Monday, March 31, 2014

March Top Commentator

I am sure you are excited to find out, who is the lucky commentator for this March Top Commentator. She is one commentator that never give up commenting until end of contest. What she is going to win you can click above link to find out.

Five commentator for March and they are lovely:
Nicole 154
Amirah 1
Princess 23
Miss Ika 1
Miss Annoymous 22

Congrats to Nicole, she has gained 154 comments in March.

Please email me your full name, address and contact number.

Don't be sad if you didn't win, stay tune on blog for more giveaway.

Who knows I might put up another commenting contest. 

March Top Commentator Giveaway

Who wish to win this set of Clinelle skin care? March Top Commentator of this blog will gets away with this Clinelle Deep Cleasing Gel and Clinelle Soothing Skin Toner.

To take part this giveaway, you will need to be GFC follower and NetworkedBlog follower of this blog. You can scroll down right bar to be follower.

Winner will need to have valid address in Malaysia for postage.

March Top Commentator ends on 31 March 2014, midnight Malaysia time.

You can start commenting past posts to gain more comments.

Good luck.

Free Hair Curler from Dove

I love using Dove shampoo, so I also have Dove Hair Curler for free, you can click on the link to read it out on how to get it for free. My experience on shopping online, I pay for the courier so I don't have to carry heavy bag. If you purchase online, you can find that they have the numbers of how many items left available for the stock of freebie Hair Curler Dove.

It is depends on you where you want to shop the Dove products, it can be find at Guardian and Watsons. About other shops I am not sure if they are giving the Dove hair curler for free. It is limited too, if you don't like to carry bulky, you can shop online too. Click on the link above on my shopping experience.

I gift Dove hair curler for my sister-in-law, she's always helping me out. For your info, I bought the products from Sunway Pyramid's Watsons store it was the last Dove hair curler available there. I carried so bulky recycled bag on Saturday, that I have my shoulder pain plus my recycled bag almost die on me which I added another bag on it to carry.

You can mix and purchase on Dove skin care/hair care products. Remember you need at least one hair care product to get this freebie hair curler.

Don't forget you better whether freebie available or not then only purchase. Who knows it maybe out of stock. Just my 2 cent.

By the way, I saw this exact same hair curler where hair salon using it too.

Today is the last day of commenting for March, will Nicole be the lucky winner to win it all? Yeah no kidding she has been active commenting on my three blogs.

For your info the latest score for the commentators.
Nicole 142
Amirah 1
Princess 23
Miss Ika 1
Miss Annoymous 22

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Milkathon challenge!

This morning after send my son to tuition, I head to Aeon Big to purchase milk powder and groceries. First I bought 4 packs of milk powder 1.6 kg, I paid then head to car then back there to go restroom. As you need to go, you'll need to go.

Sad to tell you that, after restroom I head back Aeon Big to check and found better deal on same price of milk powder. The same price they have 1.9kg available, without thinking I head back to car to return the milk powder to information counter waited my refund my money. The Aeon Big customer service in Subang Jaya is very rude! She scolded me for not checking the items probably. Gee... would you be purchasing the 1.6kg instead of 1.9kg which comes with same price?! This will not happen if they have place the items in the same rack, but they put it in middle rack at bottom, then the others at the corner rack. 

Anyway I failed to purchase the 1.9kg because a lady with trolley ahead of me grab 20 packs of milk powder put her trolley. I only purchase the 1.6kg with same price we are paying the cashier.

The milk powder they printed on catalog has no put up, so anyone can purchase how many packs as they wish.

Some customers saw her action and decided to complain to other staff and management. Anyway she bought 20 packs of milk power 1.9kg. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Total Image Fastloss drink review

Today I received the parcel where I won a week supply of Total Image Fastloss drink. Sad to say that some bottles are broken!

After checking the breaking bottles, finally I get to have six bottles save! But the bottles labels all peeling and sticky. :(

With only six bottles in hand, I decided to share three bottles with my sister in law.

I tried one today and it's taste bitter and sweet.

