Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Classy chiffon dress

I seldom wear dresses but this time I bought a classy chiffon dress online. I find out that the dress too long for me, I get it alter and will be ready to pick up this coming Friday. I can't wait to try it on it is going to be the Christmas present for me and I will be using the dress for Chinese New Year.

I am thinking if I should wear legging to match the dress or maybe the shorts to match the dress. The inner lining is pretty short so I know it need to wear either legging or shorts to match the dress.

I bought the dress MYR$50 and alter cost MYR$20.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleeveless top with clincher

I bought this top online and the clincher from the same online blog shop Jessabella's Plus Size Stealz that I usually hang out. With Internet access we can easily access from home and office, I am happy to see that I am blogging from my favourite place that is my home.

I worn these clothes to the treatment that I won and went for the treatments in early October. I won the facial treatment and body treatment and I choose to go Midvalley which is nearer for me. Other place does not have both treatments available. In the letter I was told to use both treatments at the same day. My weight was 64.6kg, now I am almost the same but I am pregnant now.

The brown pants I bought from Summit Shopping mall this is long pants I have another pair which is shorted green colour.

Looking for outdoor decor

No place like home that is why we always say home sweet home. Now when comes to home what do you do with your outdoor. I am checking on the outdoor hanging lights. Some houses here have the outdoor hanging lights over their wall. Especially at night when it is dark in the street, some homes turn on the outdoor hanging lights. For safety reason many home will turn on the light in the night but not all of them. Above picture is one of the outdoor hanging lights, you can also call it the outdoor hanging lanterns.

I visited this website and find many types of outdoor hanging lighting fixtures. Some friends are planning to decorate their new home it will be great for them to find the suitable outdoor hanging lighting fixtures for their new home. They usually make renovation and decorate their home before moving in.

I have seen houses with beautiful contemporary outdoor lighting. Now I know where to find the outdoor decor and outdoor hanging lighting.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

7D Dried Mangoes from Philippines

I love this and I am buying this from time to time. I like to eat dried mangoes and I found the 7D dried mangoes from Philippines all the way in Malaysia and also Singapore. I cannot believe my eyes that at Singapore the price is $5. It is much cheaper in Malaysia, it cost less than MYR10.

An exotic and nutritious treat for everyone and I love it. Have you try this dried mangoes, do you like it?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Follow Me Oil Control and Whitening

It is hydrating sun shield this sun block effectively protects the skin against the sun's harmful UV rays, both UVA and UVB. It contains active ingredients that help to minimize pigmentation, pimples, and freckles. In addition to that, this new formulation is light non greasy and is suitable for daily use.

It is SPF 20 PA++, I like the cooling sensation when apply on face. I like this product, I forgot to say I won this from the Facebook contest. :D

The ingredient are sea algae, tea tree oil, solar white C, Pre-Biotic.

How to use?
Apply on face and neck after moisturiser. It can also be used as a make up base before applying foundation. Suitable for all skin types.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breakfast at MacDonald

Today is my second time to MacDonald for breakfast, yesterday was my first day and surprisingly many people headed there for breakfast parents and also working adults. I like the SS15 MacDonald they have renovation the place and it is 24 hours service. They have drive through available. It is a long time I have not been to this place, I think it has been couple of months.

My choice of the breakfast will be MacFish. I don't know if I have said them correctly I did not keep the receipt. How about you what is your favourite breakfast at MacDonald.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Elegant Holiday Gift Ideas

If you are still worried about finding the perfect holiday gift for that friend or family member then look no further than Dransfield and Ross napkins. Many people have their special dishes they use for holiday dinners and other special occasions. Well that is great but if you are still using paper napkins then what is the point? These napkins are amazing, great quality, creative designs and colors and would be perfect for your home or as a gift. You can also find a great deal on Juliska Glassware. If someone has a need for an upgrade of dishes, glasses, or anything else then you want to look online for great deals on these. You can save a lot of time and money by going through these websites and lowering your shopping list.

