Monday, March 23, 2009

Filipina Blogger living in Singapore

Jade is a Filipina Blogger living in Singapore. I am sure there is so much to do in Singapore. Just looking at the food I can tell you that I am feeling hungry. If you are going to Singapore, I am sure you want to find food to eat besides shopping.

Looking at the roasted duck noodle, I am feeling hungry. Even though the food in Singapore is similar with food in Malaysia but I was told that the taste is entirely different.


I am sure you find below picture looking familiar, yeah we can find these here too. I like to try them at Singapore some day! I hope Jade will share with everyone more food in Singapore.



Perky said...

Hi Sherry, congrats on winning the Makoy contest. Just to let you know that I've posted your ad on my blog.


Sherry said...

thank you Perky :)