Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympic Monkey Spirit

Are you interested to purchase the Olympic Monkey Spirit key chains? Well check out the Kipling shop, you can click the above for the detail.

Check out the available Olympic Monkey Spirit, they are Belqium Monkey, Brasil Monkey, China Monkey, Germany Monkey, Holland Monkey, Spain Monkey, Japan Monkey, Mexico Monkey, Korea Monkey, France Monkey, Turkey Monkey, Italy Monkey, and US Monkey. Wow look at them, which is your favourite?

My sister-in-law won a prize in Magazine contest, so I need to see when to go collect the prize it is at the office near Midvalley mall. She has been winning a few contests in magazine lately, mostly skin care product now its cosmetics!

Now don't forget to check out giveaway which ends soon at Name Sherry blog.

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