Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Collection: Thomas Sabo

I love jewellery and I have many collections on all types of jewellery. It is my first time to check out the Thomas Sabo, the site is user friendly and easy to browse. I like the Thomas Sabo Silver Pendant. I love the designed and it is pretty pendant to wear on with any gowns and dresses.

If you like jewellery, I suggest you to check out this site. Shopping online is so convenient now and I am sure you like to check out the Swarovski and Hot Diamonds too. Christmas season is now a time to shop for things for your loved one.

The site has got the category at upper column you can simply click on them to view. I am sure everyone has got favourite piece of jewellery. When I am going out I will put on a bracelet, I seen this site has got many choices of Sweetie Bracelets. I am sure every girl will like to get their hands on. Start shopping now to buy gift for your loved one.

Christmas collection is here, with Internet access you can shop and browse at your cosy corner. By the way click on this site to find out the game that you can play and win.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drypers DryPants for my boy!

I cannot believe it but my son is growing up fast, he's 17 months old now. He's so active and moving fast, it is difficult to put on diaper on him. So decision made, I choose this Drypers DryPants for him. It is easy to wear just slip it on that's it! Oh well you need to check their backside often, my dear complaining to me that it goes side way! LOL

Anyway I find this brand easy to use and affordable for mommy. Yeah mommy like me always on the budget because I am just housewife. I love purchase diapers when there's freebie available, oh well I do check on their price first!

Look at the picture above the Drypers comes with a free pair of sunglasses! Yeah, I pick yellow colour for my baby to wear!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign

This is my blogging entry for Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign, you may refer above picture for detail.

This is my story, I had my first story written here you can read of it. I have got another pack of clothes to giveaway and this time domation to the nursing home. I am glad they find the clothes useful as they can even sell the clothes to others who are living there.

Another good deed I have done is different from above. It is about a stray cat, I saw it wonder around the neighbourhood for days. One day it came into my house compound and I offer it some food and clean water. I try to pat the cat, hope it's not going to bite me or scratch me. Indeed the cat didn't make any bad approach towards me. Soon the cat and I become friend, I took it in the house for a bath. The stray cat so dirty, the fur is sticky and feels muddy too. If you are a cat owner, I am sure you know that cat loves to have clean fur and licking them. Besides the cat, I have got a dog at home. At first my dog always chase it away, soon they become friend and live together. Yes in reality there's a cat and a dog living together.

This was during my teenager time, but this precious memories never been forgotten.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking for pink school trolley bags for primary kids

My friend is seeking for pink school trolley bags, it is important for her because her daughter is small size. She worry that she needs to carry heavy back pack so better find a school trolley bag for her. I told her where I have got my son's school trolley bag. My son has got the Mickey Mouse school trolley bag I bought for him during sales.

After bought the school trolley bags only I saw other type of school trolley bags like Ben 10 or Spiderman and Transformers. Well you know that boys will be boys!

I am sure she can find many pink school trolley bags available and let her daugher to pick of her favourite. She has got a son and a daughter just nice, she's not planning anymore children due to cost of living today. She has bought five pairs of school uniforms to iron them once a week. Being working mom, she send her children for daycare too.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Contest: Official Twilight Merchandise

The daughter of Edward Cullen's and Bella Swan's daughter name is Renesmee.

I deserve to win the limited edition of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 merchandise because I love watching this movie and it inspired me to have make up look just like vampire. You have no idea what a simple mama like me can transform to after the makeup. Yeah check out the below picture of me the plain looking me and another picture of me being vampire! I can't wait to see how Bella Swan's going to transform into vampire to protect her daughter. Yeah it is mother instinct to protect their children. Being mommy of two I know how Bella Swan's feel if her loved one in threat.

Both pictures which of me do you like more? It is before makeover or after the makeover?

The makeup of vampire is done by myself. :D

Pictures of me, please don't copy my picture.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shopping for comfortable shoes

I don't know of you but I love shopping for comfortable shoes, at the moment I am look at Sperry. I have trouble shopping for comfortable shoes, now I find that with Internet access today it is convenient to shop online. I love shopping for comfortable shoes; you just know woman has many types of shoes at home. Just check out the above it is Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish 2-Eye Tan Pink Plaid Boat Shoes, it is only $69.88 instead of $92.00.

I find this website easy to browse and user friendly, you can select price according to your budget. I like pink and red colour so I can just select on the colours that I prefer. I know my man prefers black colour, how about you?

Besides shopping online, I know it is Christmas soon good idea to shop for loved ones. It will be great idea to get everyone a pair of new shoes this holiday season. Who does not like free shipping? I know you will like to find out how they provide free shipping. Don't just read here click above link to visit their website. You can find wide range of shoes for adult and child in this website.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fashion top @affordable price!

 I love the above black top so much but I didn't purchase it, should I grab it what do you think?

I wasn't suppose to be shopping as I was there to collect a sample at skin care counter. Then I passing by the ladies clothes so you know ladies we do like what we see. I grab few top and try out, so you see below the purple and grey top they are both the same design.
 The different only the colour and their size. Above purple top I wore UK14, XL size. the below grey top I wore UK12, L size and I find I have difficulty to remove the grey top. LOL
Yes decision made I purchase the purple top at RM47.70 during the sales. The black top above price the same. The size is different even though it is same brand, the size I wore the black top is M size! No kidding, and my friend told me she has interest to check out the black top on this Saturday.