Fortuny Lamps also are great. They are affordable; hand crafted with breath taking designs and can make the entire room. These lamps are one of a kind and you will not find them at an outlet mall. Finding the best deals and products for yourself to decorate your home for the holidays or as gifts for family and friends can be easier than you are making it out to be. All you have to do is search online where you cannot only compare dozens and hundreds of products that aren’t available in stores, you can also find a great deal on them. There is no sense wasting time standing in line when you can save time and money by shopping online and allow yourself to have a great holiday season.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shopping for your baby online

There rarely is a situation that you can get exactly what you want when you go to a store. The design or style that you wanted may not be there, or if it is, it may not be the size you want. However, by ordering online you can get the size, style, design, and everything else you want and all without having to leave your home. And if you are buying for your baby you should make sure that the security blankets, hooded towels, or trumpette baby socks you want to buy them will fit the decor of their room. Another great advantage of buying online is that you can buy in bulk. Parents are always looking for the lost socks, trying to re-sow the security blankets, and keep the towels clean. Well now you don’t have to because you can buy all of those and more in large quantities so whenever something is lost, damaged, or too dirty to keep around your baby, you can replace it without anyone noticing.

Another great thing about ordering online is that you can now actually design and personalize your things. You can select colorful characters, decorations, themes that will match their room, and even put their name on it. As they get older and start interacting with other young children you do not want to get into a debate over whose trumpette socks those are, or whose hooded towels or blankets those are, because they all often will look the same. If you child has a specific design or even their own name on it then you are definitely going to know exactly who it belongs too.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not taking at the moment Ginger Enzyme

I am not taking the Ginger Enzyme anymore, I stopped taking for a few weeks now. How about you, have you try taking this drink?

Just the other day I dye my hair using the Revlon that I purchase from warehouse sales. The colour is like highlight my hair; so far I am fine with it.

This is Colour Silk Beautiful Colour code 72.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dip 'N' Tell Pregnancy Test

If you want to know whether you are pregnant or not you can purchase the Dip 'N' Tell Pregnancy test from local pharmacy. The price is reasonable for two test kit inside a box. The test kit need store at room temperature, you cannot reuse the test kit.

How to use the test?
  1. Collect your urine sample in the cup provided.
  2. Open the brochure pouch by tearing along the splice.
  3. Place the Dip 'n' Tell test in the strip holder located in the center of the cup.
  4. Wait for the colour band(s) to appear. The time taken for positive result (pregnant) to appear varies according to the concentration of hCG present in the urine. Normally, positive result can be seen within 40 seconds. However to confirm negative result (not pregnant), you must wait for 5 minutes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check out Wedding Websites

From start I am sure most of you will be getting to know each other first before you going out for a date with one another. I am just check out wedding websites, dating takes time to know each other, there is so much to talk about wedding plan. If you think of having a family, you will need to get married first. Everyone has got their different thought about wedding and marriage. I remember my friends telling where to find the wedding blog now I know where to tell them. Anyone in the family planning to get married, I know my best friend going to but somehow there is change of plan. They decided to delay the wedding, but this give them chance to check out the wedding websites that available online.

If you are looking for wedding window, check out the wedding website. You can make a survey before you make the final decision. I know I take time to survey them due to budget. You can packages that available from this site, the packages start from Free, $10.99, $59, $79 (most popular), $99, $199.

So far I find them unique and it is easy to understand to use and create a website. You can check out their wedding planning tools. The planning tools will help you in many ways such as budget tracker, check list, invitation workshop and many more.

Bad service of slimming centre

I love shopping and taking part in contest, I have the advantage to win a slimming voucher for full body treatment. I am sad to say that the consultant is very pushy on sales, means that she will ask you about your budget. I find it bad impression for me, if I have tried the slimming voucher first then I only know if I will take up any of their courses. I didn't take up any at the moment, one of the reasons they are pushy on sales. They insist that I put on MYR$50 for booking the space, I don't need that because I know I need the money for groceries shopping.

I happen to join many offline contests and it is my first time to try the slimming voucher. For you info I feel I don't get the full body treatment as stated in the voucher.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Win a Cat Pendant

I love giveaway and I also like cat, so now you can find out how to win a Cat Pendant.

