Monday, September 24, 2012

First time dine@K3K

This is our first time to visit the K3K at Subang Jaya, this corner restaraunt is located at SS15 Subang Jaya. The environment of the restaurant is cozy and comfortable, I love the designed of this restaurant.

 While waiting for our food, here's some pictures I took, my son busy playing the toy.
 Something happened to next table, apparently the lady bring a pet dog in bag in the restaurant. The staff told her there's no pet allow and she asked if she could dine outside the restaurant, the answer is no. She left with her friends with very sad face.
 The table we are sitting is near the counter, so there's some attraction caught my baby and sister-in-law attention.
 Yummylicious strawberry milk with cream just the way my son likes it! Yummy...
 Coffee for my dear, he loves to drink coffee more than tea.
 First time my boy William tasting the cream of his bro's drink.

 The above is the papaya fungus cold ordered by sister-in-law to eat.
 Above is the springy noodle with chicken sauge and fried egg for my son to eat.

 They are many food and beverage to choose from.

 The Kaya Roti Kok is yummy bread stick to dip in the kaya. The kaya is delicious not too sweet even my baby loves it.

The half boiled eggs just the way I like it with alot pepper on it!

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