Monday, August 27, 2012

Snake woman and me

First picture isn't me but can't help it, so pretty couple of Lion with the orange girl. Below picture of a woman with snake! My son is not fan of snake, he scares of snake same goes with sister-in-law.
Sorry for the blurr picture, I was very hungry! But hey my dear manage take a picture of me with the snake woman. Oh yeah I was asking her how old is the snake, she told me the snake is 9 years old. So many people surrounding the snake woman, not many that goes up to picture with her. I wonder why they also bother to snap so much pictures there. LOL
No time to see the camera man for sure, busy touching the snake. :D
Oh yeah check out the beautiful lion of Sunway Pyramid, the couple so cute right? Look at their tails!

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