The bottles are in plastic bag together, they are not separately wrapped individually.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bad experience shopping Groupon Malaysia

I have bad experience to share with you, sad to say that I only find out that my shopping experienced on Groupon has been double charge by them! It is very sad, my heartache and disappointed. I thought I could use some money I save on Paypal to shop on Groupon Malaysia. Who knows that they not only charge my Paypal account but also my local bank account that link to Paypal.

I didn't realize until I check both account Paypal and my local bank account. They both charges to item I bought, imagine one item which I double paid for it.

Beware if you are going to purchase from Groupon, never use Paypal if you have local bank account. Just use local bank account is enough!

Tears in my heart, unable to explain my feeling. sad to say until today they haven't solve my problem which they double charged me!

Edited, so I thought I was double charge, but anyway here's what happened. Read replied from Groupon's side. 

By the way, I checked my Paypal again and it stated Paypal the payment I made transferred from Credit Card.

Hi Sherry ,
As per conversation,
Here is the Basic Concept of paypal :
After the buyer sends funds via PayPal, the money is deposited automatically in the receiver's PayPal account (or is held by PayPal until the recipient creates an account). PayPal deducts a small amount in fees according to the predetermined fee structure outlined on its website in the user agreement. The money received remains in the recipient's PayPal account until the recipient chooses to withdraw it.

Kind regards,
My working hours is from 8am - 5pm (Mon-Fri), for any urgent matters - please contact the support center at 03-7949 0888 for immediate assistance along with this ticket # as reference :)

Good job to Groupon Malaysia, for clearing this for me, let me understand that how Groupon Malaysia works on Paypal. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

DIVERGENT [Movie Contest]‏

Being mommy of two boys, I need to release stress. So one way of doing it is taking part in contest that interest me and going movie.

I received email that I won
  • DIVERGENT [Movie Contest]‏

It's only two passes, I will need check if the movie suitable for children or not if not I might watch with my dear.

Though I Google online it stated PG13 but I am not sure of the rating in Malaysia.

Anyway, I will be waiting for the passes to reach me. I hope it's still available to watch at cinema near me. Sad to say some passes I won, I can't watch because movie no longer available at cinema near me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Haunt Movie 2014

Today is my lonely day, oh well supposed I have dated my dear to watch The Haunt movie last night but he was late back so we didn't go for movie.

This morning before noon I reached the Paradigm mall, I shopped for watches for my son. I bought two watches from Daiso and another two watches from sales, each RM5. No watter expensive or cheap watch I bought, he's easily spoiled the watch. So I know it's better to purchase cheap watch for him.

The Haunt Movie is about the haunted house, apparently the new family that moved in they parents known of the stories of the haunted house but they didn't believe any of it. The children, one of them name Evan, he is 18 years old meet a new friend/neighbour named Samantha. Samantha knows of the house that Evan moved in, she sneak in the house one night to his bed and sleep next to him.

The haunted house with many murders in the house, it's kind of a sad story about Haunt Movie.

The movie rated PG 13 for GSC, but TGV rated above 18. I think is best for 18 above to watch this movie.

This movie is quite quiet unlike other horror movies I have watched with lot of scary sound.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Veet Contest in Malaysia

I am sure you know of the Veet contest going on, it ends on 31 March 2014. You can check out Veet Malaysia Facebook. I have Veet products which I not yet finish using so no plan of purchase any at the moment. I did review on the Veet products I used you can click on the link to check out.

In order to take the contest, you will need to purchase certain amount in a single receipt contain of Veet product. 

Paint the town glitter and get a makeover from Veet! Just upload your photo on their app to stand a chance to win a make over session with one of the famous celebrities in Malaysia. She is both an actress and a model. Know her? It's Izara Aishah!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Dove Body Wash

Do you know that there's new product in store? Check out new Dove body wash, I bought a 250 ml RM5.90. I find out that most stores are having this price. As for bigger bottle it would cost RM20 more or less.

By the way, there's Dove body wash contest going on Facebook, did you participate? It is 21 Days of Eating right, staying active, and loving yourself. You will need to participate using instagram. For more info check out Dove body wash Malaysia Facebook.

