Monday, November 2, 2015

BIOCAN: Ning Shen Herbal Soup

This is upsetting everyone in the family, it was a gift from friend. So we saw the box it is not expire yet as stated 31 DEC 2015. To my horror seeing many moving insects in the package of herbal.

Do click on the link to view the video as I have recorded it. 

#insects #inside #herbal #packed by BIOCAN HERBAL SDN BHD 26, JALAN BUDI 1, TAMAN PERINDUSTRIAN WAWASAN, 8300 #batupahat #johor #Malaysia

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Missed out the sales of October

I thought I could wait and see what's the next deal or sale. But sad to say I saw the price back to normal as I didn't took the chance to shop during the sale.

Now instead of purchase two dresses, I can only purchase one dress due to budget. The online coupon that I have is valid til December 2015. So I am thinking to use it now or wait for the next sale. What do you think?

Yesterday I just back from the media trip. I used a luggage bag and a backpack plus a sling bag. I feel sad as I lost my touch and go card! I topped it few days ago with RM50 so valid in the card would be around RM70.

The last time I lost something was few months back, where I lost a camera in I-City.

With the RM100 coupon that I have, I decided to purchase one dress instead. No waiting any more for next sale because earlier I have chosen 2 dresses with this price. But now I can only choose one because the sale is over.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Trium Card shopping experience

First I like to say that I often shopping in Nichii and Kitschen but I didn't have the Trium Card as I didn't sign up for any of it. My first time to have the Trium Card was during the media blogger event at Dressing Paula. Then I forgotten all about register or sign up with the card I have.

When I was invited for the Nichii not long ago I thought I can continue using the card. Then I was told that the card does not belong to me as it belong to media event previously. Asking me to take a new card instead and taken away the trium card that I have.

So after shopping at Nichii at Midvalley, then I have decided to go home and register it online. Guess what?! The card password that they have given cannot be used at all. As during the event Nichii the card is distribute to media that attend. If you have already have the card there's no need to take the card.

Anyway sadly after spending RM90 and though I gained 90 points in the card. But then because I cannot register online even trying hours for it. I went to the other outlet Nichii at Main Place USJ to ask the staff for help. Who knows the staff Jess didn't listen properly of what I said and created a new card for me then I losing all point for that I have in the card that I am holding.

Then she even suggest to me that open current card with another person name/ic number but beware each account can only use one email address, one telephone number. She told me that I can use sis IC and my telephone and email for the points. I lost the points all because of her mistake. Things get complicated as I cannot login my trium card.

So better off I cancel sis's card and just using my card from zero point again!

I did email to their Trium customer service but seem they cannot transfer the point that I used on the card. The new card is under my name with zero point.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sponsored me a fashion dress

I am so happy last night I received an email that says I won a dress. But sad to say that they have limited dresses or just 2 dresses that with my size UK16. So sad about this as their dresses are mostly sold out.

So how am I supposed to choose if there's no more dresses that I can fit in. I won this dress that I need to blog about it too.

The deadline to choose a dress is on Oct 15, so I don't know if I just sit around and wait for them to update the website or just choose one that have my size. What your say?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bring mom and family to dine for steamboat buffet

This morning I woke up 7am and then by 8am I am out of the house only drank milo for breakfast. Then I reached IPC at 8.20am and the entrance to mall is still closed but I parking at B2 so I saw a guy going to work so I ask him how to go up to mall. He shows me the way until enter to Cold Storage. As he also works in the Cold Storage, not sure of his position though but know that he went to work by motorcycle.

Then after 11am I went to Midvally using waze and showed me way to Kerinchi way. Then I calling my dad to tell I want to bring mom out for dinner steamboat buffet. I promise her that I am going to bring her out for eat during her birthday but we didn't because of the bad haze.

I have bring mom home first then we also go to buy some nasi lemak ayam, sotong and kerang, each packet is RM2.50. The malay stall is located opposite of the hotel in SS15 Subang Jaya. My mom also chooses to eat the fried banana.

Dinner Restaurant Yuen Steamboat has move to Kelana Jaya. We have dined there a few times, we need to pay parking fee there. 5 adults (mom, me, dear, nephew, sis in law) and my 2 children but my eldest RM17, youngest is RM10. Total pay is RM203, inclusive of two can drinks, ice teas. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Expired credits cannot shop online

Sad to say that some credits I earned have expired so I cannot shop online. Shopping online can be convenient and easy but the credits also has expiry date so always need to check it out. Sad to say the online store does not provide you email to remind you that your credits have expired.

This mean I better shop online to use up the credits that I still have. Don't regret later saying that the credits have expired. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Free movie passes

My friend asked if I want movie tickets to watch movie on last Saturday morning 11am. Sad to say it was quite late I get the offer than I have other plan for Saturday morning. My Saturday morning on the day doesn't go my way at all.

I thought of going early to Midvally on Saturday morning for queue up the shoes for Cleo magazine but I overslept. Then supposed I want to bring my son to MYDIN to shop for his sport shoes but we are lack of time. By the time he's finished breakfast it is almost noon. Don't want to rush hour so end up we didn't go Midvally or Mydin. Also no go to Sunway Pyramid as I need to go tea session in SS15 Subang Jaya.

