Sunday, June 15, 2008

Check out MJennings Designs

Just found a site with nice bracelets and necklace and there's more if you haven't check out. If you like to win a giveaway simple check out MJennings Blog. The bracelet you are looking is really special and nice looking.
The value of the bracelet is $35. I am also checking out her online store . I really like Swarovski crystal name bracelet. I think it will look even better if mixing with gemstone.
If you like custom made design, be sure to check out this blog. If you like to make a purchase hurry do so before June 30 2008 and mention code BLOG10% for 10% discount!


mjenningsdesigns said...

Thanks for posting my giveaway and stopping by my blog :-)


Sherry said...

its nice to share with everyone that you have nice jewelry and designs.