Left is CAT A Right is CAT B

To take part just click on above link.

Giveaway ends on 31 Oct, 2010.

Good luck. .

Waiting contest result

I love blogging and I love contest I realized that my time on blogging and contest taken up so much of my life time at real world. It is a big world out there and I hope my dearest will share with me the nature and everything in life.

In the mean time we are just waiting for the contest result of Red. SO far two participants with Address in Malaysia so I can send them the freebies which I mention in earlier post. Shopping is fun but I prefer to shop with my loved one. I have bad experience shopping with people I know it was disappointment that because I thought best friendship forever but it is not.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first walkman

I like to listen to radio and music, so you are looking at my first walkman. It is my first one because I used it during my education at school. I remember using it for more than hundred times, when comes to education it is very useful and important too. Before I go to bed at night I would record the studies in the cassette because I need to play it over and over again so that I remember them. Sometimes I am forgetful so examination is near so I need to play it over and over again to remember them. I like this walkman but sad to say it is not working anymore. I have this picture to share with you it is best memory for me. This walkman can reverse and playback.

You can try this out if you have time, but I think it is individual to experience it. You can even share with me how do you plan for your examination. Now comes to walkman I think not many people using them now, now they have MP3 and MP4. I have a MP3 and I gave to my darling to use it.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping for bras online

Above the Calvin Klein strapless bra with lace

With Internet access today we are able to shop online. I love bras and I found a website with calvin klein bras to share with you. I like the above bra is Calvin Klein strapless bra with lace. I think it looks good if you are wearing off shoulder dress with the bra. HER ROOM is full with assortment and variety of woman apparel.

Being a woman you not only need to take care of your body you need to find the suitable bra to fit your breasts. I know ladies like to shop for their man; wife will be the one to buy underwear for their husband. I can tell you shopping for the suitable underwear for man are noting to be easy. With Internet access you can find there is plenty of choice underwear from this website.

I love to shop for lingerie; I know there is time to pamper myself. I am looking at fruit of the loon, there are sale items available. You can also find fruit of the loom men at the website. Now if you want to know about the free shipping don't forget to find out from the website. You can also call them at 800-558-6779.

How to upload pictures from camera to PC

I am having hard time to post the picture from my camera, I am using the Canon Camera. I have the SD card and I want to upload the pictures. After insert the card to my notebook it does not come out the picture asking me to save or import. The pictures that saves in folder are too big and every time I need to upload them I need to resize them.

Anyway care to share with me how do make the SD card after put in notebook it will auto show up asking you to upload or import pictures. Now I don't see that any more I need to copy paste the picture to folder.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First

I have won a voucher for one session of Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First the voucher worth MYR$330. I choose the location at Boulevard Midvalley because it is nearest for me and it has the Bizzy Body Slimming Centre there that I can do the full body treatment that I won from the offline Magazine Contest. For your information you can do facial and slimming at the same location even though they are different department. :D You can dial o3-22838830 at Facial First for more detail.

This morning when I reached there is before 12noon as my appointment is at 12noon. I don't know the location of the BizzyBody so I call them to ask. I am happy to see that the Bizzy Body Slimming Centre is just opposite Boulevard Hotel. I first find Peggy as I told her about the vouchers I won from the Her World Magazine. Peggy is friendly and I love her big smile, she is friendly and she show me where to go. I first head to Facial First area because my appointment is to do the facial first then for the e-Intense Full Body Treatment.

This post is about Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First, the consultant to ask me to fill the form is Joveen. She is friendly and explain to me the condition of my skin care. I know my skin the acne turning to red then to brown later become the spot on my face. The girl that help me with the facial is Theresa, she is soft spoken and explain on what she is going to use for my face. Before that Joveen show me the way of toilet and changing area.

There is single comforter in the room so you don't get cold, I enjoy the facial treatment with shoulder massage. facial treatment and yeah there is pain (no pain no gain) because my last facial treatment more than 10 years ago. I like the end result of the treatment I can feel the difference of my face. The towel used at the Facial First has lemon scented I like the smell. :D I also like the mask is fruity smell just nice for me. The facial treatment I had is one and half hour.