The evening follow my friend's car to go Selangor Turf Club, I was not feeling well in the car. I nonstop feel want to vomit. I brought along minyak angin to use and also plastic bags in backpack in case I want to vomit.

The night after the Electric Run, we also got lost to come home but in the end we manage as my friend knows the way back. Thanks to her as well for encourage each other in all the way in the run and also finding route home.

It's fun day to night out for mommies.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sunday family day with family members

We have a good time spending the Sunday at the Sunway Pyramid form 10.45am to evening around 7pm. No kidding we have been there all day because my son won to be final contestants in Jump Smash 15. The parking for so long hours was RM10.

My son got excited that he was one of the finalists. I am so happy for him and he too wanted me to play. As I told him that I also want to join in the Final, I didn't give up trying. I queue and play and then queue again to go play until I score 8-6. Yeah I won and can be in the running with other 31 contestants.

It was a good time being with my boys, though my youngest didn't make it to the final but he's there to support me and his brother all the way.

I rejected the invite for last Saturday to go Genting events because I thought we are going back to PD but we have change the date. Even though we didn't go back PD but the room for Merdeka weekends aren't going to be cheap so we decided to let it go.

Didn't know that letting go an event, I receive another invitation to go. It's a blessing indeed, from the event both of us learn about winning and failure. Though we didn't win but at least we have try our best. I am proud of my son.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ghee Hiang Mooncake‏

Who doesn't like to eat moon cake? Just some info to my friends that looking for Ghee Hiang Moonckae. I miss out shopping the mooncake while in Jonker Street Melaka as failed to find parking near the area.

Ghee Hiang mooncakes are now available at all their following five locations

1) 95 Beach Street
Tel: 604-262 0635 Open: Daily 9am - 6pm

2) 216 Macalister Road
Tel: 604-227 2222 Open: Daily 9am - 9pm

3) 144-i Burmah Road
Tel: 604-228 1077 Open: Daily 9am - 7pm

4) Sunshine Farlim Retail Boutique
Lot G15, Ground Floor, Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall
Tel: 604-829 3657 Open: Mon-Thur 9am-6pm, Fri-Sun 10am-10pm

5) 17, Jonker Street, Malacca, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

Tel: 606-282 9917 Open: Mon-Thur 9am-6pm, Fri-Sun 10am-10pm

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This morning I attended the event to find out who are the winners for "GO GASHLESS CONTEST". The concourse at Giant USJ was filled with cheers and applause this morning, as 10 lucky customers received their prizes, including a Proton Exora 1.6 standard, for winning in the “Giant Go Cashless” shopping contest. Joining them in the joyous celebration were their family members.

Above Norine Majaman, General Manager, Marketing of GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the owner of Giant stores in Malaysia; and Peter Schiesser, Managing Director of Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation Sdn Bhd (MyClear) together awaiting Grand Prize winner announcement.

The Go Cashless contest is one of GCH Retail’s ongoing efforts to encourage consumers, especially those who shop at Giant, to pay for their purchases with ATM or debit cards. It was organised in conjunction with (MyClear) in support of the Government’s aspirations to make cashless transactions a way of life in Malaysia.

This contest has attracted over 73,000 entries in the eight-week contest, which is almost double the number entries received in the 13 weeks last year.

The results are very encouraging as it shows that customers are ready to embrace the e-debit habit and to make cashless transactions a way of life.

Giant is the first hypermarket chain to offer customers the convenience of shopping with their ATM cards at all Giant stores throughout the country.

Apart from eliminating the risks and costs arising from handling cash, e-debit transactions also lowers the cost of doing business, as the merchant discount rate for ATM/debit cards is at least 40 per cent lower than international branded debit and credit cards. For customers, e-debit gives them another option of a convenient and safe way to pay for their shopping.

The ATM cards issued by 15 banks – Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, Agro Bank, AmBank, Bank Islam, Bank Muamalat, Bank Rakyat, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Maybank, OCBC, Public Bank, UOB Bank and RHB Bank were accepted for participation in the contest.

The winners of the contest are as follows:

 Naziah Binti Mohd Yusuff took home the Grand Prize of Proton Exora 1.6 Standard, worth RM56,500;
 Henery Anak Sigan walked away with the 1st prize of Air Asia Travel voucher worth RM8,000.00;
 Samehah Binti Wan Abdullah took home the 2nd prize of Air Asia Travel voucher worth RM5,000.00;
 Anwar Ul Haque won the 3rd prize of Air Asia Travel voucher worth RM3,000.00.

Six others each received a consolation prize of RM1,000 worth of Air Asia Travel vouchers, they were.
Teh Fatihah Binti Hassan
Che Rosli Bin Che Othman,
Mohd Arif Fadzli Bin Ibrahim,
Faizzah Binti Mohtar,
Jaliyah Binti Jalil
and Mohd Ilyas Bin Mohd Jamin.

Once again congrats to winners, it's a joy looking at everyone's happy face during the prize giving ceremony.

For more information, visit or follow @GiantMalaysia on Facebook.