Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first walkman

I like to listen to radio and music, so you are looking at my first walkman. It is my first one because I used it during my education at school. I remember using it for more than hundred times, when comes to education it is very useful and important too. Before I go to bed at night I would record the studies in the cassette because I need to play it over and over again so that I remember them. Sometimes I am forgetful so examination is near so I need to play it over and over again to remember them. I like this walkman but sad to say it is not working anymore. I have this picture to share with you it is best memory for me. This walkman can reverse and playback.

You can try this out if you have time, but I think it is individual to experience it. You can even share with me how do you plan for your examination. Now comes to walkman I think not many people using them now, now they have MP3 and MP4. I have a MP3 and I gave to my darling to use it.


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