Saturday, January 5, 2013

Superman t-shirt for children

Today we gone hunting for book shelf and found a shirt for my son. I bet he loves it because it is Superman shirt, not just that the back of shirt has the sticky part of it for the red wing. I dont know what it is called so i would say it is the wing. He loves it so much, due to budget i could only purchase one. I saw another which is Batman, same price and back part of it having the black sticky part just like wing.

This shirt is suitable for use in Chinese New Year too, I am glad i found this shirt at Giant. It is selling at RM29.90 at children clothing. It is size 12 for my son because they dont have size 14. He is happy try out the shirt and wearing it now. Later he will need change to pyjamas, today he not well he got fever. My dear worry of him and wakes up few times to check on him. I was too tired because it was a long day for me.