Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Online shopping in Malaysia

I am happy to see that there is online shopping store in Malaysia, many new online shopping stores start with low price on goods to attract the consumer. I like online shopping, it is convenient and hassle free there is no need to find parking to purchase online.

I saw some fabulous clothes and bags online, even shoes but sad to say most products I am interested are either sold out of out of my size. I have got hard time to choose and decide as you know girl sure takes their sweet time to shop. Being mommy of two now, I cannot simply shop for interest. I need to think twice and make lots of comparison.

Talk of online shopping, some of my friends do not know they exist because they seldom check on website. A friend told me she went to morning wet market to shop for plus size clothes, sad to size it does not fit so tomorrow she needs to go back to exchange for the clothing she purchased from the seller.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

CNY shopping yet to start

Yeah still waiting the month of Feb for salary, as you know I am stay at home to my kids I cannot afford to purchase everything. I need to wait my dear salary out and also make sure don't over spend the money.

This year I didn't buy many things on CNY, never mind my kids come first so I know I have purchase some pretty nice clothes for them. I do check on the price before purchase.

I stop thinking of going vacation knowing I cannot afford and we don't have the money to go at the moment. Let's enjoy being home sweet home! :D

Friday, January 25, 2013

Audrey in Parkson@1 Utama

If you are planning to shop for new lingerie before Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. You can check out 1 Utama in Audrey counter at Parkson. You may click on the link for detail, I received this invitation in the evening sadly I am unable to attend as my friend booked me earlier for going Midvalley.

They will be goodie bag and candy buffet for you, some friends are asking if I am going. I know I love to attend but I cannot be in two places at the same time. There is complimentary of Aura Reading so you can know what colour suitable for you.

What colour do you love and cannot live without? I love red and pink colour but I cannot have these colours on the wall or furniture.

Friday, January 18, 2013

I helped a lady to find a parking space!

Yesterday I helped a lady to find a parking space at school, I was early at the school before they dismiss and I saw a parking space just next to school and the lady has interest to park but fear the space will be gone. I told her that I will stand on the spot until she parked her car, she quickly gets in her car where she parked double parking and came to the spot I stand to park her car.

Have you done any good deed today?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free CNY packets on CNY Shopping

Chinese New Year just few weeks away, some of my friends started shopping for themselves. I am happy to see some of them that do not need to shop at all. I have collected the FREE CNY packets during the shopping spree. The CNY packets are limited so you need to hurry if you want them. I am not crazy of CNY packet collection, I just redeem them for free after spent a certain amount!

Talking about CNY Shopping, I find the Polaroid Film Skin pastel colour pattern!

I don't know the plan for this weekend, I haven't asked if my dear is working on Saturday. Next Thursday is Public Holiday will be a good day to rest at home.

This week, my dear and I had good time we enjoy two movies together, they are Horror movie MAMA and action movie The Last Stand. I am glad he has good memory and know how to go the TGV Cinema in One Utama. I have no idea how to go the cinema.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Superman t-shirt for children

Today we gone hunting for book shelf and found a shirt for my son. I bet he loves it because it is Superman shirt, not just that the back of shirt has the sticky part of it for the red wing. I dont know what it is called so i would say it is the wing. He loves it so much, due to budget i could only purchase one. I saw another which is Batman, same price and back part of it having the black sticky part just like wing.

This shirt is suitable for use in Chinese New Year too, I am glad i found this shirt at Giant. It is selling at RM29.90 at children clothing. It is size 12 for my son because they dont have size 14. He is happy try out the shirt and wearing it now. Later he will need change to pyjamas, today he not well he got fever. My dear worry of him and wakes up few times to check on him. I was too tired because it was a long day for me.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Mommy on the budget

It is not the same for a new year, I need to be budget spending because my son's education and school involved money. I hope it is not true but it is, his meals and seating in canteen needs money. If ound out that many school started to have tuition in school, that's great because the children no need to go outside of school tuition. I found out some parents do give extra classes for the children to go tuition even after school.

Being mommy of two boys, I know that my kids are my priority. I will try to update my blogs as often as possible if I have the time as I don't want to neglect my blogs they are like my children too.

I don't want my son to be stress at school, I do bring him on movies. I encourage parents to buy exercise books for children to do rather than buying for them. I am trying to practice this on my son, sometimes he can have both if I can afford to buy. I am thankful that I won a Consolation prize recently and it is a toy for my kids to play.