Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tips on shopping for baby pacifier

I have shopping tips for you in shopping for baby pacifier, find the correct pacifier for your baby! It is first mistake I made for purchase the wrong pacifier for my baby even though it is same brand but the pacifier size and shape are not the same! It is not like the pacifier that I have purchased for baby.

I need to purchase new pacifier for my baby because current pacifier he bites it so much it nearly broken! I need go back to same shopping mall to purchase because the other shopping mall I find they don't have it even though they carry the same.

My friend too find the same problem when shopping for baby pacifier, she needs to go back the same shopping mall because her baby pacifier is unique and cannot be purchase at other mall.

You can purchase one more pacifier for backup! No kidding, there are time pacifier gone missing because of misplace. You will be crazy finding where the pacifier, my friend got the same problem too. Her eldest boy hides the pacifier under the sofa! Who could think of that? As for my baby he loves to throw his pacifier just like his toys.

Even though baby pacifier they have same brand don't forget to check the pacifier teat! Look closely whether they are same or not, I bought one which is round not the same like my using.

Above picture the pacifier my sister-in-law chooses for my baby, it is not suitable for me because the pacifier the teat is short! She wanted to look for new one at the mall, I told her better go back to same mall that I have purchased.

Monday, September 24, 2012

First time dine@K3K

This is our first time to visit the K3K at Subang Jaya, this corner restaraunt is located at SS15 Subang Jaya. The environment of the restaurant is cozy and comfortable, I love the designed of this restaurant.

 While waiting for our food, here's some pictures I took, my son busy playing the toy.
 Something happened to next table, apparently the lady bring a pet dog in bag in the restaurant. The staff told her there's no pet allow and she asked if she could dine outside the restaurant, the answer is no. She left with her friends with very sad face.
 The table we are sitting is near the counter, so there's some attraction caught my baby and sister-in-law attention.
 Yummylicious strawberry milk with cream just the way my son likes it! Yummy...
 Coffee for my dear, he loves to drink coffee more than tea.
 First time my boy William tasting the cream of his bro's drink.

 The above is the papaya fungus cold ordered by sister-in-law to eat.
 Above is the springy noodle with chicken sauge and fried egg for my son to eat.

 They are many food and beverage to choose from.

 The Kaya Roti Kok is yummy bread stick to dip in the kaya. The kaya is delicious not too sweet even my baby loves it.

The half boiled eggs just the way I like it with alot pepper on it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unhealthy eating

I know life is good when you get to eat what you love; somehow it is not the same for everyone. Some people having eating disorder, I remember my sister's friend who think she is fat she kept cutting down on food.

Some people might not know that they are having eating disorder, recently I noticed a friend of mine. Her obsession with calories and fat content of food, she has been complaining of her weight problems. My friend is not fat at all, but she kept telling me that she's fat.

With Internet access today, we can find useful information and help online. There is healthy living program for them; they offer meal planning, preparation and fitness guidance. The program is suitable for man and woman; this will help them in healthy relationship with food. If you know anyone with healthy eating, let them know there's help available. Let's help them get back on healthy tracks on life.

I will let my friends know of this website, they have internet access from their office and home. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breast self-exam glove

Oh yeah this is breast self-exam glove, the key message to all women is to be breast aware.

The Glove Dr Me is highly sensitive breast check glove that assists the detection of newly developed lumps in the breast and acts as an agent to do breast self-examination.

It is a easy, fast and safe to use and you can do it on your own. There's a VCD with this pack. The glove may help identify breast lumps at its early stage without any discomfort or side-effect.

  • Lump or thickening
  • Red or hot skin
  • Orange peel skin
  • Dimpling or puckering
  • Unusual pain
  • Itch or rash
  • Retracted nipple
  • Change in direction of nipple axis
  • Bloody or unusual discharge from nipple
  • A sore on the breast that does not heal
Most change is benign, but to be sure, in case of any unusual changes, better consult your physician without delay.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plus size for man@Summit Shopping Centre USJ

This photo was taken in July, I cannot believe it is September now. Yeah I saw this big clothes for man and I know it, I got to take picture of it. Yeah my son too want to be part of it, you can see how big the clothes for man.

I didn't know that there are plus size clothing for man at Summit USJ shopping mall, we sometimes for there during the weekend. My dear has no interest to shop for his clothes, he will wait until Chinese New Year. My dear is plus size too, he is XXL and hard to shop for him because he must be there to try the clothes. Even though some clothes stated XXL but in the end it not fit him well, he will not buy it.

