Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nichii shirt for my son

Being a shopping mom is not easy to shop for boys, well I need to think and check on their size always. I seldom shop for my man because his size is XXL and he needs to try only know if it fits him. The above shirt I found it suitable for my son, it is brown in colour usual price near RM80 but I purchased during sales only RM24.90.

Nichii has many fashion clothing for man and woman, I find some clothes price are reasonable. I wanted to purchase shirt for my dad but I find there's no colour available for him. Even there is but the price expensive for me to purchase. I seldom purchase shirt cost above RM50.

I found a shirt RM22.90 at Parkson subang parade the other day. I didn't purchase because they don't have size for my dad. It has XXL size but my dear tried it and says too thin material for him even though it is 100% cotton.

My dad and dear prefer shirt with pockets so easy for them to keep parking tickets, etc.

How about you? Do you shop shirt with pockets too?

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