Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First time shopping@Padini Concept Store

I am in love with this pair of legging, can you guess how much I pay for it? I am so glad it is cheap and affordable for me. The sales is on and I bought this pair at only RM16.90, it is L size and I like the design and pattern of this legging. Look it covers half my feet, I remembered this type of legging it is very famous last time.

This leggings comes with two side pockets just the way I love, it is my first time to own legging with pockets! My sister-in-law bought legging but not at this shop because doesn't have her size, she is plus size and she bought in another shop two pairs of leggings RM85.

My sister-in-law bought a leather bag from this store too but the branch she purchased is at IOI Mall. She bought nearly RM140 and she says cheap but for me I will say it's expensive. I find her bag heavy, even my dear feel the same. Anyway everyone has their different interest in purchase items.

They are many events going on in Kuala Lumpur too bad I am unable to attend I find it far for me. If I am going I will need to take KTM and LRT.

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