Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First

I have won a voucher for one session of Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First the voucher worth MYR$330. I choose the location at Boulevard Midvalley because it is nearest for me and it has the Bizzy Body Slimming Centre there that I can do the full body treatment that I won from the offline Magazine Contest. For your information you can do facial and slimming at the same location even though they are different department. :D You can dial o3-22838830 at Facial First for more detail.

This morning when I reached there is before 12noon as my appointment is at 12noon. I don't know the location of the BizzyBody so I call them to ask. I am happy to see that the Bizzy Body Slimming Centre is just opposite Boulevard Hotel. I first find Peggy as I told her about the vouchers I won from the Her World Magazine. Peggy is friendly and I love her big smile, she is friendly and she show me where to go. I first head to Facial First area because my appointment is to do the facial first then for the e-Intense Full Body Treatment.

This post is about Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First, the consultant to ask me to fill the form is Joveen. She is friendly and explain to me the condition of my skin care. I know my skin the acne turning to red then to brown later become the spot on my face. The girl that help me with the facial is Theresa, she is soft spoken and explain on what she is going to use for my face. Before that Joveen show me the way of toilet and changing area.

There is single comforter in the room so you don't get cold, I enjoy the facial treatment with shoulder massage. facial treatment and yeah there is pain (no pain no gain) because my last facial treatment more than 10 years ago. I like the end result of the treatment I can feel the difference of my face. The towel used at the Facial First has lemon scented I like the smell. :D I also like the mask is fruity smell just nice for me. The facial treatment I had is one and half hour.

I am not sure how much the facial courses there, you can call them up to check. You can let them know about your budget. As I know I need to save money for facial or body treatment because I am part time blogger now and I have family to support. You need to make appointment if you have interest to do facial treatment.

Bizzy Body The Slimming Expert, you can also check out or toll free 1-800-888-330.

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