Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shopping for Power Sports Shoes

We are so happy to shop for sports shoes at Midvalley Convention Centre, so good deal at the Bata shoes fair. A pair of sports shoes RM20 and purchase two pairs free one pair it doesn't matter if they are same sports shoes as long the price is the same!

I have got size 5 for my sister in law, size 6 for me and size 9 for my dear. He is so happy purchase good deal shoes. I didn't want to purchase for myself but he suggest this pair of shoes because easy to slip on. Where can you find such good deal in buying shoes?

I know sometimes there is warehouse sales of Scholl but it is lack of luck for me. I have been there and usually run out of size and I don't get to buy any shoes. At Midvalley I am so happy to find the shoes fair, so sad is they run out of stock size 4 and 3 for white shoes. The white shoes only RM15 a pair so cheap!

I also purchase shoes for my one year old boy William! He loves the shoes, it cost RM10 a pair, buy two pairs free one pair.

My dear also purchase Bata sandals as usual is the buy two pairs free one pair of sandals.

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