Monday, October 29, 2012

Forever Mickey Mouse blouse

I love this blouse so much it is forever Mickey Mouse blouse I love, I bought this during sales. Talking of sales, it is going to be school holiday soon. I have bought my son school uniforms, trolley bag for school, and white shoes and socks.

This school holiday we don't have plan for going vacation, even though I have places in mind. Money is an issue and my baby is cranky so better off don't go anywhere just stay at home. My dear told me his plan, oh well I would say his plan mostly just saying than doing it.

Perhaps we could go back his hometown and go to beach. There is an ostrich farm, I haven't been there. Frankly speaking even though living in state near the beach maybe 30 min away we seldom head to beach.

Life is boring, oh well it depends on how you spend it and live it.

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