Saturday, June 21, 2008

Have you ever use shopping voucher?

I have use shopping voucher before and I have some that haven't use. I forgot to use them but there's no worry as some voucher has no expiry date at all.

As for shopping code, yeah I did use them too. Mostly from the cell phone sms that I received. I have got a few that I like to use them on.

Have I mention that I won a $10 Digi reload coupon for sending them the sanitary pad brand Kotex. If you know about this you can still take part as I think they only ending the contest ends of this year if not mistaken. I didn't keep the contest form any more so I am not sure about it.

It feel nice to win and I have take part in other contest too hoping to win something. Maybe shopping voucher to go shopping. Last time I remembered winning $50 shopping voucher. I bought a backpack but never use it. Duh... now I find the backpack very heavy. That's why still keep in my cupboard only.

Have you take part in contest before? what did you win?

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