Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unhealthy eating

I know life is good when you get to eat what you love; somehow it is not the same for everyone. Some people having eating disorder, I remember my sister's friend who think she is fat she kept cutting down on food.

Some people might not know that they are having eating disorder, recently I noticed a friend of mine. Her obsession with calories and fat content of food, she has been complaining of her weight problems. My friend is not fat at all, but she kept telling me that she's fat.

With Internet access today, we can find useful information and help online. There is healthy living program for them; they offer meal planning, preparation and fitness guidance. The program is suitable for man and woman; this will help them in healthy relationship with food. If you know anyone with healthy eating, let them know there's help available. Let's help them get back on healthy tracks on life.

I will let my friends know of this website, they have internet access from their office and home. 

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