I am not sure how much the facial courses there, you can call them up to check. You can let them know about your budget. As I know I need to save money for facial or body treatment because I am part time blogger now and I have family to support. You need to make appointment if you have interest to do facial treatment.

Bizzy Body The Slimming Expert, you can also check out www.bizzybody2u.com or toll free 1-800-888-330.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue and Pink matter

I love contest and I still need vote for the Pink Ribbon. Yeah I have got Pink Ribbon on my face, I did the makeup myself. I took the picture myself, I am going to try my luck in the contest. It is based on highest votes to win, so you know how hard it is to gain vote. You will need to register first then you can vote me. I am isherry, I have got pink scarf and pink top in the picture.

You are looking at the blue clothes that I found in my closet. Believe it or not I can still fit in, one of the reasons the pant gone loose I mean the spring. Anyway I thought giving away this to my sister-in-law but think of it I am keeping it myself. I wore this once and I still love it. You can see the detail of the design by click the picture.

Yeah I am still busy with a contest that based on points, what can I say I can just try my best. I mention of the contest before, it is related to Red. :D You can check my older posts about the contest.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love me, vote me

I love blogging and also update on things that interest me. I have taken part in a contest recently and it is based on voting, I hope you check out the wear the Pink ribbon. It is me with the pink ribbon on face, I did the make up myself. I am isherry, you can click on the above link to see and if you are interested to vote me you will need to register first. It is free to register and so far I have gained five votes.

This is breast cancer awareness month, here's the picture of me in pink. Due to long term of long term of staying up late for the contest, I have squink eyes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No pad lingerie

I like lingerie and I almost purchase the red bra you saw in the picture, I was told there is no pad for this bra. I choose to purchase two bras that I like, they are Avon brand and I find that this brand is long lasting bra compare the bra that I usually purchase from the shopping mall. I am paying for the quality of the bra, I choose the bra not just the design but also the comfortable for my breasts. You can check out the bra I purchase I posted at this blog.

I am plus size UK14 and I know that it is not easy for me to find suitable bra. I never stop looking and I always give the bra a try before I purchase them. I find some old bras in the closet, they do not fit me anymore because some of them out of shape. Some of the straps are loose and the material not the same anymore.

When I am shopping for bra, I don't look only at the price but also the quality of the bra. I notice that some bra even though the price is reasonable but they do not last long. I find some bra that only last for three months than I need to purchase again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snakes Exhibition@National Museum Kuala Lumpur

I have not been to the National Museum Kuala Lumpur for many years, I was there to visit when I was six year old. Many visitors can see more than 100 species of live snakes or their preserved remains at the Snakes vs Snakes exhibition at National Museum, Kuala Lumpur. The exhibitions ends on 10 Oct, 2010. I miss out the photography with snake with cost MYR$10. There is small fee to pay to enter the Snakes exhibition. One lady is staying with many snakes in a small room, she is the snake lady that not afraid of the snakes. You can bring a long camera to snap the snakes but you need to pay MYR$3.

For more detail of the exhibition you can call 03-2267 1000 or 03-2282 6255,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion: Seashell necklace

Look the picture the necklace is break so I need to fix it, thanks to my mom for bring to me.

Above new look of the seashell necklace

This necklace I purchases many years back I would say more than 15 years ago, I found it in good condition and decided to give my mom. She loves it but one day the necklace break, so I fix it and now here's the new style of the necklace. It is longer now and easier for my mom to put on. I can't wait to put this necklace on my mom.

By the way I am keeping the moon cake box for the Barbie doll clothes. I have many clothes of it which I handmade and I still love them.

Almost forgot I want to say I still need help in the contest, I want to earn some referral points.

First night :Ginger Enzyme

I have been feeling cold lately I even put on socks to sleep if I am in the air conditional room. My dear was worry of me so he bought me the Ginger Enzyme, we had this the first night. I just need to take this drink like four times a week in the night. It is better to take in the night because day time it is very hot weather.

