Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gamuda Walk, new shopping destination

Do you know there is new shopping mall in town? Have you been to Gamuda Walk in Kota Kemuning, click on the link to read more.

I like this mall as I found a nice place where children can learn of mixed martial arts. It's the Mauy Fit for Muay Kids, yeah for children who has interest to be Muay Thai beginner. There's also self defense for woman to learn. 

My friend is happy learning Muay Thai and Kickboxing there. 

About Gamuda Berhad:
Gamuda Berhad, listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, is leading infrastructure and property developer operating in Asia and the Middle East Regions. Gamuda Group has been transforming the Malaysian landscape with innovative infrastructure by focusing on its three core businesses in Engineering and Construction, Infrastructure Concessions and Property Development. It takes pride in having delivered numerous large-scale civil infrastructure projects.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Himalaya Wellness Shares the Secret to Complete Care

Himalaya shares the secret to complete oral care routine with Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste.

Do you ever suspect that your breath could be less than minty fresh? And, how do you know if what’s coming out from your mouth is more unpleasant than delightful? Are we aware that it’s never us that scare people? It’s our bad breath! Dreadful as it may seem, the easiest, albeit embarrassing way to do a pulse check on our breath is to ask. Now, if you do discover that your breath is less than fragrant, don’t despair! It is just bad breath.

Himalaya Wellness, Helping You Overcome Obstacles
Like it or not, we live in a world where impressions matter. First impressions, particularly, ensure if you ‘make it or break it’. These are challenging times for our Malaysian youth as they face daily battles at work or play. Fitting into what’s termed ‘acceptable’ can be stressful at times and focusing on health and wellness, may not always be prioritised, though it can make all the difference in the world! Bad Breath, Acne, Dry Skin, Dandruff… all carry a certain stigma to the unfortunate bearers, however, we should not be pointing fingers and ostracizing the poor individual. We need to learn how to tackle the problem at the roots, hence the birth of the ‘Himalaya Wellness, Helping You Overcome Obstacles’ campaign.

 Notable herbal Gum Expert, using only 100% vegetarian and herbal ingredients and free from parabens, the Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste provides all day protection.

“As consumers become more aware of chemicals and other ingredients in the products that they ingest and apply, herbal alternatives and products have seen a gradual increase in the level of acceptance and uptake by consumers as a whole. We constantly strive to bring out the best of healing properties from what nature offers us, and with ingredients like pomegranate, cloves, spinach and such used in the creation of our oral care range, it is no wonder that our toothpastes are one of our best selling products!” Yan added.

(From left to right) Ms. Denise Yan, Marketing General Manager of Himalaya Wellness with the viral video, Lion's Roar crew members - Reuben Kang, Vance, Sundeep, Ryan Ng and Zam Zam.

Himalaya focuses on Oral Care as the very first part of this inspirational campaign, and Ms. Denise Yan, Marketing General Manager of Embun Elit, sole distributor of Himalaya brand in Malaysia said, “Issues such as bad breath, does not denote a flaw in a person – it is simply a condition that requires quick attention and action. As part of our brand promise, we aim to continuously bring wellness into every home and through this campaign, particularly to our youth, to make them step out in confidence, knowing that these embarrassing or uncomfortable obstacles are not life-changing – they are mere issues that can be resolved together with Himalaya. So, today lets step-up to get rid of bad breath with complete oral care and regain our confidence!”

Himalaya is inspired to help women and men achieve a healthy and comfortable daily body care routine from the ends of your hair to the tips of your toes. Bad breath IS an embarrassing problem. Himalaya’s toothpaste was formulated to help individuals overcome oral health obstacles such as bad breath, unhealthy gums, yellowing teeth and other related conditions.

Step-up to Complete Freshness in life with a New Oral Care Routine
As a notable herbal Gum Expert, using only 100% vegetarian and herbal ingredients and free from parabens, the Himalaya toothpaste range protects your gums, helps prevent bleeding and ultimately, keeps gum healthy for complete freshness throughout the day.

Himalaya oral care range comes in four variants:
Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste is an advanced herbal formulation with key ingredients such as Pomegranate and Neem bark that provides all day protection from harmful germs and plaque build-up, giving you healthy teeth and gums throughout the day.

Himalaya Herbals Active Fresh Herbal Toothpaste is power packed with refreshing herbal ingredients such as Menthol, Miswak, Cloves, Fennel and Indian Dill that ensure long-lasting fresh breath.

Himalaya Herbals Sparkling White Toothpaste is an advanced herbal formulation of Miswak, Papaya, Pineapple and Cloves based on Plant Enzyme Technology, which gently removes surface stains on your teeth in 2 weeks, for whiter and healthier teeth.

Himalaya Herbals Sensitive Toothpaste is a breakthrough herbal formulation of Miswak, Spinach, Almond shell extract and Menthol based on advanced Phyto Protection that gives a rapid and lasting relief from tooth sensitivity.

