Thursday, March 27, 2014

Milkathon challenge!

This morning after send my son to tuition, I head to Aeon Big to purchase milk powder and groceries. First I bought 4 packs of milk powder 1.6 kg, I paid then head to car then back there to go restroom. As you need to go, you'll need to go.

Sad to tell you that, after restroom I head back Aeon Big to check and found better deal on same price of milk powder. The same price they have 1.9kg available, without thinking I head back to car to return the milk powder to information counter waited my refund my money. The Aeon Big customer service in Subang Jaya is very rude! She scolded me for not checking the items probably. Gee... would you be purchasing the 1.6kg instead of 1.9kg which comes with same price?! This will not happen if they have place the items in the same rack, but they put it in middle rack at bottom, then the others at the corner rack. 

Anyway I failed to purchase the 1.9kg because a lady with trolley ahead of me grab 20 packs of milk powder put her trolley. I only purchase the 1.6kg with same price we are paying the cashier.

The milk powder they printed on catalog has no put up, so anyone can purchase how many packs as they wish.

Some customers saw her action and decided to complain to other staff and management. Anyway she bought 20 packs of milk power 1.9kg. 


Miss Ika said...

Lol. 3kg difference huhu. You need to recheck it next time

Sherry said...

yeah got angry with myself too. I should just grab and go pay.

Miss Anonymous said...

Wah, why she buy too many milk. She want to open baby shop or what.

Sherry said...

don't know, perhaps she bought and sell it at her shop.


мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Why is she so rude to customers :(