Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion: Seashell necklace

Look the picture the necklace is break so I need to fix it, thanks to my mom for bring to me.

Above new look of the seashell necklace

This necklace I purchases many years back I would say more than 15 years ago, I found it in good condition and decided to give my mom. She loves it but one day the necklace break, so I fix it and now here's the new style of the necklace. It is longer now and easier for my mom to put on. I can't wait to put this necklace on my mom.

By the way I am keeping the moon cake box for the Barbie doll clothes. I have many clothes of it which I handmade and I still love them.

Almost forgot I want to say I still need help in the contest, I want to earn some referral points.

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