I have experience on sprain leg from time to time; I was told that this drink can help me prevent it from happen again. I just need to take 30ml once a day, I like the taste of this drink it is delicious. Believe me I have taste some drinks that taste horrible but this is nice as I like ginger taste too.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kinohmitsu J'pan Choless

Here's my winning from offline contest, it is from Magazine that I won. My friend also won the same prize as me and we pick up the prize last Saturday together. The office was open from 10am to 1pm, we were there after we head to the morning market. I am happy to say that my dear is supportive that he drives us there. He was not working on that day but this Saturday he is working.

You are looking at the Kinohmitsu J'pan Choless, I have not tried this product. I know I tried a few Kinohmitsu brand such as the J'pan BustUp and Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Wanna Walk

Do you think dolls just for girl to play? I think dolls not just for girls, but even big gal like me. LOL I still a big fan of doll, I seldom purchase them anymore you are looking at the doll that I love.

My parent purchases this doll for me at Toys R Us many years back and now I am still keeping it. It is still in good condition I don't have battery to test it, I might need to buy later. This doll so cute, I take picture of this packaging because I am going to throw the box away.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My barbie doll collection

I love Barbie doll since I was a kid, I am lucky that I still kept all of them. Just two days ago we cleaning up the place I found them still in good condition. The picture you are looking it is broken, I cannot fix it anymore. It is now in the trash, it started with just a broken arm but then another arm break and also the leg.

I kept them for many years; it has been over 16 years of storage. If I have time I will show you more Barbie doll as for now I am saying goodbye this lovely doll.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GT: Black LV Bag

I love bag and this is my new bag, it is handmade by a friend. It is my first time to have handmade bag make with the fabric that I choose. I just need to choose the fabric on her blog and she will made the design of bag, tote, that I prefer. The cell phone you looking at belong to my dear, there is something wrong with it as I cannot answer any call there will be no sound even I called out from the cell phone.

I have another sling bag and backpack that is plain black in colour. I also have black blouse, black leggings.

If you want to see more of black colour just click on the badge below.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GT: Purple and Green

I had purchase this green pants months ago; it is good chance for me to try out the purple top that I had kept in closet. I miss the GT so much and it is about Green Colour and I last minute did the Purple Violet which I missed out. You can see my GT on Purple Violet by click on the link.

I mix and match the top with brown, green, purple colour as you can see in the picture. Sorry for the angle of picture having hard time to snap it. I am plus size UK14, sometimes I manage to find the clothes that suitable for me sometimes not as the cutting or designs of clothes not fit me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Handmade necklace for my mom

It has been so many years I have not been practice on the handmade jewellery, I mean another way to make the necklace as you can see the blue and white necklace with the round clay. This necklace made by me, I learn to make them when I was teenager.

If you have interest in making jewellery, you need to practice them always or else you forgot how to make them like me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I need your help in contest

Above picture consists of Eyeko Faceoff, Eyeko Rosy Pink Lip Gloss, Beauty Rehab for lips. This product is purchased by me, it is not sponsored by Eyeko. I am sharing them with you if you help in the Red contest, I am not able to stay online so often now as I need to spend more time with loved one. You can click on the link to find, I have state the steps in the post.

I am giving the participant that finished the requirement to choose the above freebie, only one participant can choose one item.

So far participant of my freebie giveaway that done, they are following:
  1. Pynic
  2. FionaChan

If you have done the requirement stated in the post, I will check with Red in the end of contest if you have done everything right. The contest ends on 10 Oct, 2010 at 10am. I want you to know that I have limited time to online and check.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sewing the pants

I like pink colour and red colour things, so now share with you the pink pants I like. You can see the different thread colours on the pants because I cannot find the pink colour; I am only wearing them at home this is my simple pyjamas with t-shirt.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun with handmade jewelry

I have fun making this, this few days I have been busy I know I need to manage my time better. I need to sleep I cannot stay up all the time, somehow I see that I try sleep but I cannot get shut eyes.

