Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tips on shopping for baby pacifier

I have shopping tips for you in shopping for baby pacifier, find the correct pacifier for your baby! It is first mistake I made for purchase the wrong pacifier for my baby even though it is same brand but the pacifier size and shape are not the same! It is not like the pacifier that I have purchased for baby.

I need to purchase new pacifier for my baby because current pacifier he bites it so much it nearly broken! I need go back to same shopping mall to purchase because the other shopping mall I find they don't have it even though they carry the same.

My friend too find the same problem when shopping for baby pacifier, she needs to go back the same shopping mall because her baby pacifier is unique and cannot be purchase at other mall.

You can purchase one more pacifier for backup! No kidding, there are time pacifier gone missing because of misplace. You will be crazy finding where the pacifier, my friend got the same problem too. Her eldest boy hides the pacifier under the sofa! Who could think of that? As for my baby he loves to throw his pacifier just like his toys.

Even though baby pacifier they have same brand don't forget to check the pacifier teat! Look closely whether they are same or not, I bought one which is round not the same like my using.

Above picture the pacifier my sister-in-law chooses for my baby, it is not suitable for me because the pacifier the teat is short! She wanted to look for new one at the mall, I told her better go back to same mall that I have purchased.

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