Each variant is available in 100g and with RSP of RM 11.90 for Complete Care and Active Fresh variants and RM 12.90 for Sparkling White and Sensitive variants. The Himalaya Wellness oral care range is available in Himalaya Wellness retail outlets and major pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.

To learn more about herbal goodness, visit Himalaya Wellness’s Facebook page for interesting health and wellness tips.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Online shopping with iprice

My friend has just given birth to baby girl, she's having confinement at home. She told me that she needs to shop online for her newborn baby. She has cannot step out of the house during the confinement period of 40 days. With Internet access today, she can access from home easily. I found this website iprice to share with my friend, she can now access online from home to purchase online. 

 I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. They also offer coupon codes and offers to shop online.
My friend likes to shop online because she does not need to step out of the house as she's having her confinement now. She browse online when she's free, though she knows she has limited hour to browse online a day. I am sure she would take time to check on the brands available. 

Becoming new parent, she and her hubby are happy to shop online together, they are looking for suitable baby stroller. She has newborn baby girl, it's her first born. She says that she prefers stroller color that she can use for her second baby too. So I found this Sweet Heart Paris -ST899 is just nice, it is red in color. Norma price RM599 now RM399. I find that red color is suitable for boys and girls. 

I leave it to my friend to choose their favorite baby stroller for her newborn baby. I am sure she has a lot to discuss with her hubby. Online shopping is convenient as they will deliver the item to your door step. 

Being mommy of two boys I know it's important to find suitable stroller. My eldest son's stroller passed it down to his little brother to use. We are happy because we don't need to purchase new stroller. 

If you love online shopping, take a visit to this website. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

365 Days at Sunway Lagoon for as Low as RM 0.30 A Day!‏

Enjoy exclusive rates to visit this multiple award-winning themepark at the MATTA Fair and March School Holidays Spectacular Roadshow~

From learning about the majestic White Lions, to getting on board the “Pirate’s Revenge”; coming face-to-face with some of Hollywood’s most feared monsters and taking the ultimate leap of faith with Malaysia’s First Bungy Jump – there is only one destination where play and leisure come together in a one-stop fun destination – Sunway Lagoon.

Many people like to experience the wonders of over 80 rides and attractions at special and exclusive rates at the upcoming MATTA Fair (13-15 March 2015) as well as the March School Holidays Spectacular roadshow at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (14-22 March 2015).

Priced at only RM 90 (per adult) and RM 70 (per child) during these roadshows, visitors are also entitled to an extra RM 10 food voucher and RM 10 voucher for retail merchandises within the theme park.

The fun never stops at Asia’s one-stop fun destination! Sunway Lagoon is also re-introducing its Annual Pass, offering unlimited all-inclusive access to the themepark’s various attractions for all theme park lovers! Priced at RM240 (child) and RM300 (adult), the Annual Pass entitles holders with unlimited entry into Sunway Lagoon for 12 months from the date of purchase. However the pass excludes the pay per ride attractions. Sunway Pals members will be able to enjoy an additional month of access, i.e. 13 months from the date of purchase.

Don't just read here, head to the Sunway Lagoon’s booth at MATTA Fair and Sunway Roadshow will be able to purchase the Annual Passes at over 47% less, at just RM115 per child and RM145 for adults to enjoy the theme park.

Sunway Lagoon is the fun playground for my kids, and nice to have family events there. 

Friday, March 6, 2015


KUALA LUMPUR, 3 March 2015 – Viper Challenge, Asia’s biggest obstacle challenge event has partnered Tripda, a new and innovative carpooling platform as a transport solution partner for the Viper Challenge happening from the 14th to the 15th of March 2015.

Viper Challenge is Asia’s pioneer and perennial obstacle challenge, set over a 20km route with 20 man-made obstacles to physically and mentally test the participants. 20,000 participants will come together to challenge themselves to complete each obstacle successfully. Viper Challenge, which started in 2013, has gained popularity among the young adults setting the trend towards a healthier lifestyle.

According to Viper Challenge’s Event Director Selva Kumar, the huge turnout every year is exciting while at the same time challenging when it comes to managing various aspects of the event, especially the car park. “We would like to ensure a pleasant experience for all our participants the minute they drive in, register themselves and till the end of the event. The car park issue is something we need to resolve therefore partnering Tripda is ideal. It’s also great that we can promote travel that is environmentally sustainable among our participants at the same time,” said Selva.

With a huge number of people gathering at the Sepang International Circuit for the most unique outdoor experience, Viper Challenge and Tripda are urging participants and event volunteers to carpool in order to reduce traffic congestion and ease parking problems. An online landing page to match participants as well as volunteers heading to the Viper Challenge event has been created to promote carpooling among them.

