Monday, June 30, 2008

Shopping for maternity clothes?

I am sure you could find many places to shop for maternity clothes. Here's one where you can check out and win yourself a JellyBean Apparel . Hey, I found one that I like "LOVE ME LOVE MY BELLY". This is very meaningful if your man loves you, he should love your belly too! Aint' that right?
Don't just stay here and read about it. You should check out JellyBean Apparel . This is not only for mom, but for dad and even grandma too.
Pss... the giveaway ends on 1st JULY!

This pair is made in China

As you can see this lovely pair of earring which I won in my other blog. Behind the tag, it was stated Made In China.
I have seen many jewelry that selling online made in China. Do you any piece of jewelry that made in China as well?
Not just online as even the shops here are selling jewelry that I think made in China as well. Some clothes that I bought from oversea while holiday many years ago. They are too Made in China. I think China has a big market in manufacturing products.
Some of my friends even telling me they can't buy them in China as it's only made for Export.

How to try on a bra?

I am sure every woman and gal would have know by now. How to try on a bra. It's very common that when we try on a bra we tend to forgot to loosen the belt of the bra. That's why you can't fit nicely into it.

Always check on the belt on the bra and remember to loosen it. My friends have the same mistake which many have experience.

If you are feeling tightness at the breasts area. Then you will know that the BRA is NOT SUITABLE for you. Don't force yourself buying a bra that you will regret later. It's not worth it!

I know a lot bra we see are really nice but keep in mind that not every bra cutting and design the same. You have to change try them out before buying. As for shopping online for bra? I have not done that before unless I have bought the bra at the store before than I would know that I can buy that size online.

Oh I did bought a tube bra, that size is okay. :)

Feel free to share your experience with me.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love necklace

Tell which woman doesn't like jewelry. My favourite is necklace and I am checking out how to win Nienna necklace . Elle Jule is the place you can find many nice piece for yourself.
I also like the "Brink" Lampwork Disk Necklace its nice and unique. Nienna necklace is the above pic you can see. It's really nice too I think can fit in any dress and any occassion. Surely a lot people will envy if I get this.
Don't miss this, check out before 10 July.

Technorati Improvement Program

The technorati improvement program subscriber list:

Omar Abid Weblog
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troubleshooting PC and Network Connection
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Sherry Rambling
I luv contest
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MORINGA OLEIFERA, tree of miracles
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All Beauty Natural

I just love technorati, this is Omar idea he's in the first link where you can check it out. As you can read the title its actually for technorati improvement program.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tricycle Giveaway

Anyone looking for tricycle? Well, there's one way of getting it for free is check out the Giveaway. This is happening at DKMommy Spot . Don't worry as the tricycle are not made in China.

I know a lot things I bought made in China. I do think depend on the quality and the price of the stuff too.

Checking out there's a lot nice toys for you to pick from.

If you like the giveaway, head on check out as contest end on 30 June.

I love bags

I don't know about you I can tell you that I having more than a bag at home. What kind of bag? Any type of that I I find I like it I will buy them. But of course depend on my budget too.

Tell me do you like the bag above? My first time looking at it already fall for it. It's really nice looking and simply irresistible. Could anyone tell that this is a diaper bag? LOL
Anyway you can check out
Are you interested for this giveaway, head on to A Treasury of Giveaway .
Don't wait til 6th July.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Dear warehouse sales

Yeah this is a happy moment to share with everyone. My blog seen on Entrecard
Almost forgot, if you are living near by Puchong or in Puchong. You would have see the newspaper about the My Dear warehouse sales. This going to start on 26 June to 6 July and time would be 9am to 7pm. This is the great time for you to shop for Baby & Children Products.
Last time I have accompany some friends there to buy and they find its good deal to shop. Well, I am sure everyone would love buying as it's $50 cheaper than retail shop that selling the same things. Don't believe me, never mind go ahead and see it yourself.

I want a Palm

Oh yeah, I love to own a Palm as I don't have one at all. I have heard of so many reason you can own a Palm and how nice its good to use. It's quite costly here.
If you like to know about this June giveaway check out Simply A Musing Blog. The giveaway ends on 30 June.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Have you ever use shopping voucher?

