Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sammy 2 in 3D@Paradigm

I caught this Sammy 2 sand works at One Utama GSC and it is so lovely I need to snap it! Today I head to Paradigm with my son, I bring him to see this movie Sammy2 I was told there is only in 3D. If don't want 3D need to go Tropicanal CIty Mall, I don't know how to go Tropicanal City Mall. I won tickets to see movie at Tropicanal City Mall but sadly I don't know how to go there. Maybe find one day I try driving there, I scare of getting lost.

This movie Sammy2 about two Turtles how they escape from the paradise, the two babies turtle Ricky and her sister how they want to help save their grandpa. It is my son first time to catch the movie in 3D, it is my second time to wear 3D glasses to see movie. One lady with two kids, she says that she head to Tropicanal City Mall first and was told the movie only start at 1pm so she comes here but she didn't know movie here is in 3D.

This movie running 88 minutes I am sure kids love it! My son was complaining the pain on his nose wearing the glasses, we kept switching glasses for several times. I don't feel any pain, but he does. Umm.. perhaps he has big nose?

We saw this movie at Hall 4, just seven people including my son and me watching this movie today from 12noon.

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