Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking for pink school trolley bags for primary kids

My friend is seeking for pink school trolley bags, it is important for her because her daughter is small size. She worry that she needs to carry heavy back pack so better find a school trolley bag for her. I told her where I have got my son's school trolley bag. My son has got the Mickey Mouse school trolley bag I bought for him during sales.

After bought the school trolley bags only I saw other type of school trolley bags like Ben 10 or Spiderman and Transformers. Well you know that boys will be boys!

I am sure she can find many pink school trolley bags available and let her daugher to pick of her favourite. She has got a son and a daughter just nice, she's not planning anymore children due to cost of living today. She has bought five pairs of school uniforms to iron them once a week. Being working mom, she send her children for daycare too.

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