Sunday, October 21, 2012

All for my son today!

Today bring my son to watch movie Premier screening of Frankenweenie in 3D. I like this movie even though it is black and white movie we enjoy watching it with the audience. The movie is suitable for kids and adult. After the movie, we head to restroom later go Candylicious.

We had lunch there but my son wants to go restroom again because he needs to pass motion. My dear brings him to restroom but son isnt in time to sit on toilet bowl he shit all over his pants! Yeah not just his underwear but pants too full of shit. Yeah so disgusting and my dear the one cleaning him in restroom. He got shit all over his hands too while cleaning him. In the end, I need go buy him new underwear and pants.

Is that all I purchased? Not really because his sandals died on him in the mall. I bought him Ben 10 sandals, before that I bought the Ben10 pant and dinosaur underwear for him. Even though premier screening of movie is free but I need to fork out money for unexpected things.

We brought the baby clothes but no extra clothes for son except for a shirt. 

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