I can tell you shopping plus size for man is never easy, I know for my mom is easy to shop for my dad. My dad is XL size only so anything clothes can fits him. My mom was the one in charge of my dad's working clothes. I remembered following her to shop clothes for dad.

My son is only six year old but he looks big size too, I fear someday I may need to buy plus size clothes for him. He's wearing the Doraemon t-shirt RM20, this shirt purchased at eCurve last June. Thanks to my dear sister-in-law puchase this lovely Doraemon for him.

Oh yeah don't forget there's 1st giveawy at What Every Gal Want, this is just mini giveaway! Click the link to find out yeah. :D

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ultimate Humongousaur for my son

Yesterday afternoon is an outing for mother and son, yeah we have such good fun even only spending three hours at Midvalley. You can see below picture I snap it because I want to remember where I parked the car. Lucky to have my son who has good memory showing me where I parked the car! P2 still have ten parking slot when I entered it.

We don't know what to have for lunch, after going the MPH bookstore I bring him to McD. There's happy meal for him and he got the Ultimate Humongousaur, yes just look at him so happy. What a coincidence he worethe Ben 10 Humongousaur shirt.
My baby and sister-in-law didn't come along as baby wants to sleep in saroung.

My friend Theresa called me while I was queue to pay at AEON counter, she was heading to The Gardens to make appointment for the hot bed theraphy at EcoParadise. Good for her, it is last day today to use the voucher that we attend last month. She invited me to come along today for the theraphy but I can't.

We reached home at 4.40pm, I left Midvalley at 4pm. Yes there's jam in between and I so scare I got lost while go home. My son with me telling me if I am lost call my dear!

Above my son with his army pants, he loves this long pants very much. He brought a toy gun but left in the car, I told him cannot bring in the mall there's security guard! LOL

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daia excellent washing powder soap

I don't know about you but it is my first time to use this brand Daia. I purchased this soap last week and I find it very nice unlike the soap I purchased earlier that out of shape fast. I used this soap to wash lingerie. I went to a workshop before and was told there's only need to use body wash to wash the bra but I find it is best to use proper soap?

This set of Daia excellent washing powder soap comes in three! It cost RM1.90, I purchased from Jaya Grocer at Empire Shopping Gallery.

Some people prefer to put their lingerie in washing machine wash, but I prefer to hand wash. I seldom wear padded bra so I am not worry if the bra going to be out of shape. I am still wearing breastfeeding bra for the convenient to pump breast milk for my baby.

Do you know the lifespan of bra? I attended a workshop and was told bra lifespan up to 90 washes.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get off drugs and alcohol

I have got friends who like to drink alcohol, it started with just social drinking then it turn out that some of them became alcoholic. It is scary when they are alcoholic, they are not themselves anymore. Morningside Recovery is where you can seek drug rehabilitation treatment. They also offer video game addiction treatment; I know some people can get addicted to play video games. No kidding video game addiction can be deadly; I have read news of it.

Life has up and down side of it; everyone needs to go through it. If you know anyone with interest to get off drugs and alcohol forever let them know it is not too late. Some people do not know where to seek treatment, with Internet access I found this website to share with you.

They offer outdoor and indoor activities, the activities namely rock climbing, kayaking, community sports, hiking, camping, nature walks, beach retreats, and so on. They also offer social activities you get to share stories.

If you know anyone with drug addiction either mental illness or video game addiction. They can visit this website or call them any time in 24 hours at 866-382-2806. Think of your family and loved ones, there's help available, you just need to know where to get start.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Internation Hi-Tea buffet@Utara Coffee House, Armada Petaling Jaya

Last Sunday we have a good time, I purchased the coupon online from groupon and there you see a table for me. With my name on in in the middle of this table. They are so much food to choose from, I am so happy that I brought my mom along, yes it was her 62 years old birthday on last Saturday. I told mom she can eats anything she likes in the coffee house. Somes pictures taken using Samsung S III.

Wow so many choice to do ice kacang ABC, sadly I didn't take any as I am having cough.
Fruit junction so you see there is honey dew, water melon, pineapple, papaya.
Below is the yummy satay, it is best I had! Unlike other satay I tried the meat is very soft and easy to chew and swallowed. My mom ated three sticks and you see there's one left for me!
My son Sean playing with William.
First food of my choice is Rojak! There is fruit rojak but sadly I see the mango no more so I didn't make any fruit rojak.
My dear made me the macaroni, you get to choose the sauce that you prefer!

They are three dish consists of curry, they are the curry chicken, curry fish head, and curry lamb. Not really a good choice for some of us!

I will go again to the Utara Coffee House definitely! I enjoy my meal there with my family members.