Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I miss Japanese food

I haven't been to Japan before but there are sushi selling here too. Have you try any sushi? Well, I really miss eating sushi and I have thought about going for buffet. But its really expensive. One person cost about $80. It's like all you can eat! You can eat as long as you can but I am sure everyone has a limit on food.

There are other restaurants with Japanese Food but I don't know how their food taste like. I was told by friends that some restaurant cut the portion of salmon real small. That's not nice to eat at all.


marie said...

Sushi? yes! my favorite. There are cheaper Japanese restaurants around Manila with buffet offers ranging from $25 up.

Sherry said...

hi marie,
only $25 that's cheap. We can't find many restaurant with buffet style. Most of them doing a la carte

treasure said...

Who doesn't love sushi? :D I also love that explosive green paste they use, wasabi. Beats the hottest of peppers.

BTW, sherry, congratulations for winning the 11th prize of the cooly amazing contest. I already hotlinked your EC card to TreasureNature's ad space as indicated in the contest (June 19, 2008).

If you want another image to be used, just send it to me and I'll replace it.


Sherry said...

hi treasure, thanks. Love the way you put it on your blog :)

Cole said...

I can tell you, living in Japan, I miss American food so much! But I'm not a big fan of sushi OR fish LOL

Sherry said...

hi cole, you are living in Japan? Wow, you get to eat all sushi that you want. I do agree with you that once you move to another country, you would miss your home country food. :)