I have use shopping voucher before and I have some that haven't use. I forgot to use them but there's no worry as some voucher has no expiry date at all.

As for shopping code, yeah I did use them too. Mostly from the cell phone sms that I received. I have got a few that I like to use them on.

Have I mention that I won a $10 Digi reload coupon for sending them the sanitary pad brand Kotex. If you know about this you can still take part as I think they only ending the contest ends of this year if not mistaken. I didn't keep the contest form any more so I am not sure about it.

It feel nice to win and I have take part in other contest too hoping to win something. Maybe shopping voucher to go shopping. Last time I remembered winning $50 shopping voucher. I bought a backpack but never use it. Duh... now I find the backpack very heavy. That's why still keep in my cupboard only.

Have you take part in contest before? what did you win?

Friday, June 20, 2008

XES is a brand

I have never thought about this before I have always been passing by the shoe's shop at the mall. Yeah the named of the Shop and the Shoe's brand is XES. What do you think about that? If you read it another way that will be SEX.

Who have come up with such brilliant brand. This is a brand that everyone would be remembering. Oh yeah the brand of this shoe is not expensive but you will find that you have to shop again in another 3 months.

Not that I have bought one. My friend has been the one that buying them. Every three months she has to buy a new pair of shoes there. How much one pair will cost you? $30 or more.

My friend loves changing her shoes so its just fits her nicely. She doesn't need one that can last long. She just love changing her style. As for me, I prefer stick to the shoes that I am comfortable in. I don't wear flip flop as I don't really feel comfortable. I wore them long time ago but not any more.

Do you remember most embarassing moment?

I think this is a moment where most people don't want to remember. I remembered mine when I was schooling. I have no idea and didn't know that that's the day it comes. Well to most female they would know what this means.

I was only 13 years old. There was going to be a exercise class lesson. Everybody go for a change except me. I wanted to but when I got in to the toilet I found out... bad timing. MP has come and it's all over my pants. What's lucky about that? It didn't stain my school uniform at all. Wow.. amazing right?

Yeah this would be my embarassing moment which I will never forget.

Summer Giveawawy

Have you ever shop for kids? Well if you love shopping like me I am sure you will take your sweet time to shop them. Now there's a Summer Giveaway from Beloved Mama . Your chance to win onsie of your choice. Hey, you know what? I choose the Commander in Chief Camo Boy Onesie. Take a look at Arlene's Blog and you'll know what I am trying to tell you.

Don't wait til 23 June. It's just a few days left.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love Goodies

Tell me who doesn't love goodies. I'm sure you want to know about Goodies for Mom . You have the chance to win a Why Can't I Have a Time Out Tee . I just know I love to own one of these. That's not all, how about Flip & Tumble Bag . I just love shopping and I am sure this bag comes in very handy for me. I like the aqua/sky colour.

Well, if you like to take part, be sure to check out the blog. Do this before Friday 27 June.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I miss Japanese food

I haven't been to Japan before but there are sushi selling here too. Have you try any sushi? Well, I really miss eating sushi and I have thought about going for buffet. But its really expensive. One person cost about $80. It's like all you can eat! You can eat as long as you can but I am sure everyone has a limit on food.

There are other restaurants with Japanese Food but I don't know how their food taste like. I was told by friends that some restaurant cut the portion of salmon real small. That's not nice to eat at all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Skincare product

What type of skincare product are you using currently? I have used many and I do mix the brand to use. It's okay for my skin and I don't know if everyone is doing like that.

I like to know if anyone have try the brand Clarins? I never use it before. I did ask them sales person at the counter. They told me that this is only good to use for those that use make up frequently.

As for me, I don't wear make up often as I am not doing any sales job. I know a lot of sales person would need to wear make up day or night. It depends on your job too.

Check out MJennings Designs

Just found a site with nice bracelets and necklace and there's more if you haven't check out. If you like to win a giveaway simple check out MJennings Blog. The bracelet you are looking is really special and nice looking.
The value of the bracelet is $35. I am also checking out her online store . I really like Swarovski crystal name bracelet. I think it will look even better if mixing with gemstone.
If you like custom made design, be sure to check out this blog. If you like to make a purchase hurry do so before June 30 2008 and mention code BLOG10% for 10% discount!

