Monday, March 23, 2009

PayPal withdraw charge $5

Yeah I think some people might not know that if you are having Paypal and like to withdraw the money it will charge you for $5. I am in Malaysia and this is what happened to me every time I withdraw the money. Tell me if this ever happened to you.

Some of my friends told me that their country do not charge at all. That is because they have got bank that accept withdraw money of PayPal. Here there is not any bank that gives this advantage.


ian said...

Hi Sherry. This is your old friend. I'm still curious to see how you look like. Any photos of you?

Perky said...

I get charged USD $5 per transfer too whenever I withdraw from PayPal... which is why I often wait til I have a lot of $$ b4 I withdraw from PayPal to avoid paying multiple transaction fees.

Sherry said...

@Perky, yeah got to wait to reach the amount.

MommaWannabe said...

Hi Sherry,

Here in Singapore, withrawal is free if you transfer it directly to your account.

That's not so nice ;) to get charged $5 for withraw3al huh;(

Sherry said...

yeah Jade, I know but going there will cost money too! So I think $5 still acceptable but got to wait enough money first.