Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No pad lingerie

I like lingerie and I almost purchase the red bra you saw in the picture, I was told there is no pad for this bra. I choose to purchase two bras that I like, they are Avon brand and I find that this brand is long lasting bra compare the bra that I usually purchase from the shopping mall. I am paying for the quality of the bra, I choose the bra not just the design but also the comfortable for my breasts. You can check out the bra I purchase I posted at this blog.

I am plus size UK14 and I know that it is not easy for me to find suitable bra. I never stop looking and I always give the bra a try before I purchase them. I find some old bras in the closet, they do not fit me anymore because some of them out of shape. Some of the straps are loose and the material not the same anymore.

When I am shopping for bra, I don't look only at the price but also the quality of the bra. I notice that some bra even though the price is reasonable but they do not last long. I find some bra that only last for three months than I need to purchase again.

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