I am trying to take part every day, so far they have chosen three winners for Week 1. One of the winners is Tammy Lim, another is Ashley Yeen.

My instagram sherrygo, follow me if you are interested to find out about my daily participation for this contest. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My first Cyber Colors Eyeliner

It is sad to know my first experience on Cyber Colors Eyeliner is such disappointment. You can click on the link to know exact which eyeliner. It is not cheap too, RM34.90 from Sasa.

The product only expiry in Nov 2014 but seems like it only worked on first time on skin, second time it feels like dry up. It smudge on my eyes too, lucky I found out about it earlier else I will be a clown in public.

This price can pay a pack of diaper for my toddler!

Just sharing my shopping experience with you, so you may know not every product is worth to purchase. Though I have bad experience with it, I am not sure if other experience the same with me. Maybe it is the climate in Malaysia, it's so hot/heat that it dry up the eyeliner?

By the way, where do you think is the best place to keep the cosmetics?

I often kept them in my drawer. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lost contact friend found in phone list

I thought I lost contact with my college class mate, she called me up few days back to ask where my about. She's now part time travel agent/tourist guide to travel agency. Her dad and her have moved to Kepong from Sabah. Sad to know her mom's passed away due to cancer few years back.

The last day we met was our graduation day, I saw her parents once during that day. From there, she did mention about one parent having cancer. I miss her so much and glad that we keep in touch now. She's coming to visit me someday.

Another friend I met near school, her son same age as my son. Last week she told me her father-in-law has cancer and it's last stage, he's in hospital. The family members know about it except her about the stage of cancer.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stationery: stapler for son

Son told me that I need to purchase a stapler for him because he needs to use it in class. The teacher told them last week, but he told me last Friday when I was driving home. Today I purchased the Stapler for him. I didn't purchase from Daiso as I know stapler cost can be lesser than RM5  if I purchase from other shop.

Let's continue #prayforMH370

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spotted Wedding Limousines

Yesterday on my way to attend the Mega Challenge Day, I spotted a white Wedding limousine. Wow it's really nice in white and it's a limousine. You know the weddling limousines we saw in movies, it's real spotted one on the road.

On wedding day, you don't want just look beautiful in wedding dresses. You will also like to take a nice transportation. No kidding my friend rented limousine for her wedding.

If you get the chance to choose the best limousine would you use it?

Talking about wedding limousines, let's check out update on commenting up to yesterday 8 March 2014.

So far I have got three commentator, they are lovely

Nicole - 74
Amirah Nuraisyah- 1
Princess Neverland - 5

Friday, March 7, 2014

Visited three places in one day!

Yesterday it's quite tiring day for me. I have to go three places in a day, morning to have my car service at Glenmarie because my car last service was last year August.

Then afternoon to event at Mydin USJ, you can read up about the event soon at I am glad to have meet up with my friend there. After event going to pick my son and it was almost 5pm so traffic jam is bad. I needed wait long for the traffic light because green light the car infront of me doesn't want to move!

At night I watched horror with my dear, the movie Second Coming is Chinese horror movie speaking in Cantonese. We were almost late, after he parked the car I speed walking in the mall to reach top level of Midvalley to collection the movie passes. I thought I have the correct seating but the number of A9 and A10 in Hall 7 THX GSC Midvalley do not have these seating. I walk out of hall to registration to ask again, I was guided to seat another seating was told that if the seating got people come to sit we will need to move another seating.

I think someone given them the wrong cinema hall plan, it doesn't seem right! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shopping sandals for son

If you recalled my past post in August last year,  I bought a pair shoes for son. Orange color I picked for him but now the shoes broken. Lucky on Monday I took him try sandals and it cost RM16, he picked green color as he loves Hulk. 

Last day shopping is no good

Mmm.. I would say last day shopping is no good because my friend wanted to purchase adult diapers for her grandmother but they are sold out.

Never shop on last day because sales products usually runs out fast. Some people purchase many to keep stock because they are cheap on sales. But you need check on expiry date.

It is last day for the sales three pack adult diapers RM80 something. Too bad the shop runs out of stock.

I have been told that early sales chances of purchase higher. Don't you agree?