Monday, March 30, 2009

IT Show in Malaysia

Tell me if you are ready to go for IT Show in Malaysia? I am going to have a look there.

It is on 10 April to 12 April location at
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bharu, Johor
Villamge Mall, Sungai Petai, Kedah
Dewan Masyarakat Tawau, Sabah

It is on 17 April to 19 April location at
Penang International Sports Arena, Penang
Mahkota Parade, Melacca
Miri Indoor Stadium, Sarawak
Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre, Sarawak

It is on 24 April to 26 April location at
Dewan Jubli Intan, Muar, Johor

Open time from 11a.m until 9p.m. Free admission.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Largest Plamas and Deals in Town of Malaysia

The Panasonic Revolution for year 2009 is there it presents the Largest Plasma and deals in town. It is at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall from 25 March to 29 March at 10 am to 10 pm at night.

Even though it is recession time but some people are still willing to buy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Levi's & Dockers Warehouse Sale

It is time for everyone to shop and this time you can go for Levi's & Dockers Warehouse Sales, it has started and ends on 3rd May, 2009.

While stock last, to find out more this is at selected outlets of Levi's & Docker's outlets in Malaysia.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking for restaraunt equipments and cookware

I do not know about you but I have friends that are interested to start a restaurant business. What they are looking for beside the location and shop to open the restaurant. They will be interested to find restaurant equipment and professional cookware.

I remember my other friend told me that her hubby is working in a restaurant and he is a chef. He loves cooking and all he needs is professional cookware to help him with the cooking. Shopping online is so convenient and you not have to go one shop at a time to find things you want.

I think my friends will be interested to have Asian Cuisine so they will need all stuff related to Asian Cooking. If you like to check on more foodservice supplies simply click on the link. I am sure they will like to find the highest quality in culinary products.

PayPal withdraw charge $5

Yeah I think some people might not know that if you are having Paypal and like to withdraw the money it will charge you for $5. I am in Malaysia and this is what happened to me every time I withdraw the money. Tell me if this ever happened to you.

Some of my friends told me that their country do not charge at all. That is because they have got bank that accept withdraw money of PayPal. Here there is not any bank that gives this advantage.

Filipina Blogger living in Singapore

Jade is a Filipina Blogger living in Singapore. I am sure there is so much to do in Singapore. Just looking at the food I can tell you that I am feeling hungry. If you are going to Singapore, I am sure you want to find food to eat besides shopping.

Looking at the roasted duck noodle, I am feeling hungry. Even though the food in Singapore is similar with food in Malaysia but I was told that the taste is entirely different.


I am sure you find below picture looking familiar, yeah we can find these here too. I like to try them at Singapore some day! I hope Jade will share with everyone more food in Singapore.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jewelry Show in Malaysia

I love shopping but I do not have that money to buy favorite jewelry. But I like to tell you where the Jewelry Show in Malaysia which started today at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre till 23 March. They have got more than 100 renowned jewelers from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Poland and Malaysia.

If you like to check out latest trends, that is the place to go. I know Mother's Day in May, you can still go there to pick on exquisite jewelry and gemstones. They will be choice of diamond, platinum, crystal, pearls, jade, and others.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why getting suspention notice@Project Wonderful?

I was checking Project Wonderful and messages that I have got ad box suspension. They cannot see that Cathy is having makeover at my blog? Anyway you can see more detail of the message below.

We've noticed that one of your ad boxes is not behaving properly, and so it has been, temporarily, suspended.

This occurs when we are unable to detect our code on your site, or when your site goes down for an extended period of time. Our system checks your site occasionally, and if our ad box code cannot be found (or if the site is down), we suspend the box.

The suspended ad box is the one you've nicknamed "lower right Shopping Bar". You can view its status here:

We want to make it clear that this does not reflect poorly on you or your account: often web hosts can go down without warning. We are simply suspending the bids on this ad box to ensure that your advertisers are not paying for ads that aren't being displayed.

When our code is returned to, or when your site comes back online, your ad box will be unsuspended automatically. All bids that are still active will be restored. Furthermore, if you've just visited your site and seen that your ads are operating properly, please disregard this email: the problem has resolved itself in the time between when we sent this message and now, as you're reading it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last chance to take part in Big Mak Blog Contest

Just now I sneak out to go shopping for groceries, now I am back blogging. So I want to tell you that it is not too late for you to take part to win Big Mak Blog Contest. If you have taken part in my first contest you know the difference of mine and Makoy's Big Mak Blog Contest. His contest has got 61 participants now. The contest ends today so if you want to take just click on the link to find out now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beware of Tilapia Fish!

If you know anyone that likes to eat Tilapia fish, you must about this as it is related to health. I am sure you know that this fish is easily buy in Malaysia. Do you know that Tilapia Fish bad for the heart? If you ever think of buying this fish, please read about this first.

By the way, have you take part in Makoy's contest? The contest is going to ends this Sunday, if you have the time just visit his blog for more detail about the contest.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fitness Celebrity in Malaysia

This evening, I went to Fitness Celebrity near my home. I went there just for inquiry and you know what happened? The manager keeps rushing me and my friend to sign up. I have told them about my intention to lose weight.

From what I see, the cost of fees is too much for me. It is out of my budget. A month I need to pay over $300. Then the consultant told me he will try to lower the package. So the Manager spoke to me and my friend. Even they gave us the student rate of $149 a month. There are other charges which not included for the first payment.

The Manage has told me of the weekend package $169 if you signed up on the spot. This is the price you pay where you can go other gym in other town and country. This figure may not be expensive to some people but it means a lot to me. Unless I am earning $100 a day, I cannot afford such good service at their gym. They have many facilities and classes but the fee is just too much for me.

First Contest @BloggerTricks

Besides shopping, I love to take part in contest. Here is what I found to share with you, it is First Contest@Blogger Tricks.

Your chance to win Cash! Tell me who does not like money.

Let's see who are the Sponsors: - Home Improvement Contractors - Banner Ad Blog & Directory

What you can win?
1st Place : $50 hard cash

2nd Place : $25

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4th, 5th & 6th Places : $5 each

(yea.. total of 6 prizes.. so, you can have more chances of winning)

What's the fun of this contest? The winners will be determined based on the most number of points you get.

How to get Points ?
Simple! There are lot of ways to earn points.
1. Just leave a comment here (max 1 comment per person)
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For more info on how to take part in this contest, just click on the link above! Hurry up contest ends on 25 March, 2009.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Project Wonderful at your blog!

Tell me if you have got Project Wonderful at your blog. I have them as you can see it. In fact this is the only blog I have with Project Wonderful. I got to know today that one of the ad spot has delisted. Have you happened to your blog as well?

My friend Makoy has posted Censorship Project Wonderful at his blog. If you have visited his blogs you will see that his blog no longer has Project Wonderful ad space. I thought he was making changes on his blog. Now I know why the ads are missing. His ad space widget has been suspended! If you like to know why, just click on the link to find out.

Makoy's blog has so much info where you read. There is so much you can see and read. Just browse his blog and you will see.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 4 of Big Mak Blog Contest!

This is your last chance to take part in this contest. To be exact there contest will ends on 15 March, you have more than a week to do so. Week 4 of Big Mak Blog Contest has given me chance to see that they are many contestants eyeing on getting on top! I am trying to catch up. If you click on the link you can see everyone is trying their best in this contest.

Now Makoy's contest has got 59 participants. I am sure they will be more. So They can be more if you take part! If you are taking part, you might want to mention me as referral. I get to earn 5 points and you get to earn 3 points! All you need to do is have a blog to take part.

Makeover at this blog soon!

I am so happy that I won this contest as I get the chance to have makeover on this blog. Very soon you will see changes on this blog! I am going to tell you how excited I am. It is tough to tell you that I do not care for my blogs. I care for everyone blog and I want them to look good!

The winning of makeover has given me a chance to give this blog a new looked! The blogger that did a great job makeover at iLUVcontest is the one going to makeover this blog!

Let's be patience to see what will my new blog look like.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shiseido at KLCC

Tell me who is using Shiseido? Have you read the newspaper? You can get FREE White Lucent the intensive brightening mask 1 piece and concentrated brightening serum 5 ml with additional of purchase $180.

This is only for the first 100 early bird. It is available at ISETAN, Kuala Lumpur. Too bad the place is too far away for me. I just stick to where I belong.

Monday, March 2, 2009

How to save during recession?

It is recession time and I know nobody like this word. We cannot avoid this and this is time to learn to save during recession. I intend to cut down on shopping and eat at home more often! Read recession saving tips, I am sure you will find it useful.

Makoy's blog has got other info for you find out. Besides contest, I am interested to know more of Singapore. He is a Filipino working in Singapore. He has four blogs and he has updated his blog everyday!

I thought I am the only one that loves blogging, I am not alone as we get to find many bloggers on blogsphere.

Ikan Bakar at Port Klang

Malaysian loves to eat ikan bakar and the best place to go is Port Klang. Where exactly is that? Let me share with you a location that I often hang out.

Muara Ikan Bakar
Tanjung Harapan, Jalan Sultan Hishammudin, Kaw. 20 , Bandar Suleiman,
Pelabuhan Klang Utara, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor

Contact number: 03-3176 6929 or 03-3176 6001

Above is my favorite place to eat ikan bakar.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weather not by my side

This evening I am not able to go out as I wanted to go out but weather is not by my side. Shopping is in my sister mind. I wanted to go temple but the weather is either hot or wet.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee
has acted in a romance movie together. I have not watched this movie. I am so excited they are going to get married this year. While blogging here outside is still raining.

Today I am quite blurry, I nearly get in the wrong car. I am still feeling tired and not enough sleep. Last night there is no Electricity. If you have time to sleep, grab the chance!