Over the night I think so much but until today discussion with my dear is not complete. I don't know how to say my feelings to him. I still have so much in mind and I know I keep it to myself.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helpful Hints for Furnishing a New Apartment

For many adults, both young and old, moving into a new apartment unit can be a challenging experience. Whether it’s hard because it’s your first experience of living independently, or because it’s been so long since the last time you moved, keeping a mental checklist of the tasks that need to be completed can make things easier. By focusing on a few key steps, one at a time, the process can seem a little bit more manageable. A lot of these steps actually happen before you move anything of your old stuff in.
Before moving in, survey your new space without any furniture or electronics, and consider the walls, carpet, and lighting. A trip to your local Home Depot store can get you equipped with a couple of gallons of paint, plush new carpet to cover those beat-up wood floors, and some new track lighting to brighten up that bedroom with no sunlight from the window. Next, recruit a few friends or bribe them with a few beers, and set aside a work day to give the skeleton of your new living space a makeover.
After making some basic cosmetic changes, it’s amazing how fresh and clean your new home can look. Reward yourself with a trip to the nearest Sears or Lowes location , and look to upgrade some of your large and small appliances. These stores are great places to buy refrigerators, microwaves, espresso machines, and other necessities of modern life. Even if you don’t spend a ton of money, upgrading something and small and simple as a new blender can make using your new kitchen really feel like a different experience.
Finally, examine the bathroom and bedroom, and look to see if there are any towel racks, toothbrush holders, beside tables, lamps, or other necessary furniture and accessories that won’t arrive with the moving vans. Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or IKEA locations are usually good bets to find a wide variety of these types of items with relative ease.
Finally, if you can afford it, the cost of paying professional movers to pack, ship, and unpack what seems like all of your life’s belongings is usually well worth the expense. The time, and even the basic physical strain, of boxing up dozens of items, lugging heavy furniture in and out of a moving truck, and trying to get everything returned to U-Haul by closing time is a huge stress. Giving your new space a fresh coat of paint, buying a new coffee maker, or purchasing a new reading lamp are equally as important, and a lot more fun than moving, so focus on those tasks. Leaving the physical labor and stress to the pros if you can.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I need buy new comb

The comb that I am having is giving me hard time to comb my hair. The red dots on the comb missing and I don't like this comb any more. I need to purchase new comb, my dear told me that this weekend we are going to shopping mall maybe I can take a look at Daiso the shop where everything cost only MYR$5. I don't know when the Daiso at Sunway Pyramid open so I will check out the one at IOI Mall, Puchong.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wake up smell the coffee

My friends love coffee and they know the best thing to do in the morning is wake up and smell the coffee. My dear drink coffee every day and I slowly cut down now because I am not feeling well. My friends are looking to find the suitable coffee grinder, I find this site with conical burr coffee grinder. You can shop for the coffee grinder within your budget; they have provided free shipping with orders over $50.

You need to check out this site for their price for a difference, some of the coffee grinder out of stock but there is plenty of other coffee grinder to choose from. My friend told me that they do not have coffee machine at the office anymore because their new office moves. The Boss told them if they want to drink coffee every month they need to give part of their salary as payment for purchase coffee. Some of the staff at the company not agrees with them because they don't drink coffee. My friend decided to bring his own coffee sachet to work because there is not coffee machine at work. Everyone has got their favourite drink some people like coffee, some prefer tea. I still like coffee and I saw this semi automatic espresso machine. The picture you are looking at in this post is the Gaggia Expresso in Red selling at $299.00. You can find other type of semi automatic espresso machine available at the website.

Some friends ask me what is the best wedding present for newlywed couple, I think if the couple has new home and they love coffee I am sure they like the super automatic espresso machine. I am so happy to say that this site is all about coffee makers, they are the online retailer of espresso machines, coffee grinders, coffee makers and accessories.

Hot weather

Due to hot weather many people and children getting sick. I am also not feeling well and this month spending so much money on going to see doctor alone. My body still weak and I don't know what is exactly wrong the doctor not able to give me the answer.

