonymous in Malaysia for its sardines in the iconic yellow and red can, and varieties of tuna, is adding Saba Mackerel Flakes to its healthy, convenient and tasty ready-to-eat fish meals. For Saba recipes, you can click on the link to read about it.

Saba is the Japanese word for Pacific mackerel1. Saba is a dietary staple in Japan, popular for its nutritional value, affordable price and rich taste. In Malaysia, grilled saba is a favourite at Japanese restaurants.

Now you can enjoy the exotic saba mackerel fish at home, at work or at leisure with Ayam Brand™ Saba Mackerel Flakes that come in three variants of Chilli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mayonnaise. Ayam Brand™ has localised these variants to deliver the best taste and quality saba mackerel flakes to Malaysians.

Saba mackerel is acknowledged for its great taste but did you know that it is an exceptionally nutritious fish? It is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Based on an article by U.S National Institutes of Health, diets which are rich in omega-3 have been linked to healthy aging, such as in Japan, which has the highest life expectancy globally2.

However, our bodies do not produce omega-3 fatty acids which is why it is necessary to obtain these nutrients from natural food sources such as seafood.3 Saba mackerel has almost 50% more omega-3, compared to a similar serving of tuna. In fact, one 160gm can Ayam Brand™ Chilli Saba Mackerel Flakes has the same amount of omega-3 as eight softgel fish oil capsules, fulfilling your weekly omega-3 needs4.

Benefits of Omega-35
Omega-3 can promote brain health during pregnancy and early life as it is crucial for brain growth and development in infants. Getting enough omega-3s during pregnancy is associated with numerous benefits for your child, including higher intelligence, better communication and social skills, fewer behavioural problems and decreased risk of developmental delay.

Omega-3 fatty acid DHA also improves reading skills and behaviour in kids who need help most — those whose test scores place them in the bottom 20% of their elementary school class — according to a controlled trial6.

Our eyes are constantly exposed to blue light from looking at electronic and digital screens and this can increase the risk of permanent eye damage or even blindness. Getting sufficient omega-3 DHA, which is a major structural component of the retina of our eyes, may be vital in keeping eyes healthy, and maintaining good vision for a longer period of time7.

Studies have also found omega-3 can benefit age-related cognitive decline such as Alzheimer's Disease. Older adults who consume omega-3 from seafood perform better on thinking skill test, suggesting that omega-3 can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease8.

Interestingly, numerous research studies indicate that consuming omega-3 that is naturally found in food sources brings more benefits than taking it as a fish oil supplement. Hence, there are so many reasons to add Ayam Brand™ Saba Mackerel Flakes to your diet as a rich source of omega-3, at every stage of your life.

While fresh saba mackerel is not widely available at local markets and supermarkets, it is available at Japanese restaurants albeit at a premium price. However, Ayam Brand™ Saba Mackerel Flakes brings all the nutritional benefits, especially the omega-3, with the convenience of a ready-to-eat meal in variants that suit Malaysians’ taste buds including chilli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mayonnaise.

Now you know it is easy to get all the goodness of omega-3 from Ayam Brand ™ Saba Mackerel Flakes. Just pull the tab to open a can and it is ready to eat. To make it a meal, have it with hot rice, or roll it with rice and wrap with seaweed for homemade Onigiri. It tastes great in a wrap, as a sandwich filling, over pasta, or as a pizza topping.

Ayam BrandTM Saba Mackerel Flakes in Chilli (160gm) and in Mayonnaise(160gm) retail price at RM 6.20 while in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (150gm) retail price at RM 6.50. The complete range of Ayam Brand™’s healthy and convenient products are available at supermarket outlets nationwide.

4 One fish oil supplement in softgel contains 300 mg of omega-3. Based on National Institutes of Health. Dietary Supplement Label Database, 2015 

Monday, December 9, 2019

GIFT OF THE GAP: Electronics for all generations

The new year is weeks away, and what better way than to equip ourselves and loved ones with the right gizmos that could help enhance our effectiveness and quality of life. After all, we are always looking to improve our lifestyle. Here are top picks on the gadgets that are suitable for every generation. P/s: They also make great gifts.

