Thursday, October 25, 2012

Movie Review: Silent Hill:Revelation 3D

My first time to go Tropicana City Mall thanks to my friend Joyce to accompany me to see movie. I like to watch horror movie and we catched premier screening of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D last night. We are handed 3D glasses each at GSC Tropicana City Mall, I am the first to get the passes so you see my seating A1 and A2 in Hall 4. The seats are super comfy too, match the Mickey Mouse top I am wearing too! Thanks to Joyce for taking picture of me using Samsung S3.

The movie Silent Hill: Revelation is about a girl Sharon been on the run for many years. One day her dad disappears, she wants to find him in Silent Hill. She has many times because they on the run for many years she gets new name and her dad's too. She used the name Heather in new school but one private investigator found her and knows of her past came to warn her!

She has many nightmares and the nightmares are the answers to her dream. She has got a new classmate to help her, he is Vincent. Vincent too warns her not to go Silent Hill because he was sent to get her back to Silent Hill. You got to watch this movie on how she's going to safe her dad! She also save Vincent from the ward that surrounded by blind nurses! I called them blind nurses because they don't have eyes.

I just don't get it if the guards know of the blind nurses in the ward, they push in Vincent to the ward and the guards got killed by the nurses. Yeah nurses in sexy uniform, they only listen to sound to move and they are armed with knife!

This movie is suitable for age 18 year and above.


#ciksuzlin said...

Ghosts story 3D!super bravela you~ huhuhu.

Sherry said...

@ciksuzlin, yeah my friend was saying again hehe.. In 3D