Monday, September 3, 2012

Internation Hi-Tea buffet@Utara Coffee House, Armada Petaling Jaya

Last Sunday we have a good time, I purchased the coupon online from groupon and there you see a table for me. With my name on in in the middle of this table. They are so much food to choose from, I am so happy that I brought my mom along, yes it was her 62 years old birthday on last Saturday. I told mom she can eats anything she likes in the coffee house. Somes pictures taken using Samsung S III.

Wow so many choice to do ice kacang ABC, sadly I didn't take any as I am having cough.
Fruit junction so you see there is honey dew, water melon, pineapple, papaya.
Below is the yummy satay, it is best I had! Unlike other satay I tried the meat is very soft and easy to chew and swallowed. My mom ated three sticks and you see there's one left for me!
My son Sean playing with William.
First food of my choice is Rojak! There is fruit rojak but sadly I see the mango no more so I didn't make any fruit rojak.
My dear made me the macaroni, you get to choose the sauce that you prefer!

They are three dish consists of curry, they are the curry chicken, curry fish head, and curry lamb. Not really a good choice for some of us!

I will go again to the Utara Coffee House definitely! I enjoy my meal there with my family members.

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