Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bad experience shopping Groupon Malaysia

I have bad experience to share with you, sad to say that I only find out that my shopping experienced on Groupon has been double charge by them! It is very sad, my heartache and disappointed. I thought I could use some money I save on Paypal to shop on Groupon Malaysia. Who knows that they not only charge my Paypal account but also my local bank account that link to Paypal.

I didn't realize until I check both account Paypal and my local bank account. They both charges to item I bought, imagine one item which I double paid for it.

Beware if you are going to purchase from Groupon, never use Paypal if you have local bank account. Just use local bank account is enough!

Tears in my heart, unable to explain my feeling. sad to say until today they haven't solve my problem which they double charged me!

Edited, so I thought I was double charge, but anyway here's what happened. Read replied from Groupon's side. 

By the way, I checked my Paypal again and it stated Paypal the payment I made transferred from Credit Card.

Hi Sherry ,
As per conversation,
Here is the Basic Concept of paypal :
After the buyer sends funds via PayPal, the money is deposited automatically in the receiver's PayPal account (or is held by PayPal until the recipient creates an account). PayPal deducts a small amount in fees according to the predetermined fee structure outlined on its website in the user agreement. The money received remains in the recipient's PayPal account until the recipient chooses to withdraw it.

Kind regards,
My working hours is from 8am - 5pm (Mon-Fri), for any urgent matters - please contact the support center at 03-7949 0888 for immediate assistance along with this ticket # as reference :)

Good job to Groupon Malaysia, for clearing this for me, let me understand that how Groupon Malaysia works on Paypal. 


Miss Anonymous said...

Groupon? Never heard that. Online store or what?

Sherry said...

yes online store selling all kinds of things.

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Hope everything is settled now :D