To promote carpooling among participants, the organiser and Tripda are offering some perks to carpoolers. Among them, a RM50 PETRONAS Cash Card and priority parking space located nearest to the Viper Challenge entrance for participants who offer rides. To enjoy these perks, participants must register online prior to the event at

“Carpooling is an advantage in every aspect. Apart from reducing traffic, overcoming parking problems and reduce carbon emission, it also brings people together in friendship and unity. It will definitely benefit participants of the Viper Challenge event in fostering friendship even before the commencement of the challenge,” said Victor Ang, Tripda Malaysia Managing Director.

Currently, Tripda is free for all to use. It is safe, fuss-free and an economical way to get from one destination to another. Tripda can be accessed through its website, or downloaded as a mobile app via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The registration for this upcoming Viper Challenge event is still open. For more information about the event and to register, please log on to

About Tripda
Tripda is an online marketplace developed for people to share their rides anywhere in the world in a fun, easy, conscientious and safe way, helping people travel more while spending less.

More than just a website, Tripda is a reliable and friendly Community with the objective of offering a sustainable transportation alternative, accessible to all passengers throughout the world. All of us here at Tripda are driven towards this objective of connecting people and making trips to anywhere more efficient.

Our Goal, based on the principles of the Sharing Economy, is to make it easy for our members to communicate so everyone wins – drivers, passengers, our society in general and the environment. By offering a ride as a Driver, you can put your vehicle to better use, saving both money and fuel. When taking a ride as a Passenger, you will also save money and time. All this while doing your part to reduce the carbon emissions and the traffic on the roads, plus you’ll also meet new people and exchange exciting tales and experiences!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shopping in Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

So big gold, can I put it in my bag?

At the main concourse area, UG Floor in Empire Shopping Gallery.

Being mommy of two boys, I love shop for my family members. There is time I love to shop for myself. Take a look at the picture above as I was shopping for dresses, I found above dresses at Brands Outlet in Empire Shopping Gallery. Each dresses cost RM39.90. I bought the dress on the right instead of the left dress I tried.
I love shopping for fashion accessories, I can never have enough of earrings. I spotted the Lovisa with this cute pair of Elephant earrings. They have the choice of silver or bronze colour, I decided to go with silver colour of earrings. It cost RM22.90 this pair of earrings. 

I waited for the Drum show at main concourse area, UG Floor.

Prosperity Hour at 1pm and 8pm on these dates, check them out
15/2, 19/2, 21/2, 22/2, 23/2, 24/2, 25/2, 26/2,27/2, 28/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3/, 4/3, 5/3
Spend a minimum of RM20* For A Prosperous Reward at Main Concourse area, UG Floor.
Each session will have 100 winners who stand a chance to win gifts and cash vouchers of up to RM1000.

For more details readup my blogpost on my Valentine's Gathering in Empire Shopping Gallery.

Shopping haul at for shoes and bags

Fashion of the Day, wearing my purple top purchased from FOS outlet.
Red legging purchased from Mydin Mall, 
XES products: Shoes and bag

I am sure you like to know my shoes haul from XES Premium at Quill City Mall, during the Chinese New Year luncheon there.
Here you go, the casual shoes wear or you prefer to call it semi-casual?

Color of XES shoes in red, blue, and black just nice for Chinese New Year for mix and match with wardrobe. 
RM49.90 each pair of XES shoes above. 

Who doesn't like flip flop shoes? Look at the wide range of selections they have in store.

Reddish Chinese New Year tree, can be found in XES at Quill City Mall.

I am loving this photo a lot.

Ladies shoes wear that you can never get enough. 

XES with its style, comfort and value for money factor, widely concept caters included casual, semi-casual, formal and sporty. 

XES shoes as above.
 Before I attend the party, I was thinking what shoes to wear and XES comes to mind. I love my choice of shoes and I am glad my dear too found a pair for himself. We were shopping the shoes in XES outlet branch at AEON Big, Subang Jaya.
My dear also got a pair of new working shoes. He chosen this pair of men shoes because he loves the style, comfort and value for money factor. 

My dear lay his eyes on casual men shoes too, he says he's going back there for another pair of shoes. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Shopping for fashion accessories 1920s

Lovely Ayue and me, I bought my headgear from Lovisa. Believe it or not, it is my second piece since the first piece broken after I tried thrice times. I bought the exact same piece when I was attending a goat dance the night at Sunway Pyramid. 
Many choices on the head gear as you can see, pretty isn't it?

I was lucky as it was the last piece available, I am happy that it is well kept all the time and didn't break like the first piece.

I go through many dresses in my closet to find the suitable dresses for The Party Of The Century, the theme Glamours 1920s. I have a long black dress but I didn't use it as I am afraid of my clumsiness with staircase steps. I am happy that I decided to dress with my little black dress.

above I done a light makeup on 1920s, it was my second trial on 1920s makeup. 