We need to purchase new air conditioner as current one is going to spoil, yesterday the air conditioner not moving at all. Today I watched two nice movies A Team and The Wolfman. I like the Wolfman although I don't like the ending part; there is no good end for the movie. Yeah who could have thought of that his father is the wolf?! You have to watch this Wolfman it is very nice movie.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Read the instruction before you eat the medicine

My friend is not listening to me she is ill and she told me that she ate double the pills instead of one pill which stated on the label. She even gives me her unhappy look when I told her that she needs eat follow instruction. There is medicine for sort throat which she needs to suck the tablet but she refused to have that because she prefers swallow type of medicine.

She puts on weight and now she is 76 kilos but at my place she weight the scale she is 81 kilos. I invite her to go morning walk with me but she refused she claims that she is busy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Who needs breeze vacation?

It is not a surprise to anyone out there that we all need a vacation now and again. I have been thinking about trying an all inclusive vacation to see what every body is talking about. You see that in the travel ads and you hear people talking about it. So I have been gathering some information about all inclusive vacations, and one place that seems to offer a lot in their all inclusive packages is Breezes Resorts. While some all inclusive packages say they cover meals and drinks, Breezes say they cover all of your food, premium drinks, including snacks that are available all day and into the night. I don't know about you, but I often like a before bedtime snack, especially if I have been out and about in the fresh air all day. I also like the idea of not having to pay out money every time I want a drink or a snack, then add a tip to that, it is just so easy to spend a lot of money that way, a little bit here a little bit there sure adds up. So no worry about that at a Breezes resort. Breezes resort also include a great selection of things to do in their all inclusive package. These include water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing and land activities such as tennis, cycling, rock wall climbing and more. So no having to pay for things to keep you entertained, Breezes already has that covered.

The more I read the more I am excited about an all inclusive vacation, and I think I will choose one from one of Breezes all inclusive resorts. I don't think there is a better all inclusive vacation out there. I am looking forward to a vacation where I don't have to think about money or what things cost. I am happy to spend my time thinking about what I want to do next, and what I am going to have for supper tonight, no worry about tips, ahh, the freedom!.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink

This product is Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink, the taste is like ribena. I started to take the second pack of Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink. Tonight I am going to drink a bottle because this morning I had breakfast. This product is suitable to drink before breakfast or before bed time.

I tried the Kinohmitsu J'pan BustUp Drink which taste like prune juice but someone told me it taste it peach taste. So far I have not tried with product that just taste like peach but peach itself I ate before the peach can type of dessert.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tomatoes from Cameron Highlands

They are fresh and delicious and yellow tomatoes are sweet but the red one is sour. I prefer the yellow colour small tomatoes now I know which to buy more next time when I am going to Cameron Highlands. The last time I went was more than 15 years ago now I don't know when I am going there again.

I hope the next time I go my dad will go along because he told me that it was many years ago since he visit to Cameron Highlands. I remember I brought my hamster named White along when I was teenager.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily cleanser for me

You can find that the above pictures of the skin care products belong to me. There are the Avon products and I like the cleansers and I am using them random each day.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pasar Tani@Cameron Highlands

It is fun time for everyone to go Cameron Highlands, I want to go there for such a long time. I think next time want to bring my dad along but we need to plan for it. My dear is very tired of driving alone it is a long trip, it took us about three hours to reach the destination.

The Pasar Tani@Cameron Highlands we were there next morning. Pasar Tani is also mean morning market which is usually held once a week at the location. On Saturday night some of us miss out the night market because there is no parking space for car, you can find many cars parking at the road side.

You can find fresh vegetables and flowers there. Some plants very cheap but not suitable for us because the weather not same like Cameron Highlands. It is not cold in the morning, but if you are taking shower you will feel the cold. I was looking for strawberry bag very sad to say that there is not available for me even though I saw one but the designed not suitable for me.

You can find many strawberry accessories there such as apron, key chain, pillow, pencil, slippers, dress and more.

Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink

This is my first time to take this drink Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink, it is taste of ribena. So far I taken for 3rd day I don't see any changes, after complete the six days I will update about it. The packing is different from the Kinohmitsu J'pan BustUp Drink and taste also different.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tea milk for me

I like to have tea milk at the restaurant because coffee is too strong for me. I don't mind have coffee at home but not outside. Do you know that if you are pregnant you cannot have many cups of coffee a day. You are only allow to have a cup of coffee a day, but some people saying not true they have plenty of coffee.