Friday, June 13, 2008

First 10,000 entries only

Firstly like to know if you like to colour your hair? Well, if you didn't know there's one brand Garnier which you must look for in the store. It's having some cool giveaway of a bracelet. But it's only for the first 10,000 entries by mail with original receipt attached.

If you don't know what I am talking about try checking them out at the store near you.

My friend loves to colour her hair but not any more as her the salon guy told her to stop for the moment. She need to do treatment and fix her hair first. She did treatment last weekend and it cost her about $60. It's consider cheap and the salon was full of customer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thinking about Donut

I know it's funny when I am thinking about shopping I have another thing in mind. I want to eat Donut. I love the Big Apple Donut and there are many variety to choose from but I haven't got the chance to try them all.

So far I have tried the Durian flavour, let me tell you. If you are thinking to buy Durian flavour, buy it alone! Don't ever buy together with other flavour it will ruined them. I am not kidding just the other day I bought 6 Donut and 1 of it is Durian and guess what? Every donut in the packet smell the same! Funny is that I think I tasted all like mixture of Durian.

Not everyone like the smell of Durian. I bet you know what's Durian. If you have tasted it tell me whether you like it or not.

Oh Donut, I miss you so much. I want to eat you! Donut... Donut... Donut...

L’Artisan Parfumeur Giveaway

If you don't know about it, I am going to tell you now. L'Artisan Parfumeur Giveaway is your chance to win these goodies. I just love their body products, I don't find a lot here. If you like to check them out just go L'Artisan Parfumeur to have a look.

I have not try any organic product before and this is sure a chance to give a try. I just know I need to pamper myself more. Because I haven't try this product before and I don't see any testimonial there. I think it would be great they have testimonial of people that have tried them. This way I would understand more.

In case you didn't know the Contest ends on 13 June.

Shopping for jewelry?

I am sure every woman like me would love to have as many jewelry as we like. Well there's chance to win it instead of buying it. If you are lazy to take part you could go ahead shop online at Sass and Savvy Jewelry .

This is a contest at Simple where you don't want to miss out. Simple is a lovely blog that I will be checking out often. Opps have I forgot to tell you which are my three favourite jewelry?
  1. take me to dinner
  2. tango-red
  3. take me to dinner too-necklace

Winner will be announce on 18 June.

Mod Mum Sling Giveaway

Some friends of mine are new parent and they are thinking about buying baby slings. While dropping entrecard I found this Simple blog. There's one great contest where you get the chance to win Mod Mum Slings .

Mod Mum is the site where you can start shopping if you don't feel like winning it. Baby slings is retail from $45 to $64. Personally, I just love the Olivia as I just love this colour! You want to know how Olivia looked like? Check the photo above! That's the one.

Contest will runs through 20th June.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Not just shopping but travel too.

If you think that I just love shopping, you are wrong. I also love travel and contest . I have always been wanting to go Bali and I haven't been there before. I heard that you can buy a lot nice things over there. Have you been there?

Anyway checking out MULTIDIMENSION, I like one post about Bali . Someone was telling me that they have got their jewelry mostly from Bali and they bring back and selling here. What a great idea but I am sure you need to find the right price and right person to make them.

How much do you spend in a month?

Last night I went for groceries shopping and I spend about $90. You know what? This price with the stuff I bought it didn't fill up even half the trolley. If you have check spend on $500 for bill that's almost the same like me. I am having cable tv as well and we are paying $110 for that each month.

Every little things cost money and you don't get anything for free. Unless for Free Sample but that's very rare to catch one.

What we cooked using mostly oil, garlic, onion and ingredient too. Don't forget about cooking gas, I have one tank empty and I don't know how much it cost for a tank now. Friends were telling me that if the price is too much they would consider using Electric kind of cooker. Sound to me I think it would cost even more. What do you think?

Going for shopping now

I have to go shopping for grocery now, what I have in mind is eggs. There's more but I just can't figure out at the moment. We'll be going in 10 min time. I have not get ready yet, I need to check on how much money I have got too.

