Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kolam Competition@Mydin Mall USJ

Yesterday I visited the MYDIN MALL USJ, on the spot I saw many creative KOLAM. 
I attended the Progam Ekspresi Deepavali yesterday, click on the post to view more info.

Each participants work hard on creating their KOLAM.

The colored rice and colored sands are being used during the competition.

They were given times to create their best KOLAM, I saw one Chinese lady takes part in this competition. Her photo is not in the but do check out as she's one of the Consolation prize winners.

I like the above Kolam, there sides of it has design too but because they chosen the similar color to the flooring of Mydin you can't really see the design unless you are standing nearer to the Kolam.

The Kolam Competition were open for ten group only, each group with only 2 participants.

All of them are creative, the winners are chosen by MYDIN MALL USJ. 
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