Friday, June 20, 2008

XES is a brand

I have never thought about this before I have always been passing by the shoe's shop at the mall. Yeah the named of the Shop and the Shoe's brand is XES. What do you think about that? If you read it another way that will be SEX.

Who have come up with such brilliant brand. This is a brand that everyone would be remembering. Oh yeah the brand of this shoe is not expensive but you will find that you have to shop again in another 3 months.

Not that I have bought one. My friend has been the one that buying them. Every three months she has to buy a new pair of shoes there. How much one pair will cost you? $30 or more.

My friend loves changing her shoes so its just fits her nicely. She doesn't need one that can last long. She just love changing her style. As for me, I prefer stick to the shoes that I am comfortable in. I don't wear flip flop as I don't really feel comfortable. I wore them long time ago but not any more.

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