Monday, June 30, 2008

How to try on a bra?

I am sure every woman and gal would have know by now. How to try on a bra. It's very common that when we try on a bra we tend to forgot to loosen the belt of the bra. That's why you can't fit nicely into it.

Always check on the belt on the bra and remember to loosen it. My friends have the same mistake which many have experience.

If you are feeling tightness at the breasts area. Then you will know that the BRA is NOT SUITABLE for you. Don't force yourself buying a bra that you will regret later. It's not worth it!

I know a lot bra we see are really nice but keep in mind that not every bra cutting and design the same. You have to change try them out before buying. As for shopping online for bra? I have not done that before unless I have bought the bra at the store before than I would know that I can buy that size online.

Oh I did bought a tube bra, that size is okay. :)

Feel free to share your experience with me.

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