Anyway I will be update later on how much I spend. :)

First Birthday Blog Bash

If you are wondering where is the First Birthday Blog Bash happening, you can checkout Berrie Sweet Picks . Beside shopping, I just love to take part in the celebration. It's really nice and happy to share about their joy and fun too.

Do you know that her little Buttercup is going to be one year old? If you love to party, you wouldn't want to miss out this First Birthday Blog Bash .

I like the Go Baby "Handle With Care" T-shirt, 1 disc sterling silver and Go Baby "in mat".

Buttercup's Berrie Sweet 1st Birthday Blog Bash from June 21 (her actual due date) through June 28.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I won Miso Cute Tee

This is an amazing week for me, I have got an email saying that I have won a MisoCute Tee. If you have notice about some contest that I took part using this blog. I am one of the Winners in Lipstick to Crayon blog.

I will update once I have got the prize on hand. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Seikisho Mask White

Have you try the Kose brand product? I am using the Kose toner and it's pretty nice to use. I use it for day and evening time. I have other brand of toner and skincare product as well.

Do you know about the Wacky Face contest? It's ending on Aug 31 this year in Malaysia. If you like to buy a Seikisho Mask White you can buy at RM55 but you must bring along an empty bottle of any brand of mask for these promotion. It's only available in few places.

About the contest you'll need to get the form and information at the Kose counter.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Check out Cooly Amazing Contest

I always love shopping and now I am also interested on contest too. Here's one contest that you shouldn't be missing out. The contest is happening at Hedge Against Speculation . They are the 3 Platinum, 6 Prestige, and 11 Performance prize packages that will be given away:

Platinum prizes (each package valued at around $275):
Prize 1
1 year free hosting on a Standard Plan from Think411 ($50 value)
1 hour consultation time with The University Kid ($50 value)
1 month 125×125 ad space from The Wild Invester ($11 value)
1 “Work Smart, Get Rich” eBook from Ebook-Rich ($15 value)
1 month full membership to to Daily Day Trades and Option Day Trades ($96 value)
1 year VIP membership to from Xavier Media ($35 value)
3250 EC credits from Freebie Reporter ($16 value)
10 free paper-&-ink greeting cards at from Word of Mouth Marketing ($25 value)

Prize 2
Self Caricature Portrait from Fresh Meat Design ($100 value)
3000 EC credits from DesignersDepot ($15 value)
1 month 125×125 ad space from Life is Colourful ($30 value)
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2 week 125×125 ad space from Michael Aulia’s Tech Blog ($8 value)
1 permanent link in the Madmouse Web Directory and 1 permanent link in the Deep Links Listing Directory ($24 value)
A *Bundle Pack 2* from 1 Cool File ($20 value)
1 year VIP membership to from Xavier Media ($35 value)
10 free paper-&-ink greeting cards at from Word of Mouth Marketing ($25 value)

Prize 3
Your choice of a piece of artwork in the ACEO section (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) or a custom order from Christy DeKoning ($20 value)
$10 SpoofCard from PagedLife ($10 value)
500 EC credits, 3 months of free ad space, and a pair of earrings from DecMeadow Studios ’s Etsy Shop ($30 value)
1 hour consultation time with The University Kid ($50 value)
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1200 EC credits from Sherry Rambling ($6 value)
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Prestige prizes (each package valued at around $70):
Prize 4
500 EC credits and a Premium blog header design from ROCKFUSE
2000 EC credits from Joan Joyce
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Prize 5
2000 EC credits from Sense to Save
1000 EC credits from Reap Money Online
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Prize 6
1000 EC credits from JoeTech
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Prize 7
2000 EC credits from Archon Digital
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Prize 8
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Prize 11
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Just to spice things up I will add $100 to the pot if we get 100+ participants. On top of this, the first 100 participants will get the eBook titled “Seven Ways To Live A Better Life” from The University Kid. So the bonus prize will be…
Prize 21
$100 PayPal cash from Hedge Against Speculation
Contest ends on June 15, there's still time. Don't let this chance get away! Find out about the rules at the site.