Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shopping Angry Bird pillow@ikea

I love this pillow so much, I am hugging it at night. My son too likes this pillow, he is attracts to red colour just like me! The bird on the pillow makes me think of Angry Bird, my son is big fan of Angry Bird. Anything about bird would gives him a thought of Angry Bird. That's why he made the Angry Bird polymer clay at the workshop we attended in August. There is workshop for school holiday but we need to pay RM35 for two hours worshop, well I don't think I am going for it.

This is my first time to shop pillow at ikea, I am thinking to grab another pillow if I find the designed suitable for me. At Ikea I manage to purchase three scissors at RM5, my son decided to pick one of the scissor to keep in his pencil bag.

Talking about Ikea, I will need to go Uptown 1 next Monday. The office hour 9am to 6pm I will go there in the afternoon, it would be my first time to go Uptown 1 by myself and I am going to tag my son along.

There is a contest I am taking part the Shout Party, I don't know if I am going to win. I told my friend if I win I will bring her go with me it is two passes! The Shout Party will be at Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon.

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