Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fitness Celebrity in Malaysia

This evening, I went to Fitness Celebrity near my home. I went there just for inquiry and you know what happened? The manager keeps rushing me and my friend to sign up. I have told them about my intention to lose weight.

From what I see, the cost of fees is too much for me. It is out of my budget. A month I need to pay over $300. Then the consultant told me he will try to lower the package. So the Manager spoke to me and my friend. Even they gave us the student rate of $149 a month. There are other charges which not included for the first payment.

The Manage has told me of the weekend package $169 if you signed up on the spot. This is the price you pay where you can go other gym in other town and country. This figure may not be expensive to some people but it means a lot to me. Unless I am earning $100 a day, I cannot afford such good service at their gym. They have many facilities and classes but the fee is just too much for me.

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