Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plus size for man@Summit Shopping Centre USJ

This photo was taken in July, I cannot believe it is September now. Yeah I saw this big clothes for man and I know it, I got to take picture of it. Yeah my son too want to be part of it, you can see how big the clothes for man.

I didn't know that there are plus size clothing for man at Summit USJ shopping mall, we sometimes for there during the weekend. My dear has no interest to shop for his clothes, he will wait until Chinese New Year. My dear is plus size too, he is XXL and hard to shop for him because he must be there to try the clothes. Even though some clothes stated XXL but in the end it not fit him well, he will not buy it.

I can tell you shopping plus size for man is never easy, I know for my mom is easy to shop for my dad. My dad is XL size only so anything clothes can fits him. My mom was the one in charge of my dad's working clothes. I remembered following her to shop clothes for dad.

My son is only six year old but he looks big size too, I fear someday I may need to buy plus size clothes for him. He's wearing the Doraemon t-shirt RM20, this shirt purchased at eCurve last June. Thanks to my dear sister-in-law puchase this lovely Doraemon for him.

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