Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad service of slimming centre

I love shopping and taking part in contest, I have the advantage to win a slimming voucher for full body treatment. I am sad to say that the consultant is very pushy on sales, means that she will ask you about your budget. I find it bad impression for me, if I have tried the slimming voucher first then I only know if I will take up any of their courses. I didn't take up any at the moment, one of the reasons they are pushy on sales. They insist that I put on MYR$50 for booking the space, I don't need that because I know I need the money for groceries shopping.

I happen to join many offline contests and it is my first time to try the slimming voucher. For you info I feel I don't get the full body treatment as stated in the voucher.

1 comment:

Miu said...

which slimming centre is this? can you :( share?

i hate this kinda marketing gimmic also