Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Hair Curler from Dove

I love using Dove shampoo, so I also have Dove Hair Curler for free, you can click on the link to read it out on how to get it for free. My experience on shopping online, I pay for the courier so I don't have to carry heavy bag. If you purchase online, you can find that they have the numbers of how many items left available for the stock of freebie Hair Curler Dove.

It is depends on you where you want to shop the Dove products, it can be find at Guardian and Watsons. About other shops I am not sure if they are giving the Dove hair curler for free. It is limited too, if you don't like to carry bulky, you can shop online too. Click on the link above on my shopping experience.

I gift Dove hair curler for my sister-in-law, she's always helping me out. For your info, I bought the products from Sunway Pyramid's Watsons store it was the last Dove hair curler available there. I carried so bulky recycled bag on Saturday, that I have my shoulder pain plus my recycled bag almost die on me which I added another bag on it to carry.

You can mix and purchase on Dove skin care/hair care products. Remember you need at least one hair care product to get this freebie hair curler.

Don't forget you better whether freebie available or not then only purchase. Who knows it maybe out of stock. Just my 2 cent.

By the way, I saw this exact same hair curler where hair salon using it too.

Today is the last day of commenting for March, will Nicole be the lucky winner to win it all? Yeah no kidding she has been active commenting on my three blogs.

For your info the latest score for the commentators.
Nicole 142
Amirah 1
Princess 23
Miss Ika 1
Miss Annoymous 22


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мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Saw this on the Watsons catolog and i wanna see it thanks for posting this :D

Sherry said...

yeah, I find it good deal.