Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New beads sandals for me

I love my new sandals, it has got beads too just like my old sandals. I throw away my old sandals because they are not able to repair it anymore. It is sad but I know we must let go of things we love sometimes. I wore this pair of beads sandals on Monday evening to catch movie with Theresa.

She came to fetch me in the evening and we had dinner at Canton restaurant in Midvalley. The beads sandals I got to choose either pink or black colour. I choose black as it is easy to match entirely. If pink colour I might get clumsy with it and get it smudge.

I love to pair it with this legging which I purchased from Padini store. The legging cost RM16.90, the normal price was RM119.

I need to let go of this Sunday Sasa Selangor Turf Club event because I don't know where is Selangor Turf Club and in morning I will go with family to go Nestle walk in Putrajaya. I don't know Putrajaya and my dear will need to go find where the place this Saturday.

Good things happen same time so I will only choose which matter to me more. I would spend my family time with loved ones, this Sunday to meet up with my parents and bro family. I can't wait to get my hands on twins. I can only carry one of them as another twin recognize face if unfamilar face carry she will cried so badly! I seldom visit them because we stay far away from one another. This means I get to see my parents like once or twice a month.

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