It is my first time to dine at this restaurant it is next to the mamak stall and the Eon Bank at SS15 Subang Jaya.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shopping for handmade bags and dress

I love handmade bags and dresses, I found a blogger with multi talent she is Haida. She can make beautiful bags and dresses for her children and people that she love. She can also make teddy bear with flower egg. I read her many old posts and find out that she can also make diaper stacker.

Everyone should have things that they love to do, this is what keep us going. Just like me I like blogging and that is why I have many blogs. Now if you want to see the handmade by Haida visit her blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tea Boh: Cameron Highlands

I like to drink tea Boh, it is my favourite and I prefer the tea with milk. It is fun going to Cameron Highlands for a day. Not many seating available so we cannot enjoy the good view outside to enjoy our tea. The weather is cool not very cold, you don't need any jacket.

They are closed at 4.30pm and we reached there by 4.15pm because of the jam. The road going in is very narrow only for a car, we need to stop half way for opposite car or bus to cross. The parking area very small and narrow. I not able to purchase any tea packet from there because we lack of time.

I think my dear will lost going there as I cannot remember how to go now. Many people go there to take picture of the tea plant but not us.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When to renew My Mom's Best

I just want to remind myself that my domain expired on 24 Aug, 2010. I hope I can get the domain under my listing. It is still under another blogger, she is busy mom with two daughters. Everyone has got a busy life and we need to continue doing what we love.

My other blog giveaway ends on 22 July another on 29 July, 2010.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Health is wealth

Above is tosai, from left is coconut original then the spicy coconut, and the dhal sauce. Picture found in Google.

I am not so good because I have cough and flu. Flu is not that bad but coughs sometimes giving me hard time. I think I cannot eat the coconut and nuts, they just make me cough even worst. This morning went out with my housemate we had breakfast at mamak. I ordered tosai and milk tea ice because I seldom take hot drink.

Skin care

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Metallic colour nail polish

This is new metallic pink colour nail polish for me. I want to put on my mom finger nails when she is here. I will see her again in another 3 weeks because this weekend I am not here.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Orange nail polish

I love like above nail polish more, the colour is pink which is my favourite.

My first time to own the orange nail polish, I prefer the one on my toes which is metallic colour. I am applying the foot cream in the night as my feet getting dried and cracked.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Prelove flowery dress and new earrings

I place the 10 cent so you can see the size different.

You are looking at my prelove flowery dress and new earrings. You can click the picture for larger view. The prelove flowery dress suitable for UK12 size and below, it looks great if you have leggings to match it or just the dress alone.

The earrings you can see the picture there are brand new and there are total four charms of two bronze rose and two hands. You can just slip in the earrings to wear them.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shopping for Dettol soap

My dear has skin allergy and he tried some skin care product of soap but they are not suitable for him. He likes to use Dettol soap as so far it is best suit his skin. He is less caring for his hair as he fined his skin most important he works long hours and he has itchy skin at neck if he's feel hot. As he sweats he will find skin itchy and scratching can cause the bleeding too.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Craving King of Fruits

I think I had too much durian for the past few days and I am having sort throat. I miss out going to the Durian Charity part two at Subang Parade where you need to pay MYR$20 per person. The Sunday I saw many cars there and we head to Carrefour to shop for groceries. The durian that you looking at they are from my dad, he purchases many and decided to share five with me.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Win a pair of Julia Shoes


This giveaway is held at my other blog, now if you want to win this pair of Julia Shoes click on picture for detail.

I love shoes, too bad I cannot take part to win. I am happy to say that this giveaway is open for everyone to take part.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink Quartz smooth minerals lipstick

Check out the Pink Quartz picture above!
Can you see the swatch on my hand?
I love pink and I choose to have this Pink Quartz Smooth Minerals Lipstick which I purchase from Avon.

If you want to know the nail polish I am using, it Eyeko nail polish. You can purchase the nail polish from Eyeko.com.