I tried on the makeup myself for few times to make it 1920s. I also try a few hairstyles to suit 1920s. I did braided hairstyle myself as I find out that no salon nearby that knows how to do it. 

The necklace and bracelet I bought from Forever 21 at Sunway Pyramid. I spotted there was sales on the bracelet. 
I shopped the dress at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya.
I love pearls so I manage bought another set of bracelet from Lovisa in Paradigm Mall. 

Someone asked me where I bought the lovely cape, it's from Zalora. I bought it during sales it cost RM79.90. 

My pearl earrings are purchase from Red Revenge at RM29.90.
Gloves from Times Square at RM19.90. 

I know I need to find 1920s shoes so I decided to check XES Premium that is available at AEON BIG, Subang Jaya. With my dear coming alone, knowing he needs a new pair of working shoes. It is just nice that I have mine for only 80 cent. Yeah you heard it right, second pair of shoes for 80 cent. In fact it goes the same with the bags of XES signature, it is only valid for XES brand.

Everyone so lovely the night, photo above credit to Syafiera Lewis. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shopping son school uniforms

Last night we head to NSK Kuchai Lama after celebrate my bro's twins daughter birthday. I am happy to find cheap school uniform for son. I bought five pairs of school uniform pants for him. Three pairs are size 36, another two pairs are size 38. He can fit in 36 and 38, at home he's having size 34. Each pair of pants RM8, it's worth to purchase and I am happy to shop there. We brought mom-in-law and niece to go NSK as mom haven't go there for a long time.

It was full parking last night but we didn't give up looking for parking. I am glad we decided to go NSK as I can shop for affordable school uniform pants for son. We bought some vegetables too. I saw body shower Carrie Junior RM13 for member but I didn't purchase any.

I haven't shop for son's white shoes for schooling. It seems they didn't have a bigger size for him. Looks like I need to bring him to other shop to find his white shoes. He current shoes size 5 but I was told soon he's can't fit in anymore. His Mickey Mouse white shoes no longer fit him though its long lasting wear.

He's standard three this year, I hope he has interest to learn and study smart in class. It's going to be a tough year for him. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

XES Christmas Glam Party 2014

XES PREMIUM BOUTIQUE is located at F4-3A, 4th Floor at Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Although yesterday is 25 December, but it's still feel like Christmas to me.
Let play along and sing along..  

HO! HO! HO! 
You better watch out,
You better not cry,
you better watch out I'm telling you why!
Because XES is here to brighten your holiday season and fill up your holidays with joy and laughter! 

What is she preparing? She is from Ladies World, 
A full 3 hours of pampering: manicure and pedicure session awaiting guests to have their pampering moment, check out my Christmas manicure. Click on the link to view it. 

To celebrate this festive mood with the fellow media and bloggers, XES arranged a special theme of 'Rock & Roll Christmas', hosted by the PR Manager of XES, Sabrina Quigley Chin. 
PR Manager of XES, Sabrina Quigley Chin having her welcome speech.

Look she's is looking rock and glam at the same time. 
 On December 23, 2014 at Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur, XES dressed up the store with Christmas glam rock festive decor.
 Huge crowd is here, we are looking forward to do activity D.I.Y session on how to embellish your samdals. The demonstration conducted by A&P Asistant, Mr. Amir.

How to embellish your sandal with the above?

 Each of us is given a pair of XES plain sandal & varieties of embellishments by adding a little sparkle to the pair of neutral flats. Scroll down the pictures to find my XES plain sandal.

 XES has more than 80 outlets branches out across shopping and retail complexes including AEON, Giants, Tesco, AEON Big and various celebrated malls. There are collections of ladies', men' and childrens' shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor, which the concept caters included casual, semi-casual, formal and sporty. XES also carries selected distinguished shoe brands such as Scholl, Barbie, Ben 10, Cavando, Bum Equipment, Scorpion and Neckermann.

'Ladies World', ensuring their in-house guests have good time, yeah look how happy my friends are.
Pampering moment of pedicure, look at Kylie.

Pampering moment of manicure, look at Miera. 

Done my manicure, so time to try out the XES shoes - check out my shoes haul, click on the link to find out. 

Merry Christmas to XES and my all friends, readers and followers. 

Loving my D.I.Y embellished sandals.
Check out my beautiful manicure I have done by Ladies World, click on the link to view the picture. 
For this Christmas, turn your boring old flip flops into something fabulous with this DIY tips at home.
I am so happy to find the XES plain flip flop so comfortable and suitable for me. 
Look I am wearing size 8!
XES 2015 Slogan-
Valuable, Durable & Remarkable Style.

You can also have your manicure and pedicure done, 
Ladies World is located at no.29-1, Jalan Angsana 1, 
Taman Bukit Angsana, Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur. You can find them on instagaram NAILSBYMEIQI