Sunday, June 15, 2008

Skincare product

What type of skincare product are you using currently? I have used many and I do mix the brand to use. It's okay for my skin and I don't know if everyone is doing like that.

I like to know if anyone have try the brand Clarins? I never use it before. I did ask them sales person at the counter. They told me that this is only good to use for those that use make up frequently.

As for me, I don't wear make up often as I am not doing any sales job. I know a lot of sales person would need to wear make up day or night. It depends on your job too.


Winniel said...

I'm using a mix: for cleanser, just bought gel cleanser from MUJI, its one of the best one I've used so far (almost similar to ORIGINS one i've used in the past) moisturizer= Shiseido

never tried clarins, though i'm really attracted to it ;)

Sherry said...

hi Winniel, thanks for sharing with me.

Cole said...

I generally use clean & clear or clearasil products to cleanse, a face wipe (brands varies - oxy, clearasil or stridex), toner from Nivea, and moisturizer from Dove. I actually find the moisturizer to be greasy, I prefered the soy stuff from Nutrogena but I felt it was time to switch up. It's really hard to find all these products in one brand/line so I mix as well.

Sherry said...

Clear & Clear I know this brand but it's not suitable for my skin. Its good to know you know how to mix them well.