Children and students
Creativity is said to foster mental growth. Allow children to express their imagination with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Capture instant pictures wherever they are - shoot the twin towers from a low angle for a powerful composition and even take the perfect selfie with the built-in selfie mirror. Best part is, the limited-edition Christmas bundle is wrapped in a special gift box!
What helps to achieve good grades, on top of hard work, is actually a reliable laptop. The HP 14s-cf0065tu Notebook is slim, portable and has a long-lasting battery life. The Microsoft Surface Go will appeal to those looking for versatility, doubling as a tablet that is easy to use on the go. On the other hand, the Acer Nitro 5 is a gaming laptop that delivers blazing speed coupled with a crystal clear full high definition display for the serious gamers, who, well, need a break from studying.

Working adults
Speakers, action cameras, mobile phones and wireless headphones are suitable for working adults. The Yamaha YAS108 120W Soundbar is an audio system of choice with its built-in dual subwoofers delivering impressive bass and the Bluetooth Multipoint enabling you to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Audio junkies can also consider the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless Headphones that has noise cancellation and simply enjoy music in rich detail and powerful bass thanks to quality Sennheiser drivers.

The popular GoPro Hero 8 is now available at its lowest price ever since its launch, with the camera’s ability to capture 4K video and the HyperSmooth 2.0 Video Stabilization feature ensuring extreme sports enthusiasts get their best moments captured in pure clarity.

Those who are keen on looking for a new mobile phone will not be disappointed with the OnePlus 7T. Delivering an overall solid performance in all vital categories for a mobile phone, the OnePlus 7T combines speedy performance with a sleek design and a powerful camera, together with a fingerprint reader and other useful features such as fast charging and dual sim compatibility. The Xiaomi Black Shark meanwhile is the world’s first liquid-cooled gaming phone providing ultra cooling with an independent imaging chip for best graphics and even comes with a detachable precision gamepad included in the box.

Upgrade your parents’ home with new television, kitchen appliances and other household products. The LG 55UM7600PTA 55" HDR Smart UHD TV delivers 4K Active HDR picture quality, with True Color Accuracy for an unbeatable viewing experience. Air fryers make cooking seamless and home owners cannot go wrong with the Tefal Easy Fry Classic Healthy Fryer (4.2L) EY20 with extra large food capacity and features to achieve delicious fried food with little to no oil.
Better quality air at home is important. Parents may want to check out the affordable MBH Lydia, a humidifier and aroma diffuser in one for the family. Photography buffs in this age category meanwhile should not miss out on the Canon Powershot G7x MKIII as it comes with a complete bundle on Shopee which includes a memory card, cleaning kit, leather case, tripod and other accessories, to capture picture perfect moments with loved ones.

Health products such as the fast-reading Samu Giken LCD blood pressure monitor and easy-to-use blood glucose monitors are important as we keep track of our heart health and general well-being. Those looking for entertainment sets can also consider TV decoders that come with a free lifetime subscription for myFreeview channels.

Shopee is the destination for electronics and gadgets for all generations. Whether you are a hardworking student at university or a retired professional, the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale has got you covered with discounts for all these products.

Product Original Price Promo Price
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 RM399.00 RM269.00
HP Notebook RM1239.00 RM999.00
Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54-526L Gaming Laptop RM2999.00 RM2699.00
Microsoft Surface Go RM1955.00 RM1,769.00
Yamaha YAS108 120W Soundbar RM1999.00 RM799.00
GoPro Hero 8 Black RM1,999.00 RM1,599.00
OnePlus 7T (8GB+256GB) RM2,399.00 RM2,069.00
Xiaomi Black Shark 1 64GB RM1,599.00 RM1,399.00
Tefal Easy Fry Classic Healthy Fryer (4.2L) RM799.00 RM349.00
MBH Lydia Humidifier Aroma Diffuser With LEDs RM59.99 RM37.95
LG TV 55" HDR Smart UHD TV RM3,999.00 RM2,599.00
Canon Powershot G7x MKIII RM3,999.00 RM2799
Samu Giken Arm Blood Pressure LCD Monitor RM99.00 RM42.90
Blood Glucose Monitor RM32.90 RM22.90
Digital Terrestrial TV Decoder DVB-T2 RM109.90 RM109.90

If you missed out on the Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale deals, fret not because Shopee is counting down the days to Christmas with an Electronics Sale from 10 Dec to 25 Dec. Be electrified with discounts that will be unveiled at 12am daily. Just visit

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Wanna win Ultimate Football experience?

Sharing is caring, I am sure you want to know how to win the amazing experience to an Ultimate Football experience. Click on the link to read about it, yeah read to the end to find out. I am glad I attended the event on the last Saturday.

I have been sick so planning just stay with with my children. Other than that I have spend more with my sons. Education are important as we know though we have send for tuition. But there's need to self study too. They didn't go tuition daily and my little one already staying home since last Friday. There's no more tuition til next year. So best to stay home and teach/guide him do some exercise on the subjects.

Sean is Form 2 next year and his foundation in Malay language is not good. He has many words that he did not understand the meaning. Well we can learn together and no kidding the subjects they are learning not easy at all. Lots to memory and understand at the same time.

I love to take part in contests too. Just recently joined some contests online and offline. Hoping there's luck to win. Yeah I won two passes of GSC movie tickets on instagram contest.  But terms I got to install the app and online sign up then follow the steps for redemption the tickets. I also joined Guardian contests on instagram.

 How about you? Have you joined any contests before? Have you won any?

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Health benefits of vinegar that every Malaysian should know which can help optimize health and vitality

Alce Nero, the leading provider of organic food in Italy introduces Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and Organic Balsamic Vinegars of Modena, which is made from grape must, to meet the rising quest for optimum health and vitality among Malaysians.

In Malaysia, consumers take vinegar for the purpose of cooling down the body, when it is in a ‘heaty’ condition, to improve blood circulation, to reduce symptoms of sore throat and to aid in weight loss. Cultural and traditional practice in many countries use vinegar as an appetite suppressant to aid weight loss.

It has been reported that the leading cause of death in Malaysia is cardiovascular disease. Vinegar can help to reduce blood pressure and regulate blood circulation which may be linked to increased risk of heart diseases.

Traditionally, vinegar is believed to cool down and reduce the body’s temperature and relieve the symptoms of sore throat. This benefit of consuming vinegar is especially useful during the high temperatures Malaysia has experienced during the recent heatwave.

Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena are 100% organic certified by European Union Law and by JAS organic agriculture in Japan, including the crops, the land on which it is grown, the factories in which it is processed, as well as the procedures and ingredients used for all items.

What sets good vinegars apart are the origin of the raw ingredients and how they are processed. Especially for a product that you plan to consume without heating or cooking, trusted organic options are better, including for vinegar.

Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegars ~ versatile and healthy

The Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegars are wholly organic, giving consumers full confidence in consuming them without the worry of pesticides, additives or preservatives. Available in two variants, Filtered and Unfiltered, this premium apple cider vinegar is packed with health benefits.
The acetic acid content may help control blood sugar by blocking starch absorption1, and promote insulin sensitivity directly after meals in those with insulin resistance or with type 2 diabetes2 3. Acetic acid suppresses appetite, increases metabolism, and reduces water retention making it useful for weight loss4.

Alce Nero Apple Cider Vinegars come with potassium, and enzymes that help boost energy5, with antimicrobial properties that have been used throughout history in healing wounds and infections.

It is rich in bioactive substances that help defend against oxidative stress and strengthen immunity.

Alce Nero Apple Cider Vinegars are versatile, it can be enjoyed as a drink, a salad dressing or to add a zing to sweet and sour dishes. It makes a refreshing drink when mixed with with Alce Nero Honey. The low acidity in these vinegars allows a long shelf life without being refrigerated.

Alce Nero Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ~ rich and flavorful

Alce Nero Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a darkish, concentrated, and intensely flavoured vinegar, produced from well-aged fermented grape must. It shares the same health benefits as Alce Nero Apple Cider Vinegars, with slight differences in calorific value and acidity.

Suitable to enjoy daily as a drink, with salads, sauces and marinades, or to enhance the flavor of chicken, steak or fish dishes.

Now you know, if you thinking to shop this, its available Alce Nero vinegars, and its other fine organic food offerings are available at organic food sections of AEON, Cold Storage, Ben’s Independent, Jason’s Food Hall, Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer.

Both variants of Alce Nero Organic Apple Cider Vinegar retail at RM12.50, each, while Alce Nero Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena retails at RM13. These Alce Nero vinegars are certified Halal.

If you have sensitive stomach, you may want consult your doctor before taking this. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019


The wholesome soy drink series was recently launched by Herbalceutical (M) Sdn Bhd at SIS & CO, Petaling Jaya. Filled with natural goodness and best nutritions, Herbalceutical (M) Sdn Bhd wants to provide only the best for you and your family. Using only Ecocert organic certified peeled soybeans, we have combined with organic Chia seeds, Basil seeds and purple sweet potato, give consumers the opportunity to choose two our exclusive range of soy drinks which is the NH Soy Seeds and NH Soy Purple.

Protein is an essential nutrient that our body needs to build and repair body tissue. It is crucial for the optimal growth of kids. Soybeans are one of the best sources of protein as it has a complete amino acid profile, is high in dietary fibre and low in saturated fat. As a plant protein, soybeans are free from cholesterol and lactose, making it suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. According to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, a daily intake of 25g soy protein can help lower blood cholesterol.
“As a leading health and beauty retailer, it is important for us to promote a healthy lifestyle for our shoppers. Soy drinks have always been a classic favourite beverage option among Malaysians and it brings a lot of rich goodness for all age group. We are delighted to partner with NH Soy Series in promoting the natural goodness and benefits of drinking soy.”, said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

The chewy and crunchy texture are made from organic peeled soybeans, organic Chia seeds and Basil seeds. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids while Basil seeds are high in minerals and fibre. The purple sweet potato is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B, Manganese and iron and its high antioxidant content. The purple sweet potatoes in NH Soy Purple undergo a freeze-drying technology to retain maximum nutritional value and authentic taste. The result is a drink that scores high on taste and nutrition. NH Soy Series uses all-natural ingredients without any artificial flavouring, colouring and preservative. This extraordinary drink is, in essence, a high protein provider. Consuming it daily will nourish the cell tissues with protein, promote better digestive health and maintain overall health for the heart, eyes, bones and muscles. The NH Soy Series is perfect for the entire family including pregnant and breastfeeding mother, great for breakfast or at any other time of the day.
Its really yummy get on for yourself or loved ones. I like drink this and its suitable to take it in the morning or night before bed time. Both flavours of  NH Soy Seeds and NH Soy Purple, I like them both.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Weekend activities at Mutiara Damansara

It's been sometimes since I last visited the Terrace Cafe at the Curve, click on the link to read. So fast it was 2014 year, the last weekend was mearnigful for us. We went for kids event but only my son and me while my eldest followed his dad and aunt to walkabout. My son first time to go the Curve Halloween trick or treat. Indeed a good experienced for him and he knows its his hard work to walkabout to gain the candies, and gifts. Halloween events also available in KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

Kids activities can also be found in KidZania Kuala Lumpur, In fact the shopping mall The Curve, eCurve, Ikea, IPC are just nearby. Yes it is walking distance so if you planning for nice family time can consider this. There's promo code for KidZania Kuala Lumpur tickets 25% OFF for online purchase click on the link to find out.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Preloved dress and items Japan in Malaysia

Wow look I found this preloved dress in J-HUNT, there is no fitting room so be sure to find out. Click on the link to see more as I have visited the J-HUNT in AEON BIG SUBANG JAYA.

I tried this dress but didn't purchase it as it's not quite my prefer type. I bought another which is RM20, floral print in blue dress. You may check it out by click on the link above.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Promo code KidZania Kuala Lumpur tickets

Paramedics on the job, where there is a KidZania's staff t guide.
Happy to share with you on the KidZania Kuala Lumpur promo code: MUMZAZ for 25% OFF only for online booking of KidZania Kuala Lumpur tickets which the code is valid til Jan 2020.

Say no more if you thinking to purchase tickets, click on the link above. My son had a fun time with KidZania activities and also joining the fun of Halloween last week. Photo taken early this years as both of them having a good time together, though my eldest on is 13 years old now. His little bro is 8 yrs old.

There are many activities that kids can do there, and a parent lounge that parent can sit and enjoy. Most parents would follow their children to see what type of activities they are doing. Once children familiar with the KidZania they would want to play on their own to do the activities.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Halloween mummy wrap first time

Everyone has got busy lifestyle, especially parents and my son has got to have time out too. He told me he wanna go to KidZania so indeed I took time off with him to go. It's a challenge there and also he managed to change his KidZania pazzport, if you looking for kids activities feel free click above link to read more. There's discount code available if you like to purchase the tickets online, click to know the code special for my readers.

There's timing for this challenge, and there's more as depending on the wrap and also the one with fastest speed...