Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fashion top @affordable price!

 I love the above black top so much but I didn't purchase it, should I grab it what do you think?

I wasn't suppose to be shopping as I was there to collect a sample at skin care counter. Then I passing by the ladies clothes so you know ladies we do like what we see. I grab few top and try out, so you see below the purple and grey top they are both the same design.
 The different only the colour and their size. Above purple top I wore UK14, XL size. the below grey top I wore UK12, L size and I find I have difficulty to remove the grey top. LOL
Yes decision made I purchase the purple top at RM47.70 during the sales. The black top above price the same. The size is different even though it is same brand, the size I wore the black top is M size! No kidding, and my friend told me she has interest to check out the black top on this Saturday.

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Jeremy Norton said...

The purple one looks cuter, I don't know, I may be biased with this because I love everything purple but it agrees with your skin tone.