Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why getting suspention notice@Project Wonderful?

I was checking Project Wonderful and messages that I have got ad box suspension. They cannot see that Cathy is having makeover at my blog? Anyway you can see more detail of the message below.

We've noticed that one of your ad boxes is not behaving properly, and so it has been, temporarily, suspended.

This occurs when we are unable to detect our code on your site, or when your site goes down for an extended period of time. Our system checks your site occasionally, and if our ad box code cannot be found (or if the site is down), we suspend the box.

The suspended ad box is the one you've nicknamed "lower right Shopping Bar". You can view its status here:

We want to make it clear that this does not reflect poorly on you or your account: often web hosts can go down without warning. We are simply suspending the bids on this ad box to ensure that your advertisers are not paying for ads that aren't being displayed.

When our code is returned to, or when your site comes back online, your ad box will be unsuspended automatically. All bids that are still active will be restored. Furthermore, if you've just visited your site and seen that your ads are operating properly, please disregard this email: the problem has resolved itself in the time between when we sent this message and now, as you're reading it.


Wayne said...

I recieved one of those emails today as well. Guess it was an issue on their end? I was doing some things to my site, so I thought I blew it.

Sherry said...

thanks for sharing